Slog PM: Tim Eyman Runs as a Republican, Glenn Beck Looks at Our Tweets, Sanders Celebrates Presidents' Day in Tacoma



They went with "A Movie Script Ending"? But "We Laugh Indoors" was right there! The very next track and far more Emo.


Please refer to him as "convicted criminal Tim Eyman" in every story you write from now on. Thank you.


Amazon's sour grapes temporary win won't get them very far. Azure is simply better which is why the Microsoft awarded the contract.


Barr is a lying sack of shit.


Wait! Eyman is a Republican?!?! Holy shit!

With the Trump acquittal I guess the GOP is finally low enough for Eyman to join.


And not just Antarctica -
Earth just had hottest January since records began, data shows


trump and Barr finally went too far and this one they Had to walk back but are they finished Overreaching? Well, there IS an Election coming up. Although, Restraint's never been trumpfy's stronger points. Lying and bullying, cheating and just generally Fucking peeps Over's more to his liking / smack dab in his Wheelhouse. And, Bonus, he's got OUR United States Attorney General (our Main Sheriff) in his back pocket. Barr'd take a bullet for this guy, God forbid. If he didn't see it coming.

"Who would steal one of these large signs?!"

They make Wonderful (authentic!) wa picnic tables!
[you won't] See mine on Ebay.



@4 - Exactly right. This is all just for show and to help tamp down on disgust with him within his department. He probably got his remarks approved by Trump beforehand.


@4 dvs99, @7 kristofarian, and @8 Morty for the WIN!

I concur with Catalina Vel-DuRay and Phoebe in Wallingford: RepubliKKKans are truly horrible people.


@8 Morty: I'm going off-topic, here, but have you ever seen regular commenter, DonnyKlicious's avatar? Yours and his (close up of Bill the Cat) together would be a perfect Bloom County match.


@8 - Ha! Yeah, I've seen it. Opus is my spirit penguin, but I would find Bill annoying, what with all the spittle and "acking."


Phoebe AWS offers more services and more complex services than Azure. If you are using business applications and are integrating with Windows Azure can be a good choice. It’s about being a good fit for the application. The people using Azure more often than not are using it for internal enterprise apps whereas a good hunk of AWS users are building platforms and/or service apps to scale to millions of users. AWS can do anything Azure does (though with different tools) though in some areas Azure has no competitive offering for some AWS services.


The following candidates are running as Democratic Socialists for Congressional seats representing Washington State in 2020:

Rebecca Parson
Jason Call
Joshua Collins

For those of us who support Bernie in his bid for the White House, please remember that his ability to pass legislation such as student loan debt abolition or Medicare for All relies on his ability to get these bills through the Congress and Senate. In 2008, Obama campaigned on adding a Public Option to the ACA. Conservative Democrats such as Joe Lieberman prevented this from happening, and instead crafted the ACA as a gimme to the insurance companies.

To ensure that Bernie’s vision for America is realized in a way that resembles his campaign platform, he needs the support of socialist votes in the Congress.

Please give generously.


Great comment, Wanders.

Yeah, good ole (I'm-a-DEM!) (no, now I'm a REPUB!!!) 'Traitor Joe' Lie-Berman who, along with the newt Grinsrich, the now-deposed Bellows O'Liarly and Rodger ''the Dodger'' Goebbels-Ailes (RIP mofo) lurched these United States so far 'right'-ward even Bad ole Richard 'tricky dicky' Nixon now looks like a Leftist Commie.

Time to take America Back
from the Fascists.

Vote Blue and
let us dump
You know Who.


You can find the signs in California in the Sacred Grove the plutocrats gather in.

Just saying.


@11 Morty: For me, the most annoying of Berkeley Breathed's comic strip characters was Steve Dallas. Although I did get a chuckle out Steve's exasperated mother once asking her son if he'd recently been "transduced by aliens".
@14 kristofarian: Agreed, seconded, and here's to a good flushing of Trumpty Dumpty and RepubliKKKans, once and for ALL.