Bernie Sanders Is Coming to Tacoma on Presidents' Day



Ink me in, Senator.
'Scuze me -- Mister. President.

(gosh. a REAL one)....

omg -- I better wear a ring if AOC's gonna be there...
Partay, bay-bay.
Or bust!


@1: Maybe he'll swing his hips like Elvis.


Okay, this seems like as Good a time as any for a little prognostication:

It'll be Full -- there'll be 10,000+ outside the Tacoma Dome who won't be able to get in; when thripled with the squeaker in NH, and his 6,000 vote plurality in Ioway (two victories [small spin]!), this (NON-Nuremburg-type) Rally'll likely go down as the snowball that began the Avalanche that became the Paradigm Shift / Tsunami that became the Democratric socialism that set America FREE (of her Corporate bonds) for a long, long time.....

(Some peeps, they really Like those corporate bonds. When you mix them with Government, you get, Mussolni coined the term in 1919, you get corporate governace -- top down, get the Fuck in line and YOU do NOT get a Vote -- but you do have Fascism.

Well, you can not vote for Fascism,
when it gets here, but first they'll
have you dig your grave. It
saves them a Ton of labor.

Your family will hafta pay for the bullet, obviously, but everyone's gotta sacrifice, for derr Leader.
You understand.)

The rich and powerful are betting that we the People don't have the Balls to put Power into our own hands.

It's a Choice, America.
Are we too Timid to make it / Take it?


@2 -- he's no trump


@4: Indeed not. Pardon me.


Dear WA Democrats:
We're gonna need Buses.
Partay Buses, please.

@5 -- were you a War Criminal, trump likely would.
this is knda Fun, ain't it?


"Just to be clear, if Sanders is indeed the nominee, the Democratic Party should give him its wholehearted support. He probably couldn’t turn America into Denmark, and even if he could, President Trump is trying to turn us into a white nationalist autocracy like Hungary.

Which would you prefer?"
--Dr. Paul Krugman in today's NYT

jeeze -- tough choice, Paul.


As long as nothing is rotten in Denmark.


@8 -- so glad you asked:

Here's a comment on Paul Krugmans'
Bernie Sanders Isn’t a Socialist in the NYT:

"As much as I appreciate the Sanders veneration for my tiny country, he completely misses why such a society is possible. In Denmark Sanders would hardly qualify as a Social Democrat, and certainly not a 'socialist.'

It is not about 'radical' changes but careful sustainable policies build on mutually agreed consensus. Consensus and compromises are hardly US virtues and certainly not common in your tribal bi-polar US political environment.

Health and elderly care for everyone, free at the point of use, free education for everyone, a decent housing program making high standard housing available, are all possible because we have had it for ages, and we are used to it.

It certainly helps the consensus, that such policies are cheaper and more effective for the wast majority, than paying exorbitant profits to private operators, insurers and lenders."

--Old Dane, from Denmark

It ain't fucking Venezuela


@1, @3, @4, @6 & @7: ......aaaaaaaand it's kristofarian by a landslide!
The Revolution is coming. Count me in.


Are they going to let us in the dome this time? For John Kerry we had to stand in the parking lot with the stage uphill where no one could see anything except those with tickets in the gated-off front, and waited hours and hours while Kerry lingered in Seattle begging for money from tech billionaires, as Garrison Keillor stalled us by promising that Kerry was for we the commoners. And Mark Sidran invited himself, which may explain why there were no dancing teenagers.


@11 -- When Senator Sanders came to Seattle's packed Key Arena, in 2016, there were Thousands who couldn't get in; so Bernie spoke to them first.

I highly doubt Tacoma 2020 will be
Anything like the John Kerry fiasco.

Although Republican shenanigans -- in Kerry's case, duplicitous Republican Swift-boating of a decorated Viet Nam Veteran, in favour of a Draft-Dodging National Guard-shirking chicken Hawk -- who Lied US into never-ending Wars in the Middle East (how'd THAT ever turn out?) will most likely still be in play...

The President's Day forecast is perfect -- dry and chilly.
So bundle up.

See you there?



Roses are trucked by refrigerated truck halfway across the continent.

Bring local flowers instead, preferably ones from your own garden.

Sheesh, don't any of you know anything?


@13 -- no.
not a one of us knows a thing about anything
and please don't ask me how do I know this.

I may bring Baked goods
but I don't know
just not sure


@9 The problem with the Denmark references is that Bernie actually expresses more support for and desire to emulate the likes of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and the Soviet Union....he has never praised for example liberalization of the economies in Scandinavian countries.... but he has declared as recently as 2013 that Venezuela is where the American dream can be realized.

you can soft pedal him...but his entire life makes clear...he is a totalitarian Marxist.


@16 -- that's a Lie.
Fuck off.

He's a 'Totalitarian Marxist'?
Fuck WAY off.

Here's Bernie on Trevor Noah's the Daily Show:

Every other industrialized country on the fucking Planet -- except ONE -- treats Healthcare as a Human Right. It's fucking OUR Turn.


Here's a bit from Trevor Noah's interview with the Senator:

Bernie: We have Massive levels of income and wealth Inequality -- as a Nation are we happy that THREE People have more wealth in this country than Half of America? Are we happy that Billionaires are able to buy Elections? Where you have Half of our people living paycheck-to-paycheck [not you, Jusmne1?] [Yur lucky] ? How do we change that? How do we create a nation where we have Universal Childcare [so Parents can fucking afford to work]?"

How do you thik these young Voters connect with you, Senator Sanders? And minority Voters?

I think that this Generation, in my view, is the most Progressive Generation probably in the history of the United States; this is a Generation of young people who are Not gonna tolerate Racism or Sexism or Homophobia of Xenophobia or religous Bigotry [there goes the neighbohood, eh?], all of which, sadly, the "president" is giving us.

And also, I think we shold point this out, Trevor, they're not doing that well, financially . . . I just met some young people yesterday in my office, young people who are going into teaching, Noah, a Hundred and EIGHTY THOUSAND Dollars [*] in debt in college loans; that's not uncommon; young people can't afford apartments, and are living with their parents; so they understand -- we need to have an Economy anda Governemt that works for Everybody, not just the One Percent. And I think our Message resonates with them"

There's your "totalitarian marxist."

Wanting all of us to Succeed
not just a teensie-weensie Few of us.
Pretty freaking Crazy, eh?

A Democratic Socialist is a completely different animal.

*the night of the debate, I chatted up a young doctor at the bar -- he and many of his young, recently-graduated friends were over Two HUNDRED fucking K in student loan Debt.

What kinda Shithole country steals their Nation's Future like that?

A Greedy motherfucker.


All nice words. But look at who and what he had most enthusiastically supported and endorsed throughout his career. And it’s the totalitarian Marxists. He was still a useful idiot for the Soviet Union in the 80s. Not the 30s when one might have been excused for their idiocy. He was touting Venezuela just a few years ago. He is indeed a totalitarian Marxist and his career proves it.


Also a little confused. Usually you can count on Stranger comment section for a few “what’s wrong with totalitarian Marxism?” comments. Cmon people. If totalitarian Marxist is now an insult in the Stranger, we have made progress.


Thank you for correcting me, Jusme1.

"Our campaign is calling for a 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights that guarantees all of our people the right to the basic necessities of life — and guarantees those rights regardless of Americans’ income, race, religion, gender, country of origin or sexual orientation."

If that's 'totalitarian marxism,' let's have some.

The Sanders Campaign on establishing a Democratic Workplace:

Double union membership within Bernie’s first term.

Establish federal protections against the firing of workers for any reason other than 'just cause.'

Provide unions the ability to organize through a majority sign up process and enact 'first contract' provisions to ensure companies cannot prevent a union from forming by denying a first contract.

Deny federal contracts to companies that pay poverty wages, outsource jobs overseas, engage in union busting, deny good benefits, and pay CEOs outrageous compensation packages

Eliminate 'Right to Work for Less' laws and guarantees the right to unionize for workers historically excluded from labor protections, like farm workers and domestic workers.

If that's 'totalitarian marxism,' then by all means, let's have some.

On our Veterans:

Eliminate the VA benefits backlog, fully fund and resource the VA, and reverse the disastrous privatization of services for veterans.

Fill the nearly 50,000 vacancies at the VA in Bernie’s first year.

Provide at least $62 billion in new funding to repair, modernize and rebuild VA infrastructure.
Expand the VA’s Caregivers Program as well as mental health services for veterans.

Reform harmful VA regulations that restrict access to care and benefits based on character of discharge."

More 'totalitarian marxism'?

Count me IN.

For ALL of Vermont Senator Sanders' positions --
supported by a majority of the Electorate --
on the issues facing America:


"Historically, Vermont was considered one of the most reliably Republican states in the country in terms of national elections. From 1856 to 1988, Vermont voted Democratic only once, in Lyndon B. Johnson's landslide victory of 1964 against Barry M Goldwater." --Wiki

"Vermont is very likely to remain overwhelmingly blue in presidential elections for the foreseeable future. The real question is whether Republicans will remain competitive in state-level races. States that split tickets are becoming increasingly rare as party politics is nationalized. In Vermont, however, Republicans have a few advantages in remaining relevant.

First, although Vermont is liberal, particularly on social issues, it also has substantial strains of libertarianism and fiscal conservatism.

Second, there’s no party registration in Vermont, and the state holds open primaries. Accordingly, party identification is a weaker bond in Vermont than in many other states.

Finally, Vermont is small, in area and population. Retail politicking can swing a lot of voters. 'Socially moderate, personable Republican governors can still do well,' Mr. Nelson said." --NYT

Good ole Mr. Nelson...

And yet. lookit all them Vermont Repubs, (horrifically) voting for a self-described Democratic Socialist. What do they know that we don't jusme1?

Bernie is promoting a social Democracy where We, the people are
NOT under top-down Corporate Rule -- otherwise known as Fascism.

Which is why Bernie Sanders's got MY Vote.


Oh, and btw, did you have Sources you
might show us, for your assertions, justme?



Well. For example, he sure got Venezuela right. Not. But do you have any examples of him supporting liberalization of the Danish economy. Because the Danish PM thinks Bernie is severely misinformed. He wants Venezuelan policy to achieve Danish results?

”These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who's the banana republic now?“


”These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who's the banana republic now?“

Yeah, That's one Hellovan Endorsement.
I thought you had some Facts.

So, that's just like running for President of Venezuela.



Nicaragua, Cuba, Soviet Union, North's difficult to find a totalitarian communist regime in the last 70 years that Bernie wasn't fond of.


And Denmark thinks Bernie is an idiot too.


Yeah, well, if he happened to be fond of them at one time, he's STILL gonna (if he gets a Chance) de-Fascisize US into a social Democracy, where Human Rights trump Corporate Rule.

I'm on Board.

Too bad the Centrists and Corporatists and Incrementalists weren't as well. Perhaps they'll join too when they see the Groundswell our Corporate Masters cannot contain.