Seattle Voters Just Had America’s First iPhone Election. It Somehow Didn't Get Hacked.



Tens of millions of people in this country don't have cell phones, let alone smart phones, let alone iPhones. So please tell me how fucking iPhone elections are going to save our democracy? Oh that's right, they won't. They will simply make it harder for more people to vote. It is FUCKING RIDICULOUS. The best way to vote is by paper ballot via mail. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with wealthy white people? FUCK SEATTLE AND FUCK iPHONE ELECTIONS.


Only the plutocrats need to be able to vote.

Remember, Apple owners get 1 vote. Zune users get 0 votes. And Android users get 3/5ths of a vote!


While I’m not entirely trusting online voting as an idea, I completely despise Kim Wyman, and anything that makes her look like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about is a good thing.


How about we change the state law so this thing can go on the regular ballot instead of being desperate enough to go for an Uber sugar-bro?


@4 is right. No one gives a fuck about this election. Putin doesn't even know this organization exists. It would be a totally different result in an election that was on anyone's radar. Mobile voting is the worst possible thing we could do. How hard is it to mail in a damn ballot anyway? Have we really gotten this lazy?


@1 "voting for the agency’s new board of supervisors from any internet-connected device."

Reading is fundamental.


@8 "America's First iPhone Election." Accurate headline writing is even more fundamental.


@9 - I don't disagree at all. It was kind of a nice ritual. At the same time I realize it was difficult for a lot of people and easy for those in power to game (for example, just don't open as many polling places in poor neighborhoods and presto, the Rs win!). But the in-person voting and the mail in both allow us to have a paper trail where the ballots can be pulled out and counted again. That is a priceless security advantage. Touch-screen voting machines are bad enough. This internet voting idea is the road to hell.


The first order of business of anyone voted into running this conservation district is to get the election moved to the regular November ballot. Anything less is a gross mismanagement of the public trust.


Should anyone trust an organization whose privacy policy and terms of use on yhe ballot request page point directly point to Google's?

Were the votes cast really private? Was information sunmitted retained by the organization or any of its partners in the endeavor? If so, what information and to whom?

These questions are extremely important to many voters and should be the number one questions addressed in any election app or website.


1 - not an iPhone election, I voted just fine on my Android phone.
2 - what we should be furious about is a public election that routinely has less than 1% turnout.
3 - there was state legislation that would have moved these elections to November but it died in committee