Spice World Is Unstreamable



Any move with Sidney Poitier is an enjoyable experience.


I've had the pleasure of viewing the DVD, "Porgy & Bess" AND the opera as well. The latter I saw in an excellent production by Seattle Opera recently. It remains an extraordinary work of American folklore/music/art. See it. At least, the DVD. I've also read George Gershwin's bio. What a gifted and prolific American composer.


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Exactly. Most unfortunate that he died of a brain tumor at that very young age.


'Times Square' is a fascinating film. It's interesting that this and several other early-1980s NYC films express such anxiety over looming gentrification. Of course, gentrification would eventually ruin the city, but not for over a decade. But watching films like 'Times Square' and 'Wolfen,' you get the sense that the iron heel of gentrification was just about to come down. My best guess is that there were lots of gentrification/redevelopment plans in the works around 1980, but then they were forestalled by the chaos and scariness of the crack epidemic.


From a Thursday Vice story:

"Because of the allure of the internet's diluted risk of rejection combined with our growing awareness of women's experiences of assault and coercion, real-life meet-cutes seem to have gone the way of VHS copies of 'Spice World'."



I was born in 1950, and grew up enjoying and watching the lively "Broadway" film version of Porgy and Bess" so it must have appeared on TV more than once.

I also recently saw the operatic "original" version, live in the Los Angeles opera house and it's lugubrious and draggy in comparison.

The "Broadway" version film is so much fun in comparison, although only Sammy Davis, Jr if the leads does his own singing, he"s worth the price of admission: https://youtu.be/2Ijhn3FlDQs

Copies of the "Broadway" 1959 version film.are available on EBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/114108695510

I saw "Times Square" in New York in 1980, and it did reflect the spirit of the time and place, although it felt disconnected.

Now I understand why: the lesbian scenes were cut.

Although the lesbian scene itself was thriving in the city then, no "out" normalcy films would make it to the. general theater screens for years to come (so to speak.)