To the State Legislature: Fulfill the Promise You Made, Pass the Clean Slate Act Today



WAIT "working through the trauma caused by our criminal justice system," No No No. YOU did the crime. Don't blame the Judge or the attorneys because you don't like the system YOU PUT YOURSELF IN.


@1 clearly shows the problem people have with criminals. Zero (0) empathy; if it was his child he/she would be advocating for their child's rights to be restored.

I hope for your sake you don't ever get "caught" and end up having to fight for your freedom. But if you do you should remember what you said here; and accept no help from anyone because it is all your fault.


If you didn't want to do the time
you shouldn't have done the crime.


"But I am not an exceptional person."

Not sure I can agree. Average people can't cut law school. I am not an attorney but I work for them. It takes a lot of work, tons of reading, crushing amounts of writing, and the ability to test well (LSAT, Bar exam). All seem to be above average in some way: drive, focus, writing ability. You discount your own efforts when you say your sucess is merely due to opportunity.

If you mentored a young person from a disadvantaged backround into the legal profession, through their undergrad program, through law school, through passing the bar - would you then discount their efforts upon graduation and chalk up their accomplishment to society merely offering the opportunity? Would you tell them that the last seven years of academic "work" really wasn't..."work"?


2 People make choices in life. I don't have to like them or agree with them. I do have to accept them as having taken place. Those making the choice, will then have to live with the consequences of their free will choice. Empathy has been thrown in the trash when some choices are made.

Empathy is not part of THIER thought process, and there fore if it's not important to THEM I don't find it necessary for me to weep over their choices or find it important. After all, who am I to doubt their intelligence. I respect they have the RIGHT to make any choice in their life they want. I will fight for their freedom to make a choice I myself would not make.


@3 - we are talking about people who HAVE "done the time." You are not eligible to have your record vacated if you have continued to commit crimes & rack up convictions. Unless you want essentially EVERY crime to carry some kind of life sentence, we need to look at a fair way to let people who really have turned themselves around start over.


If IMPOTUS can be a repeat Felon, I don't see why others can't have their slates wiped clean.

Good for the impeached goose, good for the gander.