Slog PM: Bernie's Here Now, Warren's Here This Weekend, and Bezos Pledges $10 Billion for Planet



A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for Donald Trump.


Perhaps Climate Change would be solved if it gave corporations, multimillionaires, and billionaires a new tax writeoff. We should incentivize policy solutions when legislation fails to curry support. Cheers to the folks who put their jobs on the line to reach Bezos.


@4: AOC can't be VP (she's not 35 years old). But your Jill Stein comment is even stupider.


Hmmm, if I had $10b to spend on addressing climate change... ?
Probably invest in marine permaculture, those tethered floating kelp forests.
Lots of ocean out there.


It looks like everyone forgot that Bernie won the Primary in Michigan back in 2016.


Folks, Bernie Sanders has a record of being a heck of a lot more pragmatic than you give him credit for:

I still recall last year how he was the one Democratic senator mulling/making a presidential bid who voted in favor of a compromise spending bill last year to keep the federal government running. The others had to put their purity tests and virtue signalling ahead of their legislative responsibilities. They were more interested in looking good than doing good.

And no, I don't believe Bernie's infallible. There's a heck of a lot I disagree with him on. At least I don't come away from hearing him speak thinking how vapid and patronizing he is. (My reaction to Mayor Pete, whom I've tried to like.)

kallipugos @6, marine permaculture sounds promising. I've sometimes wondered why all these mega-billionaire philanthropists weren't making climate change their overriding focus. Y'know, doing stuff like buying up rainforests in Brazil to keep them out of the hands of cattle ranchers. This "trillion trees" thing is getting all this buzz, but you get a bigger bank for the buck by preventing deforestation as opposed to promoting reforestation. A ounce of prevention…


@8: "bigger bank for the buck." Not a bad Freudian slip there.


Jeff Bezos?

Counting down until Xina’s head explodes.


Whatever happened to the naked Bezo’s photos? Asking for a friend....


@8-yes, even locally they could be burnishing their image and doing a lot of good- just a few years ago Campbell Group put up for sale a shit-ton of forest acreage right here, around 100,000 acres as I recall, and it just went to another local timber outfit. Prime recreational lowland forest habitat adjacent to I-90 and expanding suburbs and National Forest land to the east. Soon the value of that land for carbon offsets will dwarf its value for timber production and the taxes on forest land are ridiculously low. Wouldn't have been any skin off Bezo's or Gates' balls and earned them some serious street cred.


Memo to DNC sycophants: you're easy to spot through keywords and hackneyed old talking points.

As to Bernie: nearly every poll shows (and has shown since 2015) that he's the best match up against Trump and even more so in the key electoral states.

The latest one out has him up by 18% over Trump among independents, who (unlike Republicans) actually are swing voters.


@10. Yep. And my point is you don’t know what you’re talking about.


I'm all for rich people giving money away, but $10B is, sadly, not going to make the smallest dent in this problem. It's going to take every nation on a war-like footing to even get close.


If young people voted in rates commensurate with how much they have at stake, we wouldn't have trump, we'd have all the things Warren and Sanders are talking about long ago. But young people talk a big game but when it comes time to put up or shut up, they take their ball and go home. 2018 Midterms: youth voter turnout increased 76% from 20% to 36%. That is pathetic!! Voter turnout for this cohort would need to nearly double that of the midterms in order for any real change to occur. I'm not holding my breath.


The question is, does he get a $10,000,000 tax writeoff via corporate socialism and the hidden welfare state? How does that $10,000,000 fight climate change? I would follow this money with great interest.




Wow. $10 billion. Problem solved then? Whew - here I was getting nervous. Thank you, Jeff. You’re our hero.


Elizabeth Warren is at Seattle Center this weekend!
Did you know she drew 15,000 people to Seattle Center last time she was here?
Did you know she got a job waiting tables at age 13 to help her family after her father's heart attack?
Did you know she is swirling her last loop at the bottom of the crapper?

She will be at Seattle Center on Saturday, February 22.
Doors at 4:30 p.m.
Rally at 6 p.m.
Concession/Withdrawal speech around 7:10 p.m.


Just wanted to chime in and say that (while that doesn't seem to be the case here) mini horses are great service animals for the blind. Training a service animal is a long and expensive process, and mini horses can live to be 30! Wouldn't you prefer to go through the process once every 20-25 years than every 8 or so? Also, not even kidding, horses fly all the time. They're just usually in a special stall in a cargo plane, usually Fedex!


I love that everyone at both the restaurant I had lunch at, and the chocolate factory tour, was behind either Bernie or Warren.

Your days are over, Russia-backing Trumpians.


@8 -- thanks for that excellent, in-depth VOX article:

"The Vermont senator is unique in combining an authentic, values-driven political philosophy with a surprisingly pragmatic, veteran-legislator approach to getting things done. This pairing makes him the enthusiastic favorite of non-Republicans who don’t necessarily love the Democratic Party, without genuinely threatening what’s important to partisan Democrats.

If he can pull the party together, it would set him up to be the strongest of the frontrunners to challenge President Donald Trump.

Sanders breaks from the pack in constructive ways on foreign and monetary policy, where the president has an unusual amount of freedom to act.

And in the legislative arena, where any president is going to be sharply constrained, he stands the best chance of getting the left on board with the sure-to-be-disappointing compromises that will be necessary to advance the ball at all on important issues."


"Also, not even kidding, horses fly all the time. They're just usually in a special stall in a cargo plane, usually Fedex!"

@25 -- So true. And, not everyone knows this, but the Tom Hanks docudrama 'Castaway' was originally written for a mini-horse, who'd survived an airplane crash-landing at sea, and used his time and wits to make a little sailng craft (Shorty got frustrated, a lot, because no hay/oats/carrots and also his little hoofs had such a time, busting coconuts and making all those random nautical-type knots required in rafts-making; but he was a gutsy little horse, and eventually pulled thru, as is their wont).