Photos From Last Night's 17,000-Person Bernie Sanders Rally in Tacoma



Great pix!
THNX, Rich!
And GO, Bernie!

Let's End Corporate Welfare
and promote the damn
Citizenry for once.


so 13,000 less than billy graham attracted at the same venue


@mr creep -- how old did his son Franklin Graham say Earth was? B. Did Jesus ride aT Rex named Rex?

C. Was Jesus truly White?

'Cause He was there, at the damn Rally* -- Jesus was -- I swear, He had on a robe and sandals and a sash-sorta thingy, so you could totally tell, it was really Him.

A Warrior for Peace. But, oddly enough, he didn't appear to be Caucasian; more Middle-Eastern, I'm guessing....

But it was really nice to see the real Jesus there
giving His support to the Democratic socialist.
Jesus knows we could really use one, right about now...
Kinda surprised Rich didn't get an Exclusive.

For a Politician, Bernie's a Breath of fresh Air
An Inspiration.

My first Awesome choice candidate since, since before Tricky Dicky -- hey -- Nixon was nearly Impeached, so he and trump're like co-comrades in the Impeachment game. Happy Presidents Day! And let's not forget (the righties'll be upset if we leave him out) Mr. Happy, 42, too -- also Impeached.

*one of those more old-fashioned, non-Nurembug-type rallies -- not at all like that other fellah's rhetorically-bizarre (typiclly hate-filled) rallies, where an off-White Jesus just might not be all that Welcome.

Can't say I like
His odds...


Wish I coulda been there, if only the light rail to Tacoma had come sooner and it hadn't been the night before work. I suppose there's still the chance to attend Warren's though...


@ kristofarian -
a type A white guy is not my idea of "a breath of fresh air"


Wow, now we have to be aware of the cult of personality not only in regards to Donald Trump, but Bernie Sanders as well. Shudder!

I'm still holding out for Biden.


Speaking of Cults of Personality (thanks, Rainy!) "In short, then, the pardons [of trumpfy's (now!) buddies, including a murdering War Criminal, who posed with the teenager he nurdered] were entirely personal in origin, and so the granting of them was exclusively an exercise of Trump’s own power.

That was their point. A benevolent leader dispensed favors. The world will not change much because of these actions; of the four, only Blagojevich was still incarcerated. Some of the others may receive a few minor benefits, such as a restored right to purchase guns legally.

The only cost is the further degradation of the government, moving our system closer to a cult of personality. In this era of mass incarceration, many people deserve pardons and commutations, but this is not the way to go about it.

All Trump has done is to prove that he can reward his friends and his friends’ friends. The chilling corollary is that he knows he can punish his enemies, too."

Somehow, I think a leader of a 'cult,' fixated on Medicare for all, Education for All, and ending the slavish Corporate deathgrip on US will NOT be a Cult Leader with Chaos and vengeance, vandalism and Kleptocracy on his mind, like the present one, for example...


Supporting a guy that just had a heart attack just over a month ago is insane.

The Democratic Party left me a few years ago with Hillary.

Trump 2020!


Bernie sure does resonate well with Progressives.

I'll vote for him if he wins the nomination but I'd rather the candidate be closer to the center to pull in more support than just the far left. We're going to need all the help we can get to take the Senate back and start undoing all the damage Trump's done.


@7 kristofarian and @9 RickFromTexas: Tied for the WIN!