A tad heavier than your typical stoner-rock band.
A tad heavier than your typical stoner-rock band. Incineration Ceremony Recordings

Sorcia, "Nowhere but Up" (Incineration Ceremony Recordings)

If the local legend and sage Tad Doyle produces a record and releases it on his own label, you should pay attention—especially if you're into the darker and heavier side of rock. Therefore, cast your ears toward Seattle trio Sorcia, who have their self-titled debut album coming out on Mr. Doyle's Incineration Ceremony label on March 13. Composed of guitarist/vocalist Neal De Atley, bassist/vocalist Jessica Brasch, and drummer Bryson Marcey, Sorcia traffic in the tarry depths of sludge metal and stoner rock à la bands such as Electric Wizard and Sons of Otis.

The first single from Sorcia (which was mastered by Jack Endino), "Nowhere but Up," leverages an absurdly potent low-end thrust, as the song trudges with lead boots toward a calamitous meeting with what sounds like extreme substance abuse. With De Atley's lava-gargling vocals pushing the bulldozing sonic ordeal into the blood-red, this is stoner rock that makes you feel bo(u)lder. Check out "Nowhere but Up" after the jump.

Sorcia perform this Thursday, February 20, at Chop Suey with Teepee Creeper and Wet Temple, and Saturday, March 7, at Slim's Last Chance Saloon, which is their album-release party.