Drug War Prisoners Receive Clemency, as Well They Should



Incarceration works. It’s why crime today is at its lowest in 60 years.


Then why isn't hair Furor in Jail?


Assertion without argument. Red card; off the field


We have the largest prison population in the world; and yet we seem to be throwing more and more people in. Like @1 who thinks the ends justify the means.

Life is precious; you don't get a do-over. We should be a much more forigivng and tolerant society and if we truly wanted to honor the words of Christ (and we don't but I don't have a problem) we would give them the shirts off our back (or food off our table) not throw them in jail. Helping them find a new path without judging them or making them feel like a sub-human being.


It's poli-sci, rather than poly-sci.
However, for our really kinky voters, poly-sci is probably correct.


God, it seems like the second woman should've gotten/had a more competent attorney.