Slog AM: Far-Right Shooting in Germany, MAGA-Hat-Wearing Pigeons Descend on Vegas, Bloomberg Bungles Debate



Warren = 4 years of Kate McKinnon!
or Sanders = 4 years of Larry David!
Time to give Alec Baldwin a rest.


"North Carolina FedEx driver had pulled over to help a stranded driver while on an interstate bridge. He fell off the bridge and landed on the riverbed below."
Good Samaritan's get picked off on the highway while offering aid. Collateral roadkill.
Highways are way too dangerous for Joe Schmo's to be doddering about on them. Best you can offer is call for Pro assistance and DO NOT get out of your own vehicle.
Or you can just risk your life to change Millie Nillie's flat tire who cares?


@2: Tragic and freak accidents happen all the time in all situations. Just because it happens in a good Samaritan situation doesn't give such sophomoric advice any credence.

Go ahead and help Millie. You might get a dinner invitation out of it and get to savor her Beef Bourguignon..


I only saw clips of the debate, but is this article saying that Warren's criticism of Bernie's M4A plan is that his supporters don't handle criticism of it very well? That seems weak.

I did see the clips of her attacking Bloomberg, very satisfying. Many of us first got to know her from seeing her question bankers and corporate execs. Too bad she didn't stay that way throughout the campaign instead of adopting the weird folksy golly gee persona and trying to highlight herself as a nerd with plans (which appeals to no one but professional class urban libs who watch cable news). She's really good when she's in this mode instead- it's what made a lot of us really like her.

I've liked Warren less and less the more I've gotten to know her. She's still my second choice, though I think Trump would beat her badly. But I don't trust her anymore and I don't think she's sincere. I see her with a good cabinet position doing something nerdy and lawyery, really holding banker's feet to the fire or something.

It's a shame for her that she didn't stick to her progressive and firey stance before the Iowa and NH primaries where she actually had a potential base of support. I don't predict she'll do well in Nevada or SC, though she might have a little come back on Super Tuesday.

And fuck her (and all the rest) for saying they don't think the person with the most votes should get the nomination. I can't trust her.



it got really ugly last night,
like rats fighting over the last scrap.

Liz was just mean and bitchy, it isn't going to revive her Walking Dead campaign;
Pete and Amy stopped just short of hair pulling and bitch slapping each other,
Bernie was the Master of His Domain,
Joe was pretty cool and collected,
MiniMike took a beating but it won't faze his momentum.

All in all a very entertaining spectacle.


The AfD is not the first far-right organization in Germany. It's not even the first far-right political party. It's the first far-right political party to get mainstream support.


@7 I think she meant it's the first to actually win seats?


WTF is wrong with Seattle Children's Hospital? After the deaths and this refusal to release information, why would anyone take their child there for treatment?


@9 There are some amazing specialists and staff at Children's that simply are not available in-network or in-range for a lot of people.

The mold is a huge problem and disincentive, but it largely involves the building and administration.


@9: There's nothing "WTF" wrong with Seattle Children's Hospital. @10 is correct. I'm sure they're trying their best to fix it. The mold is the problem. Not the people.


Back in the latter half of the aughts, I worked at Children's. Part of my duties was to work with contractors to do installs to meet the needs of other employees. Due to aspergillus the Admin was very strict about requiring work that involved popping ceiling tiles anywhere on campus must be approved by them and required the work to be done in a dust tent. This made work that a job that would cost 600$ anywhere else around 1600$, which Admin was more than willing to pay to meet peoples needs with in reason. This isn't happening for a lack of them trying, is just an uphill battle. I was definitely aware of the issue but honestly I did not understand the broader context as I do now.

My personal conjecture is that because the building is on the side of the hill, where one can be in the old basement while being on the 3rd floor. There are moisture issues. For instance there are plenty of houses around the PNW with daylight basements where one wall is a retaining wall that have water issues as well. So moist warm air in the plenum spaces in the hospital that rarely see the light of day are prime grounds for a fungus such as aspergillus to get entrenched.

I really hope they can get a handle on this, for the kids.


I've noticed the few people I know who were going to vote for Trump are now going to vote for Bloomberg, so there's that.


Pigeons with MAGA hats. Is this because Trump surrporters are bird brains?