From the Archives: Genitals Are Magic and That's Why This Woman Comes (a Little) When She Poops



Happens; I was with a woman who when the orgasm was good it wasn't uncommon to have to use a wet wipe to clean the crap off your dick. It never bothered me unfortunately her ability to orgasm is now 0 because medicine used her as Frankenstein. I don't know how the ... I am going to keep her alive as her doctors keep making her depression worse and the shrinks she finds are only interested in her RLS not in what's wrong in her head.

Modern medicine sounds great until it fucks you over and you have to sit there at age 59 with no ability to feel a dick inside you; no ability to orgasm... what the .. ?


Worth reviving just for the acronym, POOPCOMER.


“Nerve crosstalk” is also
Responsible for a phenomenon that might be familiar to many more people, including me: do you sneeze when you look at the sun or at bright clouds or water? That’s because the optic nerve runs parallel to and very close to the nerve responsible for causing sneezes. In some people the nerves are physically closer together than in others. If the optic nerve is overexcited by bright light, and lies close enough to the sneeze-inducing nerve, it can transmit enough electric impulse to the second nerve to cause it to fire and make you sneeze. An analogous process is responsible for poop-related mini-orgasms.


My leg pistons uncontrollably whenever anyone scratches behind my ear!

Or is that my dog?


Wait, there's no way that letter came in only 5 years ago? It feels much older than that to me for some reason.

Of course I also feel much older to me most days...


That is so cool.


Thank goodness I don't ejaculate every time I poop.

The explanation kinda reminds me of sneezing after orgasm. Until a couple years ago I never did but had read about it wonderingly; now I do sometimes. (Thankfully it waits a couple minutes.)


how absolutely wonderful to get an enjoyable feeling doing something so mundane. I imagine the LW is young, because the older I get.... jeez.


"Genitals are magical, mysterious places of wonder."
Another reason why we should stop using genitalia as cuss words and other negative connotations.


Weird. "Pooping During Orgasm" was one of the band names we considered back in the Eighties....


I come full on sometimes when I poop! It's delightful:)


Yes gueralinda @3, one of my sons faces the sun, in order to bring on a sneeze.


Now I know why it always works for him. Thanks.


Wow! I missed this one first time around!! This happens to me sometimes (fairly often) after I pee. Decades ago I told my (now ex) husband about it and he declared it couldn’t really be an orgasm. Huh? Like I wouldn’t know?! Last time I mentioned it anyone before today. It might be mild, but it’s absolutely an orgasm. Sheesh. Oh, I also sneeze looking at bright lights/sun. Thx for that cool tidbit Gueralinda!


Pretending to be a naturopath for a moment: does it happen more often with some kind of bowel movements than with others? Does the size and nature of the BM play a role?

Just asking because if that happened to me I would look for patterns to see if I could make it happen more often. (Or if it bothered you, you could try to make it happen less often.) More fiber? Less fiber? More Thai food? Less Thai food?


OK, nerve cross-talk people, explain this one: I sometimes sneeze when I think of certain favorite sexual acts with no physical stimulation. Not when I come, not when I engage in those acts, just when I think about them in anticipation or pure fantasy.

And on the subject of magical pelvic regions, I dated a woman who really enjoyed anal sex. She was also prone to constipation. When she needed to go, she'd call me and talking to me and thinking about our activities would make her body relax and clear the decks for action.

Until I knew what was going on, I thought it was annoying that she'd call me, talk for a couple minutes, and then tell me she had to go to the bathroom and hang up. I mean why call me to hang up on me? After she explained it and I thought it through, I thought it was very cool. Instead of, or in addition to, getting wet, her sexual response included relaxing her anus and rectum (I guess) to get ready for what we loved to do. Her asshole was our only form of birth control

How did I let her go? I was in a shitty space at the time and was an absolutely terrible (not abusive, just terrible) boyfriend. The woman should be beatified for putting up with me as long as she did.

Oh yeah. And you probably guessed what sometimes makes me sneeze when I think about it.


@wellokaythen, most reliably after spicy food with a firm stool. Second most reliably, just with firm stool. And the feeling doesn't begin at the anus where there are so many nerve endings, it's internal. I always thought that due to the particular arrangement of some of my parts, the downward moving stool was stimulating my g spot. Now I'm wondering if nerve cross talk is the gift!