If extinction is inevitable, then why are either of them a threat at all?


Well, at least Charles will finally get his wish and see the end of capitalism.


Yup. History shows us that shit falls apart. And this is a/the really big one. And 99% of the money and power in the world is pushing us in the wrong direction, and yet people still think a solution is around the corner. We're no different than any other civilization that did nothing while it collapsed in on itself. It's all just bigger this time around.


Charles's snide makes his disciples feel smug.


The best thing about the apocalyptic mindset, the belief that doom is inevitable, is that it absolves the believer of any responsibility or culpability.

Charles Mudede is a man with no regrets or guilt. None for having children, none for choosing to live in the most resource-intensive society in the world, none for taking a salary to provide pure entertainment rather than any material benefit to society, none for his diet of wine and lamb.

Of course he believes the end is nigh, and inevitable. It's the only way he can live with himself.


Comparing our behavior to metastatic cancer is completely accurate. The only power homo sapiens have as individuals that cancer doesn't is to not spread further.


Ahh! Nothing like a nice cold cup of existential bleakness to wake you up in the morning! That was nice and bracing. Now let's see, what's on the to-do list? 1. Take up stone-carving & leave message to future civilizations, "Don't do as we did." 2. Feed the dog. 3. FSU & Burn shite down. 4. Nap. 5. Research ways to induce aneurysm in self.


Is it ironic or darkly malevolent that the link to Money's book "The Selfish Ape" points to ''?


You could also watch Avenue 5 on HBO for another take on this.


Hey, let's have a debate as to which of the following THREE dispositions is the most counterproductive:
1. Climate denialism.
2. Climate optimism.
3. Climate fatalism.

I'm sure the discussion will be a lot more intellectually stimulating for the likes of Mr. Mudede and Prof. Money than actually advocating for global government cooperation on climate change. And let's not confuse an activist bent with being a pollyanna either.

Not that I'm complaining about this essay. I did find it entertaining, having skipped the passage about bacteria and intestines.

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