Ichiro might be our fifth starter.




Holy hamburgers, I don't think I've seen or heard someone called a "wiseguy" in like 25 years. I love it personally, having a president who models his pseudo-macho & tough guy behavior after 50's era gangsters.


I wonder if he likes "Gone With the Wind" more for its sympathetic portrayal of the Klan, or for its sympathetic portrayal of sexual assault?


@5 - The joy of being President is you can have it all. He doesn't have to pick just one.


5 - Perhaps it's just because he admired the performances of Vivian Leigh and Gloria Swanson. Why add more to our stressed out Trump factor more than necessary?


When is Trump NOT complaining? He supposedly did not understand the film. Are we supposed to believe he even attempted to watch it? Even if he did watch it there is not even a remote chance he would understand it (even if he could read the subtitles). I can't imagine what it is like to have to be around him and manage him. He is an enormous shitting toddler: shitting out of his mouth and his ass 24/7.


@9. Ah caint underr staind yoooo!


VIVIEN Leigh. and whom did Gloria Swanson play in GWTW? Ashley Wilkes?


12 - Trump also mentioned Sunset Boulevard, the other film he wanted to bring back to win awards.


Dear Dipshit Democrats,
Russia didn't steal the election. It's just that the racist millionaire with a vagina that you voted for was SO unlikeable a fascist beat her. Stop being bitter losers, dumb shits.


Face it, losers. Hillary Clinton was a HORRIBLE candidate who deserved to lose. She rigged the primaries so she could steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders and she used her media contacts to elevate Trump as the leading candidate. Trump won because you dipshits are addicted to rich white racist women.


The unexpected indescribably delicious last of beating Hillary will Never. Wear. Off.
or fade.


@15 Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes. Russia and the GOP have admitted Russia interfered. They are bragging about interfering right now and the GOP is doing nothing about it and Trump is mad because "now everyone knows."

As for Trump, everything he has done since he started squatting in the WH has brought destruction. Even his stupid wall falls down in a strong breeze (as it is built over protected lands and other habitats being destroyed to suit his need to build the wall that will never keep anyone out).

The GOP are the dumb shits and the losers. They were all against him until they weren't and the still have not learned. They are bleeding people as unprecedented numbers retire from Congress and/or are voted out and will continue to be voted out in 2020. And Trump fires and retaliates against every person he doesn't like, doesn't do his bidding, or he fears. The GOP will pay dearly for their fealty to Trump. The people who voted for him have and are and will continue to pay dearly for voting for voting for him as he guts everything they rely on to survive (so he can pay for his golfing, his wall, his family's worldwide business trips, and his lawyers).


Trumpet complaining about the film Parasite is the absolute height of his irony potential as a human.

@16 - Face it Zepol, the election was nearly FOUR YEARS AGO. You're juuust a little late with that criticism. But thanks for your "opinions", such as they are.
(PS. You know H. Clinton is not running this time around, right? Just an FYI.)
(PPS. You're arguing that ~Clinton~ is racist? Sure, she is, but have you seen who is president these days?)

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