Bumbershoot Will Return This Year, But Expect a Downsized Festival



A "Fizzletival"?


Expect a downsized festival for which you will still be expected to pay $150/day to attend.


Fuck the teens. They should appeal to 51-year-old white dudes.


If it drops ticket prices, it's all good. Just charge $200 for the Big Name Stadium show and all the Boomers can go to that and pay for the rest of the festival. And more like $10-$25 per day max, otherwise.


@1-@6 for the WIN. Bumpershoot is just for teens?? Okay, then Griz @7 will still save $$$s by opting out again in 2020.


The heart that was missing when AEG was running the show is back with One Reel.


"AEG declined to provide attendance figures for last year's festival." That would suggest figures were even worse than for the abysmally attended festival of 2018. Festival organizers and city officials can talk all they want to about returning to Bumbershoot's roots and "ideals," but Bumbershoot needs to deliver: significantly lower ticket prices; broadly diverse programming highlighting many local acts; and a genuine commitment to the arts generally, not simply rap and indie rock aimed at the very young, with a few throw-in exhibits and stages to merely look diverse. Walk the talk, One Reel, or give it up, and let Bumbershoot go. Attendance figures remain alarmingly, embarrassingly low, and simply keeping Bumbershoot going to avoid political fallout is not enough. Put on a credible, reasonably priced, arts-diverse festival, or let it go.


I remember when they raised tickets to $15 and people revolted. By clipping holes in the fences and sneaking in to watch Modest Mouse at noon at Memorial Stadium with 50 people in the crowd.
I also walked 5 miles to school up hill each way


This seems pretty simple in outline. A community based festival featuring acts and exhibits with a very broad range of appeal and low ticket prices morphs into a cash cow for a production company, with a monoculture performer selection and completely fucking insane ticket prices. Hey, what could go wrong here? In the eighties Bumbershoot was a not to be missed event for me. I have not attended in decades. I am happy to see the collapse of the One Reel / AEG clusterfuck. Maybe the magic that once was can be rebuilt.


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