Re stock fall, measuring by points is pointless, because there are so many more of them nowadays. Percentages are apples to apples, and in apples today's sell off was small potatoes.


If it takes Trump down, all the better.


That “average” salary is highly inflated by the top end, and says more about pay disparity within the industry than anything else. Most make under $150K, and a great many, particularly the younger folks, struggle to make half that.


The top 6 one-day point drops in the Dow happened during the Trump administration. Add them up and those six days are over 20% of the current DJIA. It's always bounced back under this clown, but someday it won't.


@3: Indeed.


Seattle's becoming more liberal is unfortunately detrimental to liberal policy agendas, at least nationally. I'm guilty and part of the problem, having moved to Portland from reliably blue Mayland, but to there from swingin' Pennsylvania. Fuck both the electoral college and the dumb fuckin' and anti-democratic senate.


@3: It's also likely that the numbers are skewed by whatever definition they're using for "tech worker." I tried clicking through to the USBLS tables, but I don't know the lingo well enough to parse it myself.


@2 xina: Agreed and seconded.
@3 schmacky: Agreed with you, Phoebe, and Knat about pay disparity.


“ the younger folks, struggle to make half that.”

What a struggle. To be young and making $75k a year. That’s no where near enough to support a good avocado toast habit.


@1: Do the world a big favor and drown yourself in Lake Flaccid.



@10 Is that what happened when you closed the barn doors to your ex?


Oh you know what wasn't flaccid? Your ex-husband's massive throbbing veiny boner he relentlessly btried to wedge up your marginally mentally ill tailpipe until you divorced him for it! That is the exact opposite of flaccid in fact.


@10 the first time she saw her husband naked:

"We're gonna need a bigger butt."


Seattle stat nerds beg for use of the median, not the average. A few lost soles ask for comparisons of cost of living to adjust the medians.


Those numbers are highly questionable, especially given Amazon only pays a max of $160k with the rest in stock. Comparing unvested stock to cash income isn't exactly accurate, I suspect the bloomberg article was a survey that was mostly exaggerated.


@3 @7 Yes, but surely these distorting effects are also present in the statistics for NYC financial workers?


@15, now that banks locally ARE considering unvested stock as income (particularly in the effort to afford the luxury housing provided by greedy developers) it is certainly accurate to figure it in the survey.


Ok @10 & 12: What is the deal? Why are you two at each other? I hate to see you fighting :(


@19, When she was flipping out calling for the mass murder of all Republicans after Trump's acquittal, I brought up that she was a lot less scary and a lot more fun when she was making kooky declarations such as "I dumped my huge-dicked husband because he wouldn't stop asking to fuck me in the ass." I thought this would snap her out of the murderous trance, but it didn't. So I tried again. And again.

And now it's kinda become my brand! I try to be creative in my iterations, such as in the symphony of her sex life, her ex wouldn't stop playing the tuba in the piccolo parts. I find this wildly amusing, and am now happily in for the long haul. Yay!

The whole thing really reminds me of the famous ancient proverb "those who aren't teased about puckered starfish rejecting the plumpest of eels haven't made serious calls for political genocide."

I think we can all agree that it's all her fault and that I'm acting as a paragon of maturity? :)


It's actually fairly easy to use blue-green algae to replace petroleum-based plastics for things like containers for water, food, food wrap, cereal bags, etc. It biodegrades and is compostable.

We have solutions, but the heavily subsidized fossil fuel industry and their bought out politicians don't want you to use them.


Oh and a friend was panicking this morning because his stocks lost $1000 in one day. So it does impact people.


"Need many 3-7% drops like in 2008 to really cause damage and fear."

Oh no you don't. It all depends on the context within which it is happening.

Such as the Fed not able to lower interest rates anymore.

Such as a possible pandemic putting nearly 7%of the worlds population on lockdown in the worlds industrial production center.

Such as the uncertainty of Brexit in the EU.

Such as an incompetent President that undercuts confidence in government emergency responders and institutions.

Such as the gutting of regulatory authority over the markets.

I mean, I feel like these will be the bullet points in the documentary movie produced about this in five years. And how Americans were so stupid as to not see this coming.


@20: LOL Thank you for the clarification!


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