Are Markets Rattled by the Globalization of Coronavirus or Bernie Sanders's Success in Nevada?



It's the virus. Anyone serious about politics doesn't think Sanders can win the General.


It's the coronavirus, and the fact that rich people now understand they can be jailed or die too.

Sanders winning is positive for the markets, since Democratic Presidents, and Democratic Socialist Presidents like FDR are actually good for investments and rebuilding infrastructure.


But Aaron says Bernie can't win. Game over, guys.


"Here, you have to turn to a form of economic thinking that is not even taken seriously by academic economists, Marxism."

With takes like yours, can you really blame them, Charles?


Why aren't markets rattled by the bat shit insane, incompetent, pathological lying, criminal enterprise that currently is the United States president, his administration, and its criminal cronies of the GOP congressional members and SCOTUS? If it's the virus, well, they can also look to the asshole in the WH. His priorities are clearly to ensure the further spread of disease worldwide.


"So, which is it? The socialist or the deadly disease?"

Same difference. Socialism IS a deadly disease.

Either will quickly kill the US (and by extension global) economy.


There goes our bumbling Mudede, once again asking questions whose answers are mysteries only to himself.

How many sentences will he manage to scratch out this time, before clutching back to the warm bosom of Mother Marx?


@6: Because greed is good, and it keeps the rattling at a level under what you would wish for.


Isn’t it because millions of people in China can’t go to work or shop for stuff?


You know, we could just decide to be prudent, cancel the Trump Tax Giveaway to Foreign Shareowners and Billionaires, and use half of that money to build renewables worldwide to ensure jobs. If we build commercial solar and wind, most of that is automated, and it's fairly simple to have it sit in a warehouse for 14 days just to make sure the virus doesn't spread. This would reduce negative impacts on the economy from heavily subsidized fossil fuels and provide cheaper renewable power worldwide, and undercut most of the fossil fuel world conflicts.



Chances are we will all get the virus. It’s not killing enough people, or even sickening enough people, to be easily detected, and thus its spread can’t effectively be contained. Good news is the majority of us will be fine, barring some unexpected reaction or other risk factor. Bad news is thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, are going to die before we get a widely available vaccine.


@7 Hey! How come you ain’t squealing about closing the borders during this deadly pathogen pandemic? Boy. It’s a real puzzler!


"The bad news is that the Iranian state may not be equipped to deal with the crisis because it has been starved and starved and starved again by Trump's economic sanctions."

Yeah, but that makes him a Strong Leader. A dim bulb too. And a real Loser at negotiating. Did I mention Liar?


@14: Iran is at liberty whenever it wants to start behaving better for removing the sanctions.



I can see,


“... the market is now waking up to the fact that the person running the White House in under a year may not be friendly to Wall Street.” Yea, like the market really cares what will happen a year from now as opposed to five minutes ago.


Contradictions in capitalism? Like the 1% Rule the show and the other 99% say: ok that seems fair.
Go Bernie.


@6 xina for the WIN.
@14 & @16 kristofarian: The Iranian government put an $80 million dollar bounty on Trumpty Dumpty's head after the assassination of Iranian General Suleimani on January 3, 2020. The global insanity epidemic continues......
@18 LavaGirl: Senator Elizabeth Warren gets my vote. Big D all the way, and we are long over due for a woman in the White House.


Since money itself is a virus, it remains to be seen if it's cognitive enough to sense the threat posed by another virus, and respond self-protectively.


Coronavirus is just the new scapegoat for the market swings. A month or two ago it was the trade deal with China. Stocks are recovering again this morning despite any improvement in the coronavirus containment so I suspect it's not related to that.


Yeah, travel stocks are down because they're worried about a Sanders victory. Not related to the virus at all right?


@21 Recovered?

The DOW is off -745.31.
NASDAQ Composite Index is off -213.37.
S&P is off -82.16.

That isn't "recovered."


Yeah, same here.
Dow down 850 just before closing.
And @23 you are right.
We voted for stupid, and guess what - we got stupid.
Don't touch any surfaces!


I'm totally for closing the borders.
Pathogene or no pathogene.


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