Thank you, Jessi Murray!

I have no idea who she is, and know almost nothing about her policy stances. But I'm thrilled to see someone challenge Chopp. I'm completely baffled why Chopp keeps getting reelected time and time again in one of the most progressive districts in the country. Chopp can be charitably described as a centrist-democrat at best. Well to the right of most of his constituents. I've met him a few times, and he has no charisma to speak of. It shouldn't be that hard for a competent progressive to primary him. Jess Spear turned out to be a poor choice to challenge him, but there must be plenty of true progressives that would better represent the district than Chopp.

I eagerly look forward to hearing more about Jessi Murray. Maybe she can finally push Chopp into retirement.


Describing Frank Chopp as a landlord is a cheap shot. Whatever you think of his politics (which I would argue are much more progressive than presented here), the man has been the biggest advocate of building housing for people in need that the state has ever known. He has been involved in securing hundreds of millions of dollars to build a stock of permanent affordable housing across the state.



Rich Smith is essentially a Fox News writer but for the left. This shit is infuriatingly ignorant. To say Chopp isn’t progressive because of a marijuana bill not passing is so fucking dumb. At the Legislature, you need to prioritize issues and the rest of WA doesn’t care about Marijuana like Seattle does. As Speaker, he had to pass so many other fucking bills that helped all of WA. This year’s $100m investment in the budget towards homelessness is because of Chopp and the revenue bills he passed previous sessions - he did that on purpose because he has a galaxy sized brain. Then other bills, like the H2A working visas bill that protects agriculture workers (primarily trom Mexico) from various abuses, also passed because of him. There’s also the Workforce Education Investment that makes state tuition at college free for struggling families (I think it’s 50% AMI is what a family needs to qualify). Like come on, this article is straight horse shit. Rich Smith needs to stick to writing Facebook posts and stay out of journalism entirely. It’s harmful to our society for media to be this blatantly stupid.


She should be able to hold Frank to 65 percent or so ...

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