Rep. Zack Hudgins Draws Primary Challenge from WA Human Rights Commissioner David Hackney



Dunno if it's as simple a choice as you lay out, Rich. Hudgins has been a consistent and strong supporter of real data privacy protections, fighting against the sham Carlyle bill written by MS and Amazon lobbyists. He's one of the few house members to stick their necks out to sponsor a face surveillance moratorium, and has actually reached out to hear from people of color about their concerns.

And anyone who has served on the in-house counsel team at Amazon certainly deserves serious scrutiny. I suppose the money aligned with Hackney's values, even if the work didn't.


"His grandparents were substance farmers.."

I think you mean subsistence farmers, Rich. Every farmer grows a substance of some kind.


Two things: Zack Hudgins sponsored and passed the Dream Act that provides access to college for immigrant youth. He sponsored and passed a bill that feeds all kids in school. He is fighting as hell with the caucus of color to protect POC from the big tech industry (see comment above) and he has lived in the district for over 22 years. I believe this new challenger just moved into the district to run against Rep. Zack Hudgins. He doesn't event know the district.


@2: Seems like an autocorrect error.