Slog AM: Expedia Will Cut 12% of Employees, Iran's Deputy Health Minister Has Coronavirus, Hot Pockets Heiress Faces Jail Time



"Bloated business" is corporate-speak for "rich people need to sustain lavish lifestyles."


This just might be the biggest scandal to hit snack food heiresses since Sue Ellen Mischke went walking around mid-town Manhattan wearing nothing but a bra and caused a serious accident... She got sued and nearly lost the family fortune!



I can’t bring myself to watch it but there is a clip of joe biden at a campaign event where he says he is running for the US senate. Biden is a very likable guy and i understand the appeal of his “return to normal” message but it has been obvious for a long time that he is not well and despite all assurances of his “electability” we are very fortunate that his campaign is cratering.


These layoffs are only the beginning. The recession is already starting.

While Expedia already had serious problems, they know what’s coming. This is a travel business. The coronavirus is going slam anything related to travel.

Then everything else.

Expect layoffs at Amazon by fall if supply chains don’t recover by end of April.

BTW Trump eliminated the only position on his NSC cabinet that dealt with pandemic emergencies in May of 2018 and has never filled it because of his insane paranoia about the “Deep State” and his need for total autocratic control. Rear Adm. R. Timothy Ziemer was fired and literally no action to deal with health emergencies was ever formulated since.

But. You know. The MAGA dipshits said we don’t need experts on anything. I’m sure the private sector can manage this pandemic in a for-profit way juuuuuuuust fine.


"Janavs pleaded guilty in October to paying $300,000 to get her two daughters into the University of Southern California through exam cheating and fraudulently claiming one daughter was a volleyball recruit."

Wow. (some) Peeps got LOTS of Money!

And yet, how many Millions of Americans can't even afford tutors? This top-down, heavily-Darwinian 'American Way' is Total Bullshit.

In this, the richest country on Earth, Healthcare and (at least) a good Education should be inalienable Rights of the Citizenry.

IF we Value our Citizenry.


12, I for one want to see how this adminstration handles a full-blown crisis. He says he is the best, right?


@12 You think I want another 600K hit to my retirement?

No. I’m eager to incite the trolls who did this same bullshit and worse throughout the Obama presidency. Only this time we have the least competent leadership in modern history. I want to rub that in their stupid suicidal faces.

You think a leader that stays up until 3am rage tweeting at teenagers is the guy to lead us through a potential pandemic and recession? If it’s not a recession or a pandemic it would inevitably be something else.

IF this pandemic gets even slightly worse you have no idea how much that will be magnified by our shitty leaders.

Besides pretending serious shit isn’t happening isn’t going help. You act like talking about this is some incantation to make it happen. Grow the fuck up.

No. You better prepare for the worst. Because it’s not looking good. I’m doing you a favor. Get ready.

Btw Obama’s looking pretty fucking good right now, huh?

You stupid piles of shit.


16 - "Btw Obama’s looking pretty fucking good right now, huh? "



I mean the fact that the very person that assigned to deal with Pandemics was fired and the position deliberately left unfilled says it all about this shit-for-brains president.

This administration utterly alienated the scientific community with repeated anti-science rhetoric and the demand that science conform to their ideological agenda.

Not to mention the insanity of appointing a Creationist as Secretary of Education.

We reap what we sow.


@2 & 4. That many planes with metal shavings in the wing tanks is not an indication of the quality of worker nor any sort of statement on the validity of capitalism. It is a failure of manufacturing process.

Ages ago, I worked for a few years as a manufacturing engineer in the aircraft business. Airplanes are assembled with hundreds of thousands of parts, most of which are metal (mostly aluminum). Metal shavings happen in that sort of assembly process. No way to prevent it. However, a properly designed assembly process would include stages for cleaning and inspection of debris, particularly in critical areas such as fuel tank. For 70% of planes to be found with debris in the tanks, Boeing very obviously eliminated this cleaning and inspection step somewhere along the way. Probably some bean-counter thought they could save money by cutting that step. They were wrong. This will cost them way more to repair afterthefact now. Idiots.


If you slip and fall and break a leg on a trail, remember you can splint it with branches, tie that with vines and smaller branches, and put a bed of branches under the broken leg(s) if you have to crawl a few miles. Use other branches to make crutches, though, this will give you more mobility, and you can pull yourself faster if need be.

If you don't understand basic survival techniques like this, you shouldn't be trail running. I grew up in forests and competed in cross country in the mountains, it's basic skills, people.

Trump won't help you with the markets, he's grifting it, so you'll end up paying for his lies.


" I don't know shit and neither do you."

Are you incapable of reading the business section of a newspaper?

"That doesn't mean I want it to happen."

Neither do I, dumbfuck.


I run a business, dumbfuck. And it's not just market fluctuations that matter. It's that Fed has no flex or give left to help with corrections. But you don't know anything about that, do you.

See. There are recision trackers. They exist! Of course you have never used one. So you wouldn't know. They help business owners like me prepare and plan.

That is a very serious indicator. As of early February every single reliable forecaster was predicting between a 20-30% chance of a recession in 2020.

That was BEFORE COVID19. Let's see what that indicator says once this weeks data is in, shallop we?

Does that mean it's a 100% chance? Nope. And I never said so. But we are seeing a crater forming now.

Yes. Anything can happen. Sure. Somebody might invent fusion energy! Or maybe COVID19 burns out. Or there is a vaccine miraculously produced 8 months ahead of schedule. Or maybe the markets themselves blossom in the Pharma sector. Or some other voodoo.

But we are talking about probabilities here. And the probabilities according to some of the indicators are high. Not certain. But high. I go by probabilities.

And you can be a superstitious Pollyanna all you want. But, me? I'm taking steps. And if it crashes I want ALL the blame to go to Trump. ALL OF IT. Merited or not. Because that's a silver lining I can deal with.

And, BTW, you can fuck off with your concern trolling. Just trot right off a cliff.


I think, "I run a business, dumbfuck." is now my favorite opening line to a comment ever.


PS. Almost 500,000,000 to 800,000,000 people are on lockdown or partial lockdown. That's almost 7% of the worlds population. Read that again. Almost 7% of the worlds population,

This is the center of the world production and logistics chains.

If you think that won't cause serious economic repercussions for months you are stupider than you sound.

And has Trump even addressed this? Can you imagine him issuing words of calm and comfort that ANYONE will believe? The idea is laughable.

No. The safe bet is to prepare as best you can for a downturn.


Trump was tweeting stock market gains and taking credit ever since he took office. If this whole thing crashes, why shouldn't he take the blame? You know full well if someone else were the president, that bloated piece of shit would be tweeting about this and blaming him/her.


My mommy went to jail, and all i got was a lousy college degree.

The guillotines are coming out of retirement, and all i can say is, it's about damn time.


@25: You are positively enjoying having your hair on fire, aren't you? And you especially feel validated when you can condescendingly pout down anyone who isn't as hysterical as you are.


28, do you give credit to any sitting president when the stock market went up? Or only to sitting Republican presidents?


Expedia still exists?


I dunno why anyone harps about the stock market as if it means anything in the face of the deficit that's exploding to prop it up.


@7, presented without comment, for you to process what you actually wrote: " it is a success. Boeing killed a bunch of it's customers"


There's a lot going on in addition to the coronavirus. Boeing is on the rocks. A big tar sands operation planned for Alberta just fell through. trump failed to negotiate (gasp) a trade deal with India. Manufacturing is already in a recession. One of the few remaining usually bright spots, consumer confidence, came in below expectations in February. The list goes on... If it wasn't for massive corporate welfare, cheap debt, and stock buybacks I'm pretty sure we'd already be calling this a recession.


@33 yes, used them for my trips to/from Santa Barbara for Christmas. They kept trying to upsell me on hotels and car rentals, of course


@36 ...AND Brexit.
AND continuing fallout from the tariffs (how much longer can notorious socialist Donald Trump keep giving Big Ag billions in communist hand outs to compensate for his tariffs?).
AND no play left at the Fed to lower interest rates.
AND consumer debt at an all time high.


God. We could on.

That doesn't mean a recession will be cataclysmic or inevitable.

But half of preventing economic catastrophe is confidence in steady leadership. With the Troll In Chief and MAGA mouth breathers in charge what are the bets there's "confidence" in the out there in our leadership?

No business owner I know, despite the delight at the tax cuts, expresses any confidence that this administration has any idea what it is doing.


@38: I don't want to sound like a tone troll but I'm glad you had a good lunch.


One of my best friends live in Boise, he says it's a great place to raise a family, very like how Seattle used to be in the 90's, and I should move there. But the stories I keep reading in the news makes it appear that if he is right about Boise, then it must be very different from the rest of Idaho. Who gives an 11 year old an instrument which has only one usage - to wound and kill living things?

Then there is the current flustercluck situation of that woman Lori Vallow, and her very new husband, whom she married two whole WEEKS after his former wife was found dead in her bathroom last fall (and whose death had an insurance payout of almost half a mil!). This after her former husband was shot dead by her brother last summer (her husband had a life insurance policy of a million, which Lori did not know he had just removed her as beneficiary last spring!). This brother then died mysteriously last December, after 'a mysterious assailant' (cough, cough) shot at Lori's niece's ex-husband with a gun equipped with a silencer last fall and missed, while driving a car owned by the her just-deceased husband (he of the 1mil policy). This ex-nephew also has an life insurance policy of a million bucks! And most tragically, cops are desperately searching for her two kids, not seen since last September! Added to this absolutely incredible story is Lori's, her niece's, and her new husband's membership in some Latter Day Saint's Doomsday cult, and their belief that she is a God sent to Earth to lead the righteous to heaven after Judgement Day! It's like an episode of 'As the Unrighteous' Stomach Turns'.

I guess even Gods need lots of life-insurance payout to save the Righteous!

I really hope they can find the kids. Though it looks bad, one of the kids has a disability, and she supposingly tried to sell his support dog for $2,500 last October. I'm, like, obsessively stalking this story hoping to hear that they've been found, yet barely able to believe that I've actually read these details, and not suffering from a psychotic break and imagining it all. Who the fuck are these people! WHY do these people have so much life insurance? How do they manage to pay for it?

I also hope I'm going to Hell if it exists. Because Heaven sounds like it's going to be full of very scary Gods, and their righteous people.

My head hurts!



Yeah, I've thought the same thing about Boise. It looks freaking gorgeous and I've heard it's a fantastic spot for outdoor adventurers, but it also sounds like a political shithole. Eleven freaking years old, yeesh.


Market down another 1100 pts.

But. Yeah. This is fine. All fine. Nobody knows anything.