Woke Wiggas say want?


Jesus fucking christ.

Strange times are those in which we live. You can't make up this much melodrama.


Get back to me when this guy's film is banned from distribution. Otherwise, it's a lot of Internet drama. I feel bad for the blogger because her staff suck, but other than that...

Wokes and chuds are tedious. Some people take it very personally. Oh well.


That was exhausting.


God, am I the only Old who remembers when we used to ignore trolls and mock SJWs on SocialJustice_Wank?


Sooooo... there was some online melodrama (as there always is) involving obscure people nobody has ever heard of or cared about... and... nothing ended up heading as a result?

Yeah. Bang up journalism.


Why do people use Twitter? Sounds miserable.


7: Apparently some random people having drama on the Interwebs qualifies as anecdotal evidence that "cancel culture" is a Real Thing and moreover a threat to our way of life LOL.


7: Sure, if you consider this woman's online suicide attempt to be nothing. Some people might find it disturbing, or at least worthy of notice. But those people aren't as cool as you.


@7. A young woman trying to take her fucking life is "nothing ended up heading [sic] as a result"? Go run head-first into a brick wall repeatedly. That would be nothing happening.


@10 Yes. It's nothing.

Because there are millions of suicide attempts every god damned day.

We should have articles every single day about every single one of them and build tenuous links to whatever axe we want to grind. It will solve something!


@11 Hahaha. Irony. You sorta lose your phony moral high ground insisting I commit suicide for not getting worked up about some rando's suicide attempt.


This whole episode is Exhibit #3,036 on why Twitter should be nuked out of existence. I quit two years ago, and it's one of the best decisions I ever made.


Why, the wall's only bricks
you should have it down in no time.

if ya get Desperate
try Oration and do
not. hold. back.


Cancel culture?! Cyber-bullying driving people to attempted suicide? Jesus Horatio Kee-RIST! As if I need another reminder to be forever thankful of not ever opening up a Twitter account, never will, and got rid of my TeeVee long ago. I can't imagine living under celebrity status.The film and television industry is so viciously dog-eat-dog.
@8 Lastlight: I never have, and obviously am not missing anything good.

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