Anti-cop stories like this really burn my britches.

Yes, perhaps the King County Sheriff's in this case may have been out to settle a score for another officer. That may have resulted in executing an innocent black teen. Yes the police then likely lied about that teen pulling a gun on them that the evidence clearly contradicts. Sure they may have lied about Richard being tied to the Radcliffe homicide through “forensic evidence” that turned out to be perjury. Yes the internal affairs teams, after waiting weeks to interview the cops may have decided this was all just business as usual within the King County Sheriff office. Yes these officers may have a pattern of unethical and questionable behavior on previous cases. Maybe King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht seems determined to not follow up and King County DA Dan Satterberg is following his 30 year pattern of rarely if ever holding police accountable for murder and other crimes, but who are we too judge?

As I've always said, once you remove false affidavits, lying under oath, executing innocent black teens and broad based corruption from the Sheriff Office, good luck finding anyone willing to do the job!


@1: "good luck finding anyone willing to do the job!"

Well that's pretty sad if it is being held over the heads of the public that way. We are supposed to have civilian police forces in this country. Made up of the same citizens who are being protected. If the power of police unions make it such that bad apples can't be tossed and willing community members hired in, perhaps the feds can step in and dissolve them. The best officers are the ones who can go home after work and face their neighbors without ill feelings.

Right now, Seattle is still (?) operating it's police department under a consent decree. And if the county sheriff's department and surrounding cities' forces don't think the feds are quietly watching for the same sorts of misbehavior, they are seriously mistaken. If a pattern can be found, and the DOJ finds that the union is keeping bad officers on the job, they might even be able to bring RICO charges. It wouldn't be the first union broken on racketeering charges.

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