Mayor Durkan Doesn't Sign Winter Evictions Bill, Offers Her Own Proposal



It passed unanimously, so overcoming a mayoral veto would be an easy matter and set Durkan up as a top of the property rental industry. If she signed it, however, she would anger Seattle landlords who might otherwise donate to her re-election campaign.

The Mayor is triangulating. She also wants to capture voters she feels did not support the winners of the recent City Council election, folks like Raindrop or Vel Du Ray. She’s setting herself up as the conservative bulwark against the city council and will point to her counter proposal as proof of that. At the same time, she knows the majority of voters did support the city council election winners, and shed be foolish to do anything in substance to block the bill, especially if the city council could overrule her.

Schrödinger’s cat.


Jeez. I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Sawant, but this definitely shows a lack of leadership. If she disagrees with this, then veto it. If she agrees, sign it. Can't have it both ways. And @1, if Durkan is Schrodinger's cat, then there is a "what's in the box" joke here somewhere. Anyone?


Well, she is a One Term Mayor.


Why didn't she just offer amendments?


I can't wait for the inevitable November eviction rush to commence. For those who have not paid up their December through March rental deposits.