Talking Amanda Knox, Fake Outrage, and a Hoarder's Worth of Vintage Suits with Doug Stanhope



All you have to do is listen to this conversation, the first conversation Amanda has with her mom at the prison in Italy and how obvious it is that her mother knows she is guilty. Amanda laughs about her hand print being on Meredith's face. Amanda Knox got away with murder. She is a total POS of who flaunts that fact every chance she gets, especially with her blatant disregard for Meredith Kercher's family's wishes that she stay away from them and keep Meredith's name out of her mouth.



"Valentine’s Day, because you’re only
as good as the thing you bought her last."

The perfect VD card.


Stanhope is a libertarian, and that garbage is eating this country from the inside like a cancer.