Do you have any bladder beer on tap?
Do you have any bladder beer on tap? zozzzzo

FBI arrests four neo-Nazis after threats to activists and journalists: One of the members of this "violent extremist group" was in the Seattle area. The group, Atomwaffen, had allegedly threatened and intimidated people they saw as obstacles to their rhetoric, bypassing free speech protections completely, according to the FBI. At least three people were targeted by the threats in Seattle, including a KING 5 journalist.

Annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Halloween party returns to Seattle Center October 29 –31!
A weekend of art, performance, readings, & more! Festival ends at Seattle's sexiest Halloween party.

A data breach for that scary facial recognition app: You know, Clearview AI, the one used by more than 600 law-enforcement agencies? The one that knows your face because of all the pictures of you on the internet? Yes, that one. A data breach leaked the company's entire client list. Who has access to your face now? Who knows!!!! Clearview AI maintains this wasn't a hack.

Bothell High School is closed Thursday: Because of "an abundance of caution" about the coronavirus. A staff member returned to work Monday after traveling internationally. A family member they were traveling with fell ill this week and is at the hospital being monitored. There haven't been any positive tests for coronavirus yet. Bothell High School is being extra careful. The Health Department doesn't think the high school needed to close and that the threat to students is minimal.

Washington is voting early: Well, about 420,000 Washingtonians have voted early. Technically, it's not really "early," since we can mail in our votes whenever we want from last week to March 10. But the field may narrow before Washington votes get counted.

Dunkin' Donuts released a new snack: It's literally a bag of bacon.

Dry and mild, baby! Another pleasant day is ahead of us. Spring really just sprung up on us, huh. I didn't even wear a jacket yesterday. I don't recommend that. I was chilly.

Bellevue College administrator alters Japanese internment memorial: The vice president of Bellevue College allegedly whited out a reference to an Eastside businessmen's anti-Japanese sentiments during World War II that was written on a placard in front of a mural of two Japanese children at a World War II Japanese incarceration camp. He allegedly whited out the sentence and then placed a new laminated version of the artist's statement that didn't contain it over the whited-out version. Bellevue College has apologized.

Old people don't know how to decipher fake news online: According to NPR, researchers found that "Facebook users 65 and over posted seven times as many articles from fake news websites, compared with adults under 29." With an election and a likely Russian disinformation campaign looming, some workshops are being offered to help seniors fact-check the memes they see on Facebook.

People are concerned the US isn't taking the coronavirus outbreak seriously: Well, it's hard to feel at ease when Donald Trump is responsible for our safety. He, so far, has contradicted what health officials have said in a bid to try to assure the American people that everything is fine and the fear has been overblown. That is… not right. The United States will see coronavirus infections. It's almost inevitable. Even scarier, a new Washington Post article this week asserted that the US's test to identify the virus in our citizens is faulty. This means that way more people could have the virus right now and we don't even know it. Coronavirus testing kits have not even been distributed to most hospitals in the US.

Delta's preventative measures: The airline has reduced flights between Seattle and Korea.

Meanwhile: Japan's prime minister has ordered all public schools to close for a month starting in March.

It's Pokemon Day! Today is the anniversary of when the original Pokemon games were released in 1996. This is big news for nostalgia gluttons or anyone who plays Pokemon Go. If you're in the latter camp, e-mail me so we can be friends on there.

There was a shooting at a Milwaukee brewery yesterday: Five people were killed in a shooting at Milwaukee's Molson Coors campus. The shooter, who also took his own life, was identified as a 51-year-old man who worked at the brewery. He had recently been fired, reports say.

The Church of Scientology is on California city's shitlist: After the church released hundreds of helium balloons into the air to celebrate the opening of a new church in Ventura. The Ventura mayor is mad because those balloons could harm the environment.

Wait, I love this: Here's Elizabeth Warren and Stephen Colbert playing a game where Warren has to guess the billionaire based on Colbert's descriptions.

Love Slog AM/PM?

Ah, a classic case of urinary auto-brewery syndrome: A 61-year-old woman needed a liver transplant. She was denied because she needed to "get her addictions under control first," according to a VICE article. The woman wasn't intoxicated but she had ethanol in her pee. She got tested at another hospital. They found that she was literally brewing beer in her bladder.

There are reports that there could be a senior dating show: An over-65 Bachelor spin-off could be in the works.

Today's best entertainment options are: John Cameron Mitchell's Origin of Love Tour, a show with jazz drummer Stanton Moore, and a reading with Mitchell S. Jackson. See more on our EverOut Things To Do calendar.