Slog AM: Bothell High School Closes Amid Virus Fears, Data Breach at Facial Recognition AI Company, Woman Brews Beer in Bladder



trump's Katrina's gonna thin the Herd
Neocons hope. Good thing we all have
Excellent Healthcare, eh?

And that we the peeps can
Afford to stay home when ill.

Yeah, right!


Maybe there's a reason people say some beer tastes like piss...


Bladder beer?
That's pisser!


"When the last time ANYONE said 'Put grampa in charge! '

A couple of days ago when The Stranger enforced Sanders for President.


Dow currently down another 600 points!
As the coronavirus spreads, and the resulting panic ensues, the GOP can take satisfaction in their tax cuts! Stable genius!


Kemper Freeman's grandfather was a racist. Who would've thought?


'doctor' Nelson -- Help US!
You're our only Hope!
VP Pence NEEDS you!
Do the Patriotic thing
and Cure America!
whilst there's Still Time.
Thank you, doc Nelson.


Jesus H. Christ, there are things y'all should try to cover. Finance. And Technology.

"Who has access to your face now? Who knows!!!! Clearview AI maintains this wasn't a hack."

You do! You know who has access to your face, because they stole and are leaking the entire CLIENT LIST.

I get that writers for the Stranger have no domain knowledge of technology (or finance), but sometimes it's like y'all "professional writers" just maintain a willful ignorance or what words mean.


I clicked the KING 5 link to read about the Neo-Nazi's, and the page had an ad for those cheesy face masks with graphics likes skulls and jokers that these clowns wear these days. Pretty hilarious.


Relax, the data breach was probably just a grocery chain that wants to give you a 2 for 1 deal on cheerios without the indignity of scanning a card at the checkout.


@10 But we don't know who stole it or how they will distribute it. That's the "who" we don't "know". Or at least that's how I read the sentence.


@10: Shut your mouth, watching the bloggers and commenters struggle to understand basic financial literacy is one of the best parts of this place. Mudede especially.


@9: When you respond to spam, you end up talking to nobody.

Stop projecting.


Two of those Neos are from around here, actually. Caleb Cole is from SnoCo, and split for Texas after the Seattle police seized his weapons stash.


@15 -- So, el Stranger won't let me tell you to Fuck Off.
I spose I'm okay with that.

But, once again--
Who appointed you Mommy?

My turn to tell you what to do:
kindly stop telling me what to do.


RomCom @11 and everyone who remarks with, "Hey it's funny what ad I saw!" doesn't know how the Internet works. (Hint: Tailored, interest-based advertising says more about you than anything.) These are the same folks who can't tell fake from news. There's one in every crowd.


"Atomwaffen". Yeah....Lol....okay, okay. The left is up to it's old tricks again, trying to Jussie Smollett-up some fake hate crimes. Too bad no one believes you anymore. :)

As far as "Donald Trump keeping us safe". Yup. Would feel much safer with the wall keeping criminals, sex traffickers, and people with unknown diseases entering, and causing a pandemic, than your dumbfuck plan of open-borders and letting everyone in. Will take the former, thank you! :) Coronavirus = another good argument for the wall and restricting our borders.


Japan's move to close public schools (except college) for a month confuses me. It looks like they're actually just moving their Spring break earlier so it's not all that crazy but from what we've seen children seem to be much less vulnerable to the virus. If they should close anything for public safety clearly it's churches and other venues where elderly gather.


20 how is it possible for every reactionary trumpist to collectively forget how airplanes work, it’s almost like there is a contagious brain disease that spreads through repeated exposure to fox news and am radio


21: Children can infect adults whether they get sick or not. It's not a consistent policy, given that workplaces are still open, but children are excellent carriers of disease


20: STFU fascist.


@Mr. Heel -- the Point of trumpfy's Wall
(Mexico's gonna PAY for it!) isn't to
keep peeps out -- it's to
keep US IN.




@19 GasparFagel... good point. But I can't imagine these KING 5 ads are all tailored to my browsing habits, unlike say, Instagram, where they clearly are.


Correction, Slog: per the Times article on Bellevue College altering the art installation, "Bellevue College identified Gayle Colston Barge, vice president of institutional advancement, as the person who removed the reference." Dr. Barge is an African American woman, so her act of trying to deny history while defacing art is particularly disappointing.


"Kemper Freeman's grandfather was a racist. Who would've thought?"

I think you'll find most grandparents & great-grandparents were racists. Still nice people.


Hoo boy, how about that stock market. It's amazing how years of saving up for retirement can vaporize in a week. Time to go cut taxes for the wealthy again I guess.


@13 Let's make this super simple for you. Let's say you give your mom your email password. Following? And then after someone is done pounding one out, they ask your mom for her name. Still with me? That does not mean they would now have your email password!

That's what happened here. Where "your mom" is 600+ law enforcement agencies. And your email password is an enormous dbase of photos and names.


@32: There are multiple types of authentication. What's your point?


That you do know who has access to your face and pictures in their database, and you know because these hackers stole their client list and they’re fucking telling you who has access to your face and pictures in the database!!!