Slog PM: Are You More Than Your Stocks? Is an Amazon Go Grocery Coming to the Central District?



Guess we’re about to find out who’s been maxing out their purchases of equities on margin.


I hope that Amazon opens one of their stores on the ground floor and basement of The Bon Marche. It's a perfect retail space, and a perfect statement of Macy's complete and utter incompetence.


Is Bernie gonna Inherit a Shitshow?

thnx 'pubs


@1 Original Andrew: Here's a stupid question (to me, anyway): Am I somewhat fortunate NOT to have anything invested in the stock market right now, as global markets seem to be so higgledy-piggledy?
I keep seeing Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche as Randolph and Mortimer Duke in Trading Places at the end of the film when they lose everything on the NASDAQ floor ("We don't have $394 million dollars in cash!"). I can still hear Randolph wailing, "Sell! Sell! Sell!" and Mortimer shrieking, "Turn those machines back on!"
And, of course, the scathingly perfect end credit music, the 1957 doo-wop classic: Get a Job by The Silhouettes.


One thing I hope I learn from Ei Sanders' piece tomorrow is whether PDC commissioners received a copy of Attorney General Ferguson's letter to commissioners concerning a referral of the Facebook case to Ferguson. The letter was provided by The Stranger:
Ferguson wrote to PDC commissioners on February 20 that his office was prepared to accept the referral. The letter struck me as an ex-parte, non-subtle nudge.


The NYT article states most COVID-19 cases are mild -
but coronavirus has a 2/100 mortality rate, and flu has (only) a 1/1000 mortality rate?
How is that minder than flu?


fb's "... not violating state law concerning political ads because it has said it doesn’t sell political ads."

OMG -- it's Perfect.
Catcha 22. Thru the fucking looking glass.
you can NOT trump that.

They'e TOO BIG TO FUCK WITH is all.
Fuck off, rabble, they say. You are NOTHING.
And they Laugh, pocketing all those Billions to
have, and to horde. And to Rule US with. Corps
are Peeps, friendo. Soulless, but who hasn't sold the odd soul?


@7 kristofarian: But even the greediest of wasteful billionaires can't eat money if there are no farms, farmers, or healthy non-GMO / sustainable / minimally processed food supplies.


In 2016, FiveThirtyEight said Hillary was going to win. Tell me why I should give a fuck what they say in 2020?


Kochs got mines, auntie Gee.
Think fallout shelters, halfway to Mordor
with more than a few cave Trolls to keep the Peace
and lots of hydroponics, an excellent power source and tons of Breeding Stock.

"There will be no Mine Shaft Gap!" And why should there be? We paid for it. Where'd ya think that 60 or 90 Billions we give 'em every year went to? Investment in Solar? Don't be Silly. They get the mines, we get the shaft.


Red Apple was a shit hole.


@9 -- the Wronger you are, the higher your Credibility.
Mine's Soaring. You sure have a red tongue. Did you inherit it?

@10 -- I call that a Tie.


Last i heard, she did win. The popular vote, that is. The fact that it doesn't count for shit is a different matter.


@2 +1


@10 kristofarian: Even the greedy, evil and corrupt can get trapped in a mine, kris. If the Earth blows up, the Kochs and their sock puppets will go, too. And David Koch died last August. One down, another one to go.


The NY Times and its oligarchy pimping sycophants having a meltdown?

That can only be good news for 99% of the rest of us.


I hope it falls even more. The cheaper it is to invest, the more money I make in the long run.

I hope they bottom out interest rates again so I can refinance my house.


@16 I'm with you there. Futures are indicating another drop today so you may get your wish.


Some levity:

STATE OF THE UNION 2020 — A Bad Lip Reading


@9: They didn't say she "was going to win", they said odds were great that she would win. Are you really that ignorant about probabilities? I bet Vegas loves you.


Those of you participating in Super Tuesday may want to consider that joe and mike may attempt to cut our social welfare programs to combat our burgeoning debt, which might be all we have left once republicans are done with our economy.


I propose "Under the Symphony" Station. USS. Please submit this to the ST board for approval.


FB should be banned for a full year from operating in Washington State.

With zero exceptions.

Now, that, they might notice ...


@6 I think that the mortality rate has more to do with pneumonia. The flu feels terrible for everyone, but the coronavirus isn't as bad unless you have a weakened immune system and get pneumonia.


“In 2016, FiveThirtyEight said Hillary was going to win. Tell me why I should give a fuck what they say in 2020?”

That’s not a fair statement. EVERYONE favored Clinton. And your memory is faulty.

First; Compared to other pollsters and forecasters state by state 538 was remarkably accurate.

Second; 538 gave Trump a better chance than almost every other mainstream outlet. They gave Trump a better chance than all the betting markets. In fact 538 got nothing but shit for giving Trump a better forecast. Why does everyone forget this?

Third; They use an aggregate of other polls. They don’t conduct polls themselves. They make forecasts based on the data they are given.

Fourth; We know know that Trumps OWN campaign only gave him a 30% chance of winning.

Fifth; Late deciding voters broke for Trump because of that pile of shit Comey and there were not enough polls running after that which got to late deciders to get their data.


“I hope it falls even more.”

God. It’s so clear the idiots in here have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s embarrassing. Keep telling yourself these stupid lies.

Two weeks ago the same fucking idiots were certain the coronavirus was nothing.

And now these same fucking assholes are beaming about what an investment opportunity it will all be? People are dying. Economies may burn down.

But, durrrrr “Im gonna invest... durrrrr...”

No your not.

If the market keeps crashing due to an expanding pandemic you won’t be able to buy shit. This isn’t JUST a recession. It’s a pandemic under an incompetent administration and Donald fucking Trump.

If the pandemic gets much worse — and it might get very bad — what are you going to buy all these great stocks with? You don’t have any money. Quit the bullshit. You have a shitty disposable job.

So. Buy? Buy with what? Margin? There won’t be margin buys. And the likelihood of you being laid off is high if this gets bad. You don’t do anything anyone needs. If you did you couldn’t be on here posting twenty times a day almost every day.

As far as interest rates? You’re not refi’ing when nobody is going make money on your new loan.

Do you think that loans are just given away during a stock market crash? Have you ever read a single book on economics or even paid attention during a recession?

The yield on 10-year United States Treasury bonds fell to a record low of 1.16%. There’s not much flex left.

You’re not refi’ing. Because nobody is going to loan you shit unless you already have substantial assets that are recession proof. And inflated housing in Seattle ain’t that.

Your best bet is clear out your debt. Not try and incur more. Unless it’s a line of credit not secured to your home or something. Or. The opposite if it looks real bad and you have no cash reserves. Just get cash advances and default.

A recession caused by a pandemic is not a buying opportunity for anyone not already in a solid bulletproof position. But c’mon. Teddy. You don’t even own a home. C’mon.

Why you’d seriously think a pandemic would be an opportunity for you or want us to think that just shows how god damned sad you are. Really. Not just the ethics of hoping more people die. But just the sadness you want everyone to think how awesome it all is for you. I don’t understand it.


Not that anyone cares but I think that the Dukes lost their money at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.


@26 -- I don't think so. They were trading commodities -- not stock -- so you would think they would be in Chicago. But they trade commodities in many places, including New York, where I think that scene took place. They did travel, but that was to Philadelphia, where the stole the report on orange juice, and encountered the gorilla. (It's all on Wikipedia).


@6 "The NYT article states most COVID-19 cases are mild - but coronavirus has a 2/100 mortality rate, and flu has (only) a 1/1000 mortality rate?
How is that milder than flu?"

First of all, there is no such as "the flu". The flu varies. The Spanish Flu killed somewhere between 3 to 5% of the world's population. Most influenza viruses are not that bad. Ebola scares the fuck out of people because it has about a 90% mortality rate (and it is a horrible way to die). This disease isn't likely to be as bad as either, in that it won't kill most of the people who experience it. But the mortality rate is still relatively high, and it may spread rapidly.

You can read all about the various diseases on Wikipedia. This is an interesting, well written article that came out a couple years ago that is also worth reading (in my opinion) as it gives a very interesting "behind the scenes" look at the people fighting these sorts of things.


[Warren] told little girls, 'We persist.'" Let's persist until we hand Joe Biden the nomination, apparently.

What the fuck? How the hell is Warren staying in the race handing the nomination to Biden? All it means is that she will stay until the end, even if it looks like she will lose.

This is no different than Sanders, who was clearly behind, and had clearly lost a majority (not just a plurality) of votes to Clinton, but kept on fighting. If Comey had dropped the email news a few months earlier, the strategy would have worked, and people would have pivoted to him. Warren is smart to keep fighting, just because you never know what is going to happen.

As for a brokered convention, why should someone win just because they got a plurality? That is obviously undemocratic. You should have second choice voting, which is exactly what the delegate system is. If a majority of the voters don't like Sanders, then they should be able to settle on a candidate, even if they didn't know who that candidate was back in February. As for Sherrod Brown -- he is an outstanding candidate -- a badass progressive who I would have no hesitation supporting (unlike Bloomberg, Buttigieg and Biden who all seem very flawed). Just to be clear, I would probably support a used diaper over Donald Trump, but I wouldn't be excited about it. I could get excited over electing Sherrod Brown.

We live in unusual times. Trump is the first person elected president without ever serving major elective or appointive offices, or periods of military service. Yet he is so bat shit crazy that people ignore the fact that is also unqualified. We have had several people run whose claim to fame is simply that they have money, or are small town mayors. Whose to say a brokered convention is actually bad. It might be good, as it gives people something to talk about, and it means that whoever is nominated will likely give a speech that people hear.


@26 CPN & @27 Ross (thank you for further clarification re the Trading Places film locations)
I was pretty sure they were mainly in Philadelphia and later travelled to New York City / Wall Street. Clarence Beeks, the Dukes' hired orange juice informant, was portrayed by Paul Gleason, who later went on to be the equally asinine school disciplinarian Richard Vernon in The Breakfast Club. Judd Nelson's line, "Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?" is a classic. At least Gleason didn't have to wear a gorilla suit at Shermer High School. And that was in Chicago.
@29 Ross: I'm sure supporting Elizabeth Warren. She's the best, most qualified candidate the Democrats have.


@19, you're splitting hairs.

In a world where 95% confidence is considered good enough for drawing conclusions, I stand by my characterization of FiveThirtyEight. Does that reference tell you anything about my potential ignorance of statistical methodology?


@31 it doesn’t tell me anything. Beyond that you desired 538 to be something it was never intended to be.