You also be willing to do the paperwork so don't expect the bums and junkies to be lining up to get the cards.


"King County just took a big step towards the progressive goal of providing free mass transit in Seattle..."
Oh, you mean like the Free Ride Zone? The Seattle-funded program the benefited all Seattlites who spent time downtown... until it was shut down in 2012 due to the cost?


We need to force all CEOs and top 10 execs to use transit.

This will solve all the problems.

And replace all street parking lanes on arterials with bike and e-scooter lanes, separated from traffic by actual barriers. I'm thinking spiked poles ...



Not to venture into an idiotic semantic debate, but pretty sure use of the preposition "to" there renders it a valid statement, since it's free for the people receiving them.

Also, that income threshold seems ridiculously low. I work for the Oregon state Medicaid program. Our healthplans are completely free to qualifying members with no out-of-pocket expenses (deductibles, co-pays, etc) for covered medical services. The total cost of our program has got to be several times that of those Orca cards, but folks can make up to, I think roughly $17K/year and still qualify with us.


@5 Wrong. We need to replace all the bike and e-scooter lanes with parking spaces for cars.


Make the buses free. But have some actual rules of conduct and enforce them (for example, no peeing in your seat and no drinking/baking on board).


@5 yes and everyone can show up to work soaking wet. Imagine riding a bike in a suit and tie. Yes that makes sense. What other practical ideas so you have?


"some actual rules of conduct "

But what happens when those rules "disproportionately affect people of color"? You know, like arrests for murder. And assault. And possession of illegal guns.


An average tech worker salary is misleading due to the extreme end of exec pay. (Your link explained this clearly.)

A better and more accurate representation is the median salary, much lower pay.

BUT if you want to stir the rabble, keep the average salary and knock out anything below $100K. That’ll give xtra meat to gnaw on.


Yes, $2,000,000,000 for Bezos and $120,000 for the others.

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