All systems gone to hell.
All systems gone to hell. Dais Records

Pod Blotz, "Industrialized Living Effects" (Dais Records)

Pod Blotz's new album for Dais Records, Transdimensional System, captures the dread of living in a dystopia in which Mike "smoking doesn't cause cancer/HIV outbreak bumbler" Pence is heading the U.S. coronavirus-containment team. With this, cold comfort is the most apropos response. And Pod Blotz (aka L.A. producer/visual artist Suzy Poling) is a master of manifesting unsettling moods that haven't been worn out in hundreds of horror films and sci-fi flicks—or on the records of thousands of other contemporary electronic artists.

"Industrialized Living Effects" evokes the mounting menace of some systemic catastrophe bubbling under the ground... or your skin. The skittering synth blips and distant, distressed drones sound like Throbbing Gristle circa "Hamburger Lady" renovating the score for The Andromeda Strain—a movie that carries relevance nearly 50 years later. As we prepare for daily life in hazmat suits, "Industrialized Living Effects" acts as this nightmare scenario's ideal score. If we're all fucked, we might as well go down listening to gripping music such as Poling's. Check out the track after the jump.

Pod Blotz performs tonight at Kame Hou$e with Bloom Offering, DJ Opalescent, and Fake Trade.