Im not saying this could happen but Booty-Judge Judy with Pete Buttigieg could happen.
I'm not saying this could happen, but Booty-Judge Judy with Pete Buttigieg could happen.

Coronavirus hits King County: Were you stuck in long panic-shopping lines at Costco this weekend? Did your out-of-state mom text you one million times in worry? Two people have now died of coronavirus in the United States. Both were in King County. There are 10 confirmed cases in the county. Researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and University of Washington believe that the virus may have been around for weeks in the area and hundreds of cases remain undiagnosed. That probably accounts for the long Costco lines and the panic texts. There are 17 cases statewide.

More on those deaths and new cases: The people who died were both men, one in his 50s and one in his 70s. In King County, the seven new cases all involve elderly people with previous underlying medical issues. Four of those are residents of Life Center, a nursing facility in Kirkland. Fifty people are being tested at Life Center for a possible outbreak of the virus there.

Six schools in Western Washington are closed: For deep cleaning on Monday "out of an abundance of caution" regarding the coronavirus. You can check which schools are closed here.

How is the area dealing? Well, most of the posts on the Seattle subreddit are of barren grocery-store shelves. The hot commodities? Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soup, etc.

Okay, okay, we are more than just the epicenter of the US coronavirus outbreak: Seattle has more news going on. Like, look, here's an article by the Seattle Time's Gene Balk about whether tech workers are really making $279,000 a year. He does a quick fact-check and figures out that the real salary number is more like $130,000 a year.

And look, we have weather: Wet weather.

Pete Buttigieg bows out: Mayor Pete is no more. The former South Bend, Indiana, mayor made the choice after Joe Biden saw renewed momentum following a South Carolina primary win. Buttigieg won the hearts of many moderates, but not many nonwhite moderates. It seemed unlikely he would pull ahead of Biden in the coming contests. Buttigieg was the first openly gay person to run for president.

New report exposes Chinese treatment of Uighur and other ethnic minority citizens: People have been moved across the country to work in factories. It seems like this is forced labor mixed with reeducation camps where the citizens learn Mandarin and other "ideological training" and are forbidden from practicing their religion. The factories they work at? There are 83 name-brand companies, including "Apple, BMW, Gap, Huawei, Nike, Samsung, Sony, and Volkswagen." More here.

A second of peace: Take a deep breath. Watch this wombat munch on some grass. Breathe out. Everything is okay. (Everything is hell).

Judge Judy is ending: After 25 seasons, the courtroom show will end in the 2020-21 season. But host Judy Sheindlin, who earns $47 million a year, says she's working on a new show called Judy Justice. Maybe Buttigieg could make Booty-Judge Judy a thing now that he's no longer running for president???

Ha: "This Land Is Your Land" is still private property, court rules.

Argentina plans to legalize abortion: President Alberto Fernández is planning on submitting a bill to congress in the next 10 days that would make Argentina the first major Latin American country to legalize abortion. Currently, in Latin America, abortion is legal only in Cuba and Uruguay.

Coronavirus internationally: New infections have slowed in China. They have reported only 202 new cases, which is the lowest amount since January. In South Korea, cases number 8,000. Britain has 36 cases. Italy has more than 1,500 cases and is the epicenter of the European Union's spread of the virus. The United States has 88 cases. There are more than 3,000 deaths from the virus globally.

That's the wrong take, my man: Republican congressman Ted Yoho from Florida came out against the US's new ban on lynching. He said it violates states' rights.

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