No Hand Sanitizer? No Problem!



Washing your hands is much better than using sanitizer. Sanitizer is better than simply rubbing your hands together very fast (creating friction that kills most germs) but not a lot better. It also makes sense to open and close doors carefully. Use a pinkie to pull open a door, and the back of your hand to push it. Likewise, when you are done washing your hands, turn off the faucet with the back of your hand if you can. Do things with your feet as well (if you can).


You can cook germs by rubbing
your hands together hard and fast?
Who knew?!

I don't think it's gonna work for me
I couldn't even get mine to smolder.


So thaaaaat's why my penis keeps bursting into flames. Who knew?


Once again you promote the use of a substance that has a possible danger to testosterone levels. Last time it was using flax seed oil to create lube, now both Lavender and tea tree oils.

McGill University study.

This points to another misconception:
Essential oils are not essential but they are "essence oils" which is a big difference in definition. An oil that has the essence of a plant in it is just that but it does not make it "essential", as in definitely needed for health.
There are things essential to life like air, water, vitamins and minerals..... but these "essential oils" are not. Without them we are perfectly fine. But using some of them can be dangerous, so they are not essential. That term is misleading and might benefit an industry profiting from them but in many cases their false "suggestion" of being essential can be harmful.
We have become too familiar and trusting with the term "essential oils" like it is good for us but many of these oils are just good old Snake Oil. This term has been around for a long time and like many old concepts and ideas has been reinvented in the confusion and mess of hyper influencing online (advertising) they ends up with a new life under a new title. So I guess what I am saying is: Essential Oil = Snake Oil. You can use Lavender oil and tea tree oil but do you know what it is doing to your hormone levels? Is it proven are studies conclusive? Maybe not, so I guess you can still go buy this Goop!


@3 HA!


you know what @ 4/5? almost all the plastic in your life is a hormone disruptor.. including the keyboard you're typing on.. so maybe give that a rest and save your T. In my opinion the world could improve if we cut down on our testosterone.


On the other hand, if you're young, going to raves is still ok, but hydrate.


@1 a paper towel is fine too, if you don't have normal gloves (spring/summer/dress, wool or cotton is best)


Geez, now they wanna take lavender oil. It’s good to reduce head aches. And smells great.
Pretty sure many things disrupt hormones. I don’t think anyone is fooled that these oils are essential for life.


@6 ya well if it is a medical problem and you are loosing it and it is injuring you you think of these things and yes including plastic. But if you want to accept being poisoned go ahead

Testosterone, we all have it.

@9 Some people think the earth is flat so ya some people are fooled by shit.


Katie, the proportions in this recipe don't work well. Trying for more gel and less alcohol (the aloe is simply the carrier and the alcohol does the disinfection). And YES, soap and water handwashing should be the priority and germs can be our friends outside of a pandemic. But have you been in a public school recently?! Soap is in short supply, as is time. If this is a quick fix in trying times, then so be it.