Two separate things:

The risk for getting the 2019-nCvD virus is higher, because they were not testing. The only tests they were doing were just heat signature at airports. BC has tested more people than the entire US has.

Second, if you're under 60, stop worrying. The fatality rate is very very very low. Including for kids or babies. If you are 70 or over, it's a big concern - rate of 7.6% for 70-79, 14.9% for 80+

AND STOP BUYING MASKS - actual medical facilities need them for actual people who are actually infected. They won't protect you, they're only for after you're sick (or work in a high contamination area).

Wash your hands with soap and water. That works. If you want to wear gloves, just use normal dress or driving or winter/spring gloves. Stop touching your face with your hands (you'll find this is almost impossible to do, don't freak out, but gloves do help, and if you do, use the back of the hand, as you grasp with your palm and fingers).


And buy toilet paper, in case you're shitting yourself.


You guys ever go out and get Coronavirus and survive just to dunk on Boomers?


If there are 6 deaths there are likely 1,200 symptomatic cases in the county. For 80% of cases it's just a cold. As in the common cold is a coronavirus.

That's why they emphasize NOVEL-coronavirus.



Y2k was a great example of preparedness preventing a disaster.


@1 -- In general that is good advice, but I think you are being a bit cavalier with regards to the risk to younger people. The rate of death goes up really high for older people, but the risk is not what I would consider "very, very, very" low for everyone else. In your fifties, it is 1.3%. In your teens, it is 0.2%. That is way higher than your risk of dying from guns or motor vehicles (which are pretty high in this country, especially for young people).

For those with existing health conditions, it gets much worse: Cardiovascular disease: 10.5%, Diabetes 7.3%, Hypertension 6%. We have a lot of people in America with those conditions, including plenty of young people.

You are right -- this is not the same as Ebola, the Spanish Flu, or AIDS. The fatality rate won't be nearly as high. But it is still pretty damn high, and plenty of people under 60 will die from it if they get it. Source:


I should add that at this stage, none of the data is very concrete. Folks are still trying to get their handle on the facts surrounding this thing.


Not to make light of anything, but often people in nursing homes are on death's door anyway. Once you go into a nursing home, you're usually there till you die, and it's such a miserable place to be, when death comes it is a relief.






I'm 58 and in good health, so I probably don't need to get all panicked about the virus, but really, if it take me out and a generation or two on the other side of 60, and clears space so the kids who are about to inherit the toxic dump we've (speaking for my generation and the the ones before it) turned this planet into, well then, good riddance to all of us.


@13 says the guy who doesn't have school aged kids who'd be totally devastated to lose their dad and/or mom


And the idea that this is just old people in Kirkland.

NOPE. About the same amount of care-givers. And who are those care givers at nursing homes?

Various, but lots of immigrant moms with kids at home. And who are the best transmitters of disease?

Kids! Kids kick ass at being grubby sick little unhygienic fuckers. And where do these kids go to school?

All over the fucking place! People drive good distances to get to work. And so what's COVID 19 going to do in the Puget Sound?

Rampage! It's already done, can't be stopped, and just waiting a few days to totally blow up.


Just call it the Trump virus. It's easier.


@13 More proof that environmentalist radicals are simply misanthropes with daddy issues.


@14 No Shit.


You'll note it's all the leftists here who are happy about this out breakout, hoping it spreads, see old people dying as a good for the environment and riddle their comments with political smugness.


I just like that we changed the rules so the presidents kid can say shit like "Democrats are prepping their pansexual Hispanic stormtroopers south of the border to give your granny Carona by any means necessary".
Maybe Rod Blagojavich can solve this since he is the greatest human that ever lived?


Sacrifice Sawant to appease the Corona gods. This is her moment to shine for us all.


@1 -- Just to put things in perspective, assume that the stats are correct, and that 0.2 percent of people between 20 and 40 die after getting the disease. There are 80 million Americans within that age group. Now assume that half get the disease. That works out to 80,000 dead Americans in just that age group. Vietnam killed 60,000 Americans (every war since then a lot less). About 40,000 people a year die from guns (mostly suicide). About 40,000 a year die from car accidents. Those numbers are for the population at large, but are more common among young people. It is quite possible that this disease will very quickly become the leading cause of death for those under 40.

Keep in mind, every other age group has a higher rate of death from this disease. The numbers doubles (to 0.4%) if you are in your forties, then goes up to 3.6% in your fifties.

Again, this assumes the stats are correct. At this stage, it is very difficult to determine what the actual death rate is or how likely it is that you will get infected. We shouldn't panic, but we shouldn't assume that it only kills one class or demographic. This is a major threat, and should be treated that way.


Ross smashes nonsense!


No one does... There were no survivors.


@6 is correct. @7 is also correct, but the thing is if you're not old you really have a very low risk, so stop freaking out. You're more likely to be run over crossing the street.
@26 has a very nice summary.

But ... seriously, stop freaking out. Start washing your hands with soap and water. There's a video at the CDC and at King County Health on how to wash your hands correctly. Do that.


In a couple weeks all the kids at udub are going to go on spring break


@28: Gee, I guess you'd better reserve your permanent parking space on I-5 and I-90. Wash your hands already.

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