A most welcome $3.6 million project.
A most welcome $3.6 million project. Volunteer Park Trust

The Volunteer Park Trust plans to start construction on the Capitol Hill park's amphitheater in August, with a goal of opening the performance space in spring of 2021. This is great news, as that area has been an under-utilized asset for live music. In the '00s and 2010s, Decibel Festival and the Vibrations fest were two examples of how wonderful its verdant expanses are for experiencing live music. It would be nice to see more such performances happen there.

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Administrative Services Manager Jeff Rinedahl outlined what to expect from the amphitheater in an email. "All the same events that occur there now will continue. These include concerts featuring all genres of music from Seattle Chamber Music to SAAM's to the Seattle Peace Concert; theater performances including Shakespeare in the Park; spoken word; and community gatherings/celebrations such as Volunteer Park Trust's Summer Picnic, the Seattle Pride Festival, and the Eritrean Independence Day celebrations. In addition to these, the new amphitheater will have a resilient floor that will allow for outdoor dance performances. This will be one of the few public outdoor stages in the country to do so."

Asked about the possibility of holding events in the vein of Decibel and Vibrations, Kyle Griggs, manager of event scheduling, said: "The only event as of now that we have planned, which we will not know the date until much closer to completion, is a grand opening of the space. I am hopeful that the acoustics of the new amphitheater are improved and there will be fewer effects on the surrounding neighborhood."

Volunteer Park Trust has raised more than 98 percent of the necessary funds for this $3.6 million project; if you wish to donate to the Volunteer Park Amphitheater Project, you can do so here. If you're interested in throwing an event at Volunteer Park, consult the permit guidelines here.

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