What is wrong with people? The biggest threat to the U.S. as always is the U.S., especially Donald Trump and his minions of idiocy. Eating Chinese food in America will not expose you to COVID-19. Get a grip people. Seriously. GET A GRIP.


OMG never heard of Green Leaf - thanks for the tip! Will go there for lunch today. Menu looks AMAZING. I usually bring my own lunch and never stay downtown after 5 pm. What a treat. Thanks, morons and bigots, for making room for the rest of us!


@1 You realize it's fellow Asians who are mainly the folks not going?


Seattle’s Asian population is only 15%. And this is a trend all over the nation.

So. No. It’s not just “Asians” not going to Asian restaurants.

Although, yes, sadly you racist trolls don’t have monopolies on ignorance and stupidity, much as you make it seem you do.

And with President Fuckwit in charge; tossing out conspiracy theories, appointing young earth creationists to pandemic crisis management, and telling people flu vaccines will prevent NOVID19, whose to blame them.


Across China, the restaurant and hospitality business suffered similarly from lack of customers. It’s not just areas where there are curfews and strict quarantine in place, but big metro areas outside the affected regions.

People are traveling less, avoiding public transit, and crowds to lessen exposure.

People are afraid (and online folks can troll them for it) and even if symptoms are no worse than the flu for most healthy and younger population, people don’t want to get sick, lose wage, pay for healthcare and be quarantined or become a human vector of the virus.

Most racists aren’t going to frequent these places to begin with. It’s the regular customers and tourists who are staying away.


@3 NO it isn't, but nice try. These people are the same kind of people who won't drink a Corona beer or believe Donald Dumps in pants that it's all a hoax. White Americans are the problem here. They are stupid as fuck and their stupidity is spreading faster than the virus. Who exactly died in King County? It wasn't Asians and it wasn't Asian Americans who had traveled that spread the virus. It was at risk white people and it spread as it did and they died like they did because they were all considered high risk (and yet not one of them got it because they were exposed to anyone who had traveled). In fact, the reason there has been such a slow response to this, in addition to Donnie Dumb Ass, is that people thought if they had not traveled to China or been near anyone who had they were safe and could not get it. More American exceptionalism! Proving how exceptionally stupid we are every fucking day. Donnie Dumps in his pants insisting no one knew people could die from the flu and his cult followers believing the COVID-19 virus does not exist are just the tip of the iceberg of this country's stupidity.


@5 the point is NOW, here, early on in the first stages of a US epidemic people are specifically and disproportionately (although not super significantly yet) not going to Chinese restaurants. And anti-Asian hate crimes and hate speech have spiked. So. Yes. There is an element of racist bullshit here. Time will tell.


@6 Remember when the MAGA trolls kept saying Trump was president, and despite his constant fuck ups, nothing bad happened. To them, they meant.

They also thought that a crisis was an abstract. And only happened to other people.

When, in fact, there is always a crisis. Always. And good governance has shielded them from most of them. So they really didn’t appreciate it. So naturally they assumed you don’t need good governance or government at all.

Now we will see. We will see just how bad or good Trump can be. If there are adults left in that cesspool of an administration. Hopefully there are enough.

But no matter what it will be blamed on liberals and egg heads, of course. Because that is all they have.


This is terrible and awful at the same time. Loss of business, but at the same time shorter lines. *Grabs coat


I don't agree with you a lot, Rich Smith, but I agree about this. Show some love! Buy some pot stickers and crispy duck! Your tummy will be glad you did.


Good article. Thanks Rich!


@2 Green Leaf serves great food. Do go. Bring a friend (or 2) and try their 7-beef-courses for 2, it's 7 dishes of beef for around $35, a lot of food (usually feeds 3 of us) and really good, my favorite is the fondue and the Bò lá lốt.ò_7_món

There are only a couple of restaurants in the NW that serves the 7-beef, and the other one costs more, gives less food, less authentic, and also not very good. All of Green Leaf other dishes that we have tried are great too. My parents spent many years with UNESCO in S.E. and Pacific Asian countries so we eat a lot of Vietnamese and Cambodian and Thai food still. Green Leaf, Rainier BBQ and Moonlight are the ones we like best in Seattle for Vietnamese.

Please do try to support these businesses everyone, many of the smaller ones are immigrants-owned and very shoe-string. They could all lose their businesses over this.

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