This will give the Tr666p/GOPnazis another chance to “own the libs” before we all croak, since they believe in their shithole brains that SIHANSE IS 4 FAGETS.


Don't worry y'all, Pence is praying about it.


Do not throw the CDC under the bus here.

This is the Trump’s administration anti-science bigotry all the way through. They fired or silenced any scientists or medical professionals that dare contradict their propaganda from day one. Trump is the one who fired the pandemic crisis response team from the NSC in 2018. Because they used big sciency words and made him feel stupid. And he never re-filled those positions.

Trump made know-nothing Pray The Virus Away Mike Pence, the young earth creationist, in charge of the pandemic, not an epidemiologist or doctor or emergency planner (Did you SEE that press conference? It was an embarrassing cluster fuck of nobody knowing what was going on ). Then he put gag orders on the fucking CDC!

He did this so he could blame somebody if it went to shit. He put his POLITICS ahead of the health and safety of America.

(NTM Fucking bringing infected people OUT of quarantine to America and then just losing track of them?)

Crippling this nations ability to receive adequate healthcare by killing the ACA so now millions can’t afford the $1000-$3000 test. Or won’t go to the doctor or stay home if they are sick?

No. It’s this twisted Administration’s lack of foresight, compassion, and scientific knowledge that made this pandemic get worse.

The buck stops there.


I'm glad Patty has found something of interest of her to comment on.


Wait... Patty can speak???


@5 wait a minute. What about “closing the borders!” One Ebola case and you screamed and screamed for Obama to close the borders.

How come you ain’t squealing about this time, dude? Why is that? Could you have over reacted last time? You know. For political reasons and racial reasons. Why you so quiet about this recession inducing pandemic when there is a white racist Republican in charge?

92,000 cases and counting. Over 100 in the US. In the very city you live!

But this time you’re super quiet. Are you capable of admitting you were wrong last time? Or. Maybe you’re just a trolling pile of shit.


"Are you capable of admitting you were wrong last time?
Or. Maybe you’re just a trolling pile of shit." --thePerfessor

Boy oh boy, when ya put it like that, who couldn't say 'no'?


One wonders if #6 even realizes what they are angrily smashing their hands on the keyboard about anymore, or who they believe they are talking to.


I have looooong been of the opinion that all of our urban systems have gotten so complex (ALL of them) that one crisis is all it takes to create potential chaos or at the very least incredible strain on these sytems. This has NOTHING to do with political affiliation and everything to do with the nature of complex systems. Unscientific beliefs cross political lines.


“but when evolution sends a virus”

“Evolution?” which your political party officially doesn’t believe in? Which you VP doesn’t believe in? Which the official platform of your party is teaching creationism?

Oh. And evolution doesn’t “send” anything. Once again confusing religious doctrine with science.


Deep Breathes.
And Out.

Your gut is right.
You are so screwed.

But try to take it like a man for chrisake....


This what you do. All day? Every day?



"Deep Breathes. "

@13 No Doubt.

Poor ProfessorHysterical is calling for summary executions on another virus thread.


While we're at it, we need a global cure for MAGAvirus.


It's eight now, and it's time to admit the Trump Regime is incompetent.

Dow down another 800 today.

Nobody believes the Liar-in-Chief anymore.

Time to fire him.


This would be a perfect time for our ghost-senators to step up and use their microphones to get something done re:public health and emergency preparedness and challenge the lies of Trumpdom. The world's attention is on WA state for a couple more days at least.


Its absolutely no surprise WA is getting slammed. Its an anti-vax, anti-science liberal hell hole.
This is exactly what you get when you allow these folks to run your state services.



Can we blame Trump for his lack of planning, preparation, and leadership on this issue? Can we blame him for mismanaging government offices, staff, and/or funds that could've been used to help with this? Maybe he shouldn't have been out there calling the virus a hoax, and instead could've been preparing to combat the spread of the virus.


@21 Bluebabies: Washington State legislature recently passed a new anti-vax ban law. Anyone refusing to get proper vaccinations for themselves and their children cannot do so, claiming "for religious reasons" anymore. For those with diagnosed vaccine allergies, however, it may be another story.


I'm always in favor of tight border controls. Pathogene or no pathogene. If it would make you feel more comfortable to "close the borders" I'd be good with that.

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