The left of the left will gnash teeth and bitterly recriminate, but the fact is that more American Democrats are choosing Biden to be their nominee than Bernie. That's how democracy works.


@1: So, 2016 all over again then?


at uno -- take 24, or so, and get back to us?
Lotta delegates up for grabs....

To watch NON-CORPORATE Dem Primary live updates, commentary:


@1: Don't you have remedial 7th grade Math homework to catch up on? Run along, little MAGA.
@2 oroginal cinner: i sure hope not.
Nope. I'm still voting for Elizabeth Warren. Hopefully Democrats are wise in giving her the DNC Presidential nomination.


A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for Donald Trump.


@4 -- I voted for Warren as well. I think it helps that the crowd has shrunk. She does well in debates, and I think there are still lots of things that voters don't know about her. Unfortunately, she still hasn't won any races. Things could change, but everything is so front loaded (with so many delegates awarded tonight) it will be practically impossible for her to win outright. But I could easily see her winning a contested convention, or at the very least be someone with some power during it.


Reminder: The surest way to get rid of Trump, mathematically speaking, is for everyone who wants him gone voting for the Democratic nominee. Shouldn't need to remind folks but in crazy times like this it can't hurt.

That said, I do believe Bernie's and Bloomberg's chances are the slimmest of the candidates. Bernie's too far left and middle America won't support him and Bloomberg has too many issues in his past and almost no charisma. Still, if one of them is the nominee, I'll vote for him because that's how the math works.


Looks like we chust might have us A Race...

Gotta say it -- Congrats Uncle Joe!
Bernie's still my Guy, but you came back,
like Jesus. Well done!

Oh, and try not to over-do it on the campaign trail.
Bernie's ancient, but still a pretty hard guy to keep up with.


Not to worry, kris. Bernie will be in the lead by this time tomorrow.


I know I'm going Big D no matter what.


@10: That's whoever wins the DEMOCRATIC nomination, not Trumpty Dumpty.
Choke on it, MAGAs.


It's a whole new ballgame.
Classic (excellent) manuevering on behalf of the 'd'nc.
They played it perfectly.

Will it stick?
Stay fawking tuned.

Btw -- Still Excellent (non-corporate) commentary at:


Yeah, you've got him all wrong, auntie. He isn't even an American, let alone a Republican.


(@14 -- is that a Russian accent I'm detecting?)

Say, @13, you're new here -- how's the Pay?


@13:....and yet you keep logging in by another name. Is life in your mother's basement that boring?
@14: Are you and @13 siblings?
@15 kristofarian: I was going to suggest that Tweedledee @13 and @14 Tweedledum get a room, but it's possible that they're already in the same one.


People are right, if China were still socialist the virus would never have spread. Why? Because they’d still be living in poverty, barely able to take a bus to the next big city. Capitalism allows Chinese to travel the world now and people from around the world to travel there.

So yeah, socialism. Yeah, poverty for all.


Yeah, KK, just lookit poor Scanddahoovia.
All that dang social democracy's just about
Devastated them. Poor souls...

And then the CHENEY/bush team -- your boys? -- lit off a real Powderkeg in the Middle East and flooded the Market with refugees. So, there's that.


Trump's depraved indifference to human life and his obsession with money and his squatting in the White House (and destroying everything ever put in place by President Obama) has put Americans at serious risk. If he wasn't such a hate filled dumb fuck, COVID-19 would not be the threat to this country that it is right now.

Cult-Like Ignorance is Death: Trump and the Coronavirus


So, y'alls didn't mention --
how's the Pay?

Have you thought about what you'll do, post-Election?
There's gotta be Mayhem, needs stirring up, somewhere
just about always, I'd wager. Are you guys like, itinerant?
'Have laptop, will travel'?


Trump is his own virus.

Trump said no one knew so many people died from the flu every year (yes the did, HE didn't).
Trump said the death rate is low compared to the flu (no it isn't - 6% of those who have gotten COVID-19 are dead, while the flu typically kills less than and/or up to 1% of those who get it).


xina and kristofarian: I know, right?


@16 if by my mother's basement you mean a 2 million dollar house paid of by decades of working my ass off in a job serving the public good, then yes, I'm broadcasting from my mother's basement.

While you I'm sure have essentially done jack shit for anyone else, and have jack shit to show for it.


And @16, since you've decided to drag my mom into it, I'm sure your folks are old enough to be dead by now. But given that you are most certainly an excuse making, bitter, dried up, not really employed, pointing fingers at everyone else, squandered great privilege, old before her time, total fucking pathetic loser whiny white lady, your dad must be looking up from hell so disappointed in you that he can't even feel the torture.


A funny thing happened on the way to the revolution. Bernie Sanders was crushed.


Good news for a change: Wall Street jumps 700 points on Biden's wins. His delegate lead is increasingly insurmountable.


Looking forward to the never ending adventures of hunter biden and crazy grandpa joe, from the same people who gave us the 2016 smash crooked hillary and the great email caper. I see no cause for concern at all. Oh hey look the stock market did some things. So reassuring.


We know, losing is hard.


I’m happy to vote for whomever (well, except bloomberg) and who knows, maybe this will be the first election in my lifetime where voters are looking to regress to a past they decisively rejected 4 years ago. These are wild times and anything is possible, it’s just that some things are more possible than others.


@28, for sure. But also Bernie didn't turn out the youth. He's for sure a turn out candidate, and he didn't turn out his base. That's a massive problem too.


Fuck "Uncle 'Handsy Joe'" Biden. Bernie can be V.P., if he begs nicely.
Men have fucked up politics in this country for too long. It's time for women to take the lead.

Warren 2020


It's not a surprise. Joe = a return to a stabilizing normal that makes him the rational choice. Then you ultra progressives can try for your nice-to-haves in 2024 if you wish. But defeating Trump positions the return to normal as the must-have for most Americans. He'll capture the center, independents, and Republicans of the pre-Trump world. Bernie wouldn't. The WH is terrified of a Biden nomination, much less-so with Bernie.

Yeah, and for those of you who would retort about the meaning of normal, please don't be coy and disingenuous. After all, we're talking about the vice president who served eight years with the much beloved Obama.


"I think the main thing that people need to know about Biden is his approach to politics, which is very much based on his 1978 reelection campaign, which came at the sort of conservative shift in U.S. politics, is based on appeasing the right and sort of taking the platform of his Republican opponent and trying to make it his own and kind of siphon away support like that.

And that’s really been the case in every election and really how he’s governed. So that’s why, in the ’80s and the ’90s, you see Biden going actually further on the tough-on-crime and tough-on-drugs messaging than even Reagan and Bush were calling for.

Biden was constantly saying that they were not going far enough. He was pushing for a drug czar, when Reagan and even Rudy Giuliani, if you can imagine that, were saying such an idea was insane, pushing for expansion of civil forfeiture and that kind of thing."

--Branko Marcetic, staff writer at Jacobin magazine, reporter at In These Times, author of a new book called 'Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden.'

More at:


33, if obama were as beloved as you seem to think it would have been a walk for hillary but she struggled in states that were once reliably blue. I sincerely hope you are right and that simply replacing the president is a sufficient motivator for enough Americans, but I’m not convinced the people who just want a “return to normal” live in the states that matter most.

I grew up in Michigan and still have friends and family throughout the rust belt, and it is hard to overstate how left behind people feel there. Trump has certainly done nothing to help them, other than feeding the delusion that putting a wall at a border on the other side of the country is the answer, but sadly that is probably all he needs to do. PA may go for their hometown guy but I don’t see any other states flipping for Joe.


@33 - Except Joe is not Hillary in one important way. A lot of mushy-middle people vote based on an intangible sense of who they simply "feel" the most comfortable with. People thought Hillary qualified and capable, but few people "liked" her, whereas most people seem to "like" Joe. In these narrowly divided times, that will probably be enough.

Furthermore, never-Trumpers and even many not-entirely-comfortable-with-Trumpers will rush to vote for Joe. Unhinged GOP hatred of Hillary probably caused most of the former to sit out 2016 rather than pull the lever for Trump or the anti-christ Hillary.


The video of the Asian man being attacked in San Francisco has nothing to do with coronavirus, as the incident took place well before COVID-19 was a regular headline. There's a LOT to unpack from the incident (and subsequent arrests) but fear of catching a virus isn't one of them.

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