I'm picturing the 400 page instruction manual that will be sent to teachers as the result of this. With FAQs such as "Is an eggplant technically a fruit?", and "If I have no interest in actually learning what bloodplay is, do I really have to study Appendix F to know what topics to avoid?"


Why is Matt Shea not in prison?


Which Democrats voted to put these amendments in the bill? Or can you just add an amendment without a majority vote nowadays?


@3 - None of these crazy amendments actually passed/attached to the bill - they were each voted down by the majority Ds.


I remember when I was in 7th grade and we were taught that oral and anal sex could and would absolutely definitely get you pregnant, so never have any kind of sex ever or else you're a horrible person who will get pregnant and ALL of the STDs/STIs. I almost wish my parents pulled me out of sex ed classes, because I learned so much misinformation that took a long time to unlearn. Then again, I was in Vancouver, WA and my school district is allegedly run by Mormons.

It's wild to me that Washington state doesn't require accurate sex education to be taught in public schools.


What was Matt Shea's proposed amendment - mandatory firearms training alongside sex ed?


@7 -- Mandatory xtian indoctrination'd be my guess.

Gotta protect the Patriarchy and keep
the womenfolk square in their proper place
barefoor preggers and totally Beholden.

Don't forget -- Jesus was White as snow.


What I find particularly sad is the party line vote. Not one out of forty Republicans has looked at them damn evidence and gives a shit about young people?

40/40 Republicans horrible people, would not purchase again.


Not a republican or Democrat, but I don’t want want government mandated sex Ed for my children. I understand if orphans or children raised by foster parents would receive such training, but only under their supervision. I remember DARE being mandated and, later, found out that pharmaceutical companies and the DEA/FDA were behind the donations attached to mandating DARE. Pharmaceutical companies and the DEA/FDA said that marijuana has “zero medicinal benefit” and that was proven to be incorrect.

I don’t vote R not D because they both lie to Americans every day and I refuse to use the, “lesser of two evils” argument to vote for any party.

Sad day when a parents choice to teach their children is not taken away, but mandated to be taught by someone who we don’t know to be an “expert” in that field.

So, since I disagreed with everyone on this comment board, bring the hate....

Oh, and, btw....passed at 2am because of, “intense debate” no. Just like Bush passed the Patriot act and Obama passed the ACA during the holidays in the middle of the night.


"I don’t vote R not D because they both lie to Americans every day and I refuse to use the, “lesser of two evils” argument to vote for any party."

So you demand perfection, and absolute 100% compliance with all of your views, and back that up with tired, middle-school cliches about "lies"? You really should consider growing up, dear. It's time for you to learn that life is a series of compromises, and then you die. And people will lie to you, but that's not the end of the world.


As for the sex education, I heartily endorse it. I only wish that the curriculum stated that abortion should always be the first option when one learns that one is expecting.


Jesus, religious people scare the fuck out of me. My insane proposed amendment is for all students to be forced to watch old Ron Jeremy films, thus reducing teen pregnancy 10 fold


@10: Are you seriously going to argue, though, that parents should have the right to keep their children sexually ignorant?

And what possible argument exists for forbidding students about the idea of consent? Do we really want anybody to be able to pass on the medieval notion that a woman is obligated to have sex anytime her husband demands if of her? In what universe is anyone going to be harmed by being taught that they have the right to NOT perform a sexual act if that person doesn't wish to?


@10 - the difference is that DARE does nothing to actually reduce drug use, while providing kids accurate sex education and access to birth control can dramatically reduce teen pregnancies and STDs. The bill in question was written to mae sure that kids get accurate information, not propaganda.


Is it a coincidence that there was a Facebook thread on why you should not put frozen potatoes in your butt at the same time this was being argued?


@13: EWWWWW!!!!!!!!…..but you're right, that would pretty much end teenage sex.


@17: and sex at any other age, too, for that matter!.

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