Thank you for posting something, anything, that’s not about the virus or the election


The Wachowski Sisters. 😂😂😅


When women praise men who think they're women...


@GermanSausage - what a name you've selected for yourself. So phallus oriented.
Do you identify as a massive dick?

@Tired Woman - Laughing at trans women? Are you so Trans Exclusionary that you feel the need to publicly attempt to humiliate other human beings from the safety of anonymity? How so bravely cowardly you are.

@Advanced03 - Attempting to break down your attempt at a scathing remark -
"when women praise men..." - Charles is a man praising this work.
"... men who think they're women" - Do you think you're a man? A woman?
Either way I think you're a bigot.

Amazing how you're so ready to comment on people who have nothing to do with you or your lives. Why do you care so much? Are your gender identities threated by the existence of people brave enough to endure the social and physical pain of transitioning? So afraid to be yourselves that all you can do is attempt to tear down people who you envy?

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