What Elizabeth Warren Did and Didn't Say as She Dropped Out



Wow. Elizabeth. Has to think about it. So much for her progressive soul.


As seriously disappointed as I am about Warren leaving the race, I’ve been thinking recently that she may be even more effective as the next treasury secretary or senate majority leader should the Dems retake the presidency and senate.


Well all of the Bernie bros and other white men won't be able to use misogyny as to why they didn't vote this time. Which old white man screaming at clouds will they vote for and if their old white man doesn't get the nomination will they vote for the old white man screaming at clouds already squatting in the white house because their candidate lost the nomination? My bet is not.
EW should not endorse anyone.


Yeah, she shouldn't endorse anyone.

Not that it matters that much. The votes split in various ways, regardless of an endorsement.


@ 1,

One of the qualities that I admire about Warren (that also made her the best candidate) is that she understands political power and how to wield it.

In 2016, for example, she forced Clinton to vow not to install any of the usual kleptocratic Wall $treet crooks and cronies in a her hypothetical cabinet.

I imagine similar conversations are happening now before she’ll commit to an endorsement. It’s just smart and strategic planning.


you run a tight ship, xina. They are all too old, Elizabeth included.
Either the policies matter or they don’t. Ready for a revolution or not. Which for most of the other western democracies isn’t a revolution at all.


we'll know whether she was an establishment plant soon!


It's too bad none of the remaining candidates share her policy preferences. Who to endorse? What a conundrum.


I'm going to make an observation that I think everyone has been largely missing. We're now left with two old white guys as our choices, and all old white guys have long hanging ball sacks. Slip 'em a Viagra and they can all still rut like goats, long hangy balls flinging hither, thither and akimbo.


Action now moves to the platform process.

I think Warren should have stayed in, as she could have gained progressive delegates by appealing to progressive voters who wouldn't touch Bernie with a ten foot pole. [When you're older, you'll understand.]

And prospects for a healthy Senate majority are suddenly looking up, which means that progressive shit could get done - not just bellowed about.


I’m sad to lose my candidate. And ideological purity is the dream of zealots on the right as well as those on the left. I’m as progressive as anyone in the brosocialist camp, but the US will never be pure. And nor should it be. The very nature of politics leaves it a moderate stew. It’s just fucking reality. And it makes me furious to witness the racism, sexism, and conspiracy theories of the Berners. And when Sanders loses, which he will, those of you who don’t understand how politics work will say, “Fuck it, they’re all corrupt, Bernie was robbed,” and then never vote again because ‘the system is rigged.’ Who else says that shit? Oh, right! 45! He’d looooove Sanders to be the candidate. Personally I’d like to see all three of these white blowhards evaporate. But this is the real world we got handed in 2016 when the Russians, Berners, and my stupid racist sexist gay-hating conservative brother all handed it to 45. For their many varied reasons.


@2 Governor of Mass. is a Republican. Warren should stay in the Senate.

I'm having a hard time imagining the farce of Trump/Biden debates. Betcha they don't end up holding any at all. Its in nobody's interest to inflict that pathetic spectacle on the American People.


I think for the debates Trump and Biden should slap each other with their sagging ball sacks at 10 paces.


@11 -- Well said, sister.

@12 -- Warren should stay in Senate anyway, where she has broad portfolio, rather than a narrow administrative slot (where she might have trouble subordinating to POTUS anyway, a la Robert Reich under WHC).


Biden will pick Warren as his running mate to shore up his left. You heard it here first.

Xina, on the other hand, will remain single.


Should Bernie fail to make his Case,
I'd take Biden/Warren in a Dick Cheney heartbeat.


@11 -- "... my stupid racist sexist gay-hating conservative brother... "

He might wanna get that checked:
the virulent Gay Hating gene
is usually the first sign of

Most of 'em (seem to) get over it
pretty quick when they realize
they're inflicted. Good luck!


@15 wrong on both counts, troll.


17 - Latent homosexuality certainly exists in overt homophobes, but there really are 100% straight men who absolutely hate gay men - by the millions.


Biden's stated repeatedly he would consider a Republican running mate.

Elizabeth Warren wanted to be president, why would she accept a VP nod from anyone?
She has more power as a senator than she would has a VP.


Biden, Bernie...either one of them will beat Trump by a good margin if you believe the polls. Go check fivethirthyeight.com. Nearly every poll has the Democrat, regardless of which one, beating Trump. So it makes no sense for you all to be bickering about that.

The most important question is who can help flip the Senate, or at least inch closer to it. And if it doesn't get flipped, who's more likely to be able to get anything passed through McConnell. Bernie is my favorite candidate, but Biden is the strategic choice for that reason.


I hope she endorses the nominee at least. I know Lefties who would rather have another round of Tornado Trump than see their guy not get nominated, again. Now they're pinning all their hopes on Yang in 2024.


Warren would be an excellent VP. She would preside over the Senate and cast tie-breaking votes. And would be a symbolic candidate to not alienate the progressive wing, which, like the Tea Party before it, will ultimately revamp the establishment. If the moderates do not find a way to appease the Progressive voters or guarantee a real compromise, then Trump wins, because they will not show up for another Tim Kaine milquetoast VP out of fucking nowhere.

And at least Warren will constrain Wall Street's abject fuckery and regulate the cronyism so we can actually have a functioning capitalist system based in actual profits and not quicksand bubble futures and falsified credit ratings. Sanders, elected or not, ran on the same principles with mass appeal. When he dies, more than any other candidate running, his ideals will shape the future of this country. The backlash is coming.


Yeah at nineteen, well, those 'millions' better get checked right quick -- they're greatly outnumbered -- there's 6.5 BILLION peeps on the Planet.

Haters gotta get it checked.
Don't you agree?


@15 I will disagree on both counts my comment-ghost brother.

Warren is un-electable in a broad election because she's a phony, speaking little dramas about how she's oppressed and knows oppressed when she's clearly no such thing, acting out these identities with hammy passion. I think she believes it, and the romantic identarian elite college elites believe it, but everyone else knows she's full of shit. She's a corporate lawyer and high power Ivy League professor. If she could just own that identity and stop the telenovela-quality pander-fest people might listen to her, but she comes off as so full of shit about who she is that people don't listen to her. She's an automatic tune-out for 80% of any given audience. Which is a shame as she says a lot that's very much worth listening too.

Also I've no doubt xina has a partner and that relationship is strong if a little tumultuous. I'll bet she's stalwartly clannish and supportive in how she regards and protects people in her closest circle. People like those qualities and will put up with endless abrasiveness for them.


VP pick MUST be younger, for a bunch of reasons.


Re: VP: Isn't it Obvious?

Julia Louis fucking Dreyfus.
If trumpfy was a made-for-teevee 'star'
than whotf better than an ACTUAL fucking VEEP.

Like to see her mano-a-mano in
a locked Room with Pious Pence...
Oh, the Humanity.


You of all people @27, picking a commodities brokering plutocratic billionaire as your VP!

Waaaaay off brand, and, might I say, kind of sexy ;)


With Larry David as: Angry Olde (Jewish) Man.
Or Secretary of Comedy.* (Ironic, ain't it?)

Oh, and it's 'manó-a-manó.'
Thank you. That is all.

*not quite -- we never even knew we needed one!


@Grainy -- Rich Guy FDR Evolved
Warren'd LOVE to be our next
FDR. Let's Make It SO.

"I WELCOME their Rath!"
--actual Quote

IF Bernie doesn't wake up, and fly right
and Damn soon.


Also @28 -- Who sent you?


At least now maybe she will have time to ask the grinning bobcat why it grins.


@31 who sent me?




Nominees typically don't pick VPs who might upstage them.


So. You're with the Zappas.




What a vapid vp comment rainy.
You're failing yourself.
Try harder.


@37 - Perhaps so, but not quite as vapid as your tiresome retorts to herpes cures spammers.

If you want do do stand up, you gotta have some fresh gigs once in awhile.


@38 -- Thanks for the free advice.

Oh -- and thanks! for reminding me!

@32 -- Dear 'doctor' Nelson
Can you cure us of the Parasite
currently ocuppying our oval office?

BTW, how are you with that COVID-19, 'doc'?
Have ya got a Handle on that one, as of yet?
Think of the Humanity....

Vapid enough for ya, Rainydaze?
I can work on it, if'n ya wants me to.



Now who do I vote for? An almost octogenarian socialist bomb thrower and cardiac patient who has already lost Florida? Or an almost octogenarian milquetoast centrist who's starting to show signs of senility? Fuck me. I'll vote for whoever wins the democratic primary, but both of these geezers were at the bottom of my list a week ago. Liz was one of my top picks, and I'm sad to see her drop out, even though I kind of knew it was inevitable at this point.


@13 FTW!!!
I can't unsee that, the thought of old geezer nuts colliding in mid-air!
God knows just the thought of those two trying to articulate a coherent message -



Ha, same.

Blah(ue) no matter who, I guess.


@40 - Well, if Joe Biden is a milquetoast centrist, then surely Barack Obama is also.


Yeah, Warren isn't going to be the VP pick for reasons stated by some astute others in this thread. Too old, too much like Bernie, and Democrats would lose a Senate seat. Warren isn't going to happen.

Amy Klobuchar, on the other hand, would be an excellent choice.


@ Nope. Biden has to placate the looney left. It’ll be Biden/Warren 2020. Also, Warren helps cover Biden’s problems with da ladies.


So it's one Ruskie for Biden Warren.