Slog PM: Pence Arrives in Seattle, Coronavirus Cures Traffic, Warren Needs "Some Space" Before Endorsing



I hope Elizabeth Warren gets chosen as VP to run with whomever ends up with the DNC nomination.

We need a vaccine for Trump / Pence and all their willing MAGA dupes.


Warren won't be chosen as VP. The Democrats would lose a Senate seat, she's too old, and too much like Bernie. Her "wealth tax" would start an unprecedented capital flight from the United States. She can do Democrats more good in the Senate.

Amy Klobuchar would be a much better choice. Buttigieg for Secretary of Defense.


@1 and @2 -- Biden needs to unite the party, and get have some enthusiasm for the ticket. Warren would do that, but both are so old that the optics would be bad (gramma and grampa run for president). Julian Castro is a better choice, as would Sherrod Brown. I would go with Castro.


@2 The fact that she's just like Bernie is precisely why Biden (who's older than her, by the way-- and she's younger than Trump, too) would pick her as his vice president (a position that does not make tax policy, also by the way).

Biden's going to have to throw the progressives a bone if he wins the nomination. They're going to be hopping mad, and if they stay home raging on Twitter straight through November, it's going to be a harder race for him.


Win McNamee from Getty was in thee perfect spot
to get a golden-feathered Halo around VPOTUS's
nutshell. LOVE to see the pix Win! thnx!



Always appreciate your take on political matters. Haven't really seen/heard my man Cory Booker's name mentioned at all as a potential VP pick. Relatively far left black guy fluent in Spanish gotta have some appeal, no? Legislator hailing from Jersey whose seat shouldn't be much a threat to go R should he vacate it, etc.


@3 Just two days ago we had a rather resounding demonstration that older voters turn out in much higher numbers than younger voters. And you know what older voters like? Older candidates.

Listen to an old person sometime talking about their new doctor who's only been out of med school for 15 years. That person's going to have a much harder time trusting a 41-year-old politician than a 70-year-old.


@Chase: "Etcetcetcetcetc." ?

That does it.
I'm tellin' Dan.


Definitely can't stomach watching a nearly 2 hour video of Pence's visit. As for Elizabeth Warren, she won't be offered VP. Biden wants to get elected and he'll choose someone he thinks is safer than he is. He also wants all of the attention, so he'll choose a bland, nobody as his running mate, too, is my bet. He's already been assuring the wealthy that "no one's standard of living will change" = so he has no intention of doing anything for progressives. He thinks he's Barack Obama (he isn't) and he's taken credit for everything Barack Obama did. The only way he has anything resembling a decent presidency if he gets elected, is if he chooses to surround himself with the smartest of the smartest people.


@7 Hell I'm 60 and I definitely want a doctor who won't retire during my lifetime.


Calling a wife 'Mother' is hardly unique. Odd, yes. I never liked it.


@9 Presidents from the right wing of the Democratic party who picked the most smartest bestest advisors ever are kinda how we got into this damn mess, aren't they?

I mean technocrats are fine as far as they go I guess, but for all their doctorates and prizes they can't for the life of them seem to figure out how to pass legislation that might even slightly inconvenience America's oligarchs.


Healthcare stocks soared after the Primary;
they know Biden's the Safe bet.

Although, and it's a Big Ass although,
Biden might be pliable -- somebody's gonna
hafta get us thru CORVID-19, and what better time
than in the middle of a Pandemic for some Medicare for All?

Nah. With Moscow MkKKonnel in the Senate
(and a possible Repub House) it's gonna be
Every Man for himself...

We need a Landslide.
Or we get Fascism.

With 'socialism' such a dirty (but very well bandied-about) term, why is there such reluctance to speak of the Fascism we're getting by the mouthful and will soon (with a Cheetolini 'win') be getting Oodles more.

When it's Corporate Rule baby, that's Fascism.


@10 You're in luck then-- old politicians don't retire. 70% of the Senate can collect Social Security, but they haven't gone home to sit on the porch and watch the grass grow.


@13 If Americans have suddenly stopped throwing the word "fascism" around like it's rice at a wedding, it's news to me.


My guess for Biden's VP pick is Stacy Abrams. She's a great campaigner. She wouldn't cost the democrats a senate seat anywhere. She's significantly younger than Warren, but not as young as Mayor Pete. She might help him swing a few states, enthuse the black vote, and would help down-ballot races too. In order for the democrats to accomplish anything at all, they need to win both the presidential race and the senate. If Biden or Bernie wins, but Moscow Mitch remains Senate Majority Leader, they'll be 100% stonewalled for at least the next 2 years.

So, Biden (or Bernie) will almost certainly pick a woman VP candidate, and they won't risk any chance of losing a senate seat. I'm not a particularly big fan of Biden, but I think he'd be pretty thoughtful about his VP pick. Who the hell knows who Bernie would pick. Given both their ages, their VP picks will be more critical than many past races, I'd guess.


@12 Congress passes legislation, not presidents. And no, I don't believe "Presidents from the right wing of the Democratic party who picked the most smartest bestest advisors ever are kinda how we got into this damn mess."

Reagan's administration and GW Bush's administration were far more damaging. They were right wingers with people who were smarter than them running the show behind the scenes.

Trump hasn't had a fully staffed administration since he stepped foot in the WH. And those he has put in power have been on a revolving door of in and out as his demands for loyalty dictated.

President Obama had some extremely intelligent people working for him. I'd happily go back to that type of administration. We do not need more stupid people trying to steer this ship. We need intelligent people willing to stand up to the status quo. The GOP's wholesale abdication to Trump and his incompetence is why we are here. White supremacist hate and the collective stupidity of tens of millions of people in this country is how we got into this damn mess.


No, stop blaming your fellow citizens. They had the prerogative to choose between two stupid candidates. It's stupid of you to characterize everyone else as if you're the arbiter of how they should think or feel.


Always a possibility some severe anomalous weather events over the next six months that could focus Americans on the reality of climate change. In which case Inslee could be a good look for VP.
But I'm grasping at straws- no WA St politician has meant squat on the national stage since... I dunno... Tom Foley?
Look at our two hapless sad-sack Senators. Embarrassments, both of them.
If only one of them would retire and clear a path for Pramila Jayapal, she is the one bright star in our delegation.


@17 Yeah, you're right-- the people with the great big brains can't figure out how to get themselves elected to Congress, either.


@19 Gary Locke was Obama's first Secretary of Commerce?

But yeah, I totally had to look that up.


From the NYT: We Are Ignoring One Obvious Way to Fight the Coronavirus

"Paid sick leave could slow the spread of the disease and its impact on the economy.

At this point, the crisis also demands unorthodox solutions. To restrict the spread of the coronavirus, the government needs to put limits on commerce.

The best way to protect people, and the economy, is to limit economic activity. That is an unfortunate but inescapable truth.

Public health officials will need to impose quarantines, businesses will need to cancel meetings. And most of all, the problem now and going forward is making sure that sick workers stay home.

That means not forcing employees to choose between penury and working while coughing.

Congress can help by mandating that workers receive paid time off if they fall ill, or if they need to care for an ailing family member.

Such a policy is necessary both to impede the spread of the virus and its economic harm. Roughly one-quarter of workers in the private sector — about 32 million people — are not entitled to any paid sick days."

NYT, calling for Socialism.
Oh the Humanity.


Too bad about Elizabeth Warren. I thought she had: 1) Good ideas, and 2) an actual way to get those ideas passed into law, unlike a lot of candidate's pie-in-the-sky ideas that sound great and all democrats rah-rah about but have no fucking chance in hell of ever seeing the light of day.

Irrespective of Warren dropping out, and of Hilary Clinton losing to Baby Donnie, it's pretty fucking clear that the majority of the United States population doesn't like women. You'd have to be kinda brain dead to be surprised by that. And it's not men disliking women, lots of women hate women too. I guess they hate themselves? is it because of religion? I dunno... I just know it's clear USA doesn't like chicks.


@18 Three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton (and close to 50% of those eligible to vote did not vote), so please spare me the lecture about what the people in this country wanted.


@20 some really intelligent people got themselves elected in 2018 ~ congressional freshman.


If Biden wins, the best bet for VP is still Klobuchar. She plays well in the rust belt and the suburbs. Abrams is an interesting idea, and that could happen, but the African-American base is already fired up. They like Uncle Joe and hate Trump. Most of the progressives are living deep blue. If they get butt hurt and don't turn out, it doesn't matter much. Biden wants their votes but his focus will be on blue collar whites and suburban women. That's where the general election will be won or lost.


@26 You're pretty smart for an old white guy.


@9 xina: I know, and hear you, xina.


@18: You might to check the chemical content of your breakfast cereal, sugarlips. Methinks your triglycerides are running dangerously high again.
@23 Urgutha Forka: Too many in these deeply divided states are just too chickenshit to ever elect an intelligent, capable woman President of the United States. The two biggest contributing factors: male chauvinism and in women, jealousy.
@24 xina: Yep. Agreed and seconded.


@22 kristofarian: Right spot on as usual. Thank you for sharing the NYT article.
That's it in a nutshell what really should be done to stop--or at least slow the spreading of the coronavirus.


@28 That's true, except for the "dumb racist ass" part. But look at the difference between black voter turnout in 2016 vs. 2020. Yes, it's the primaries but it does give an old Dem hope. You could make the argument that low African-American primary turnout in 2016 (vs. 2008) foreshadowed Clinton's loss in the general.


Re Ashley Judd's tweet, people abuse the word "grieving." Your kid dies of cancer is grieving. Your candidate falls out of the primary is disappointing.


@23: Hmm. That seems kinda of a stretch as xina admonished me for not noting that Hillary won the popular vote, so obviously enough men and women liked a woman enough to gain Hillary that distinction.


If EW backs bernie, trump gets re-elected. A lot of people, including myself blame bernie for trump getting elected. For all his good intention, he's just not electable presidential material. But, biden is.

It comes down to "What Matters More?". Electing a "Progressive"? Electing a Woman? Or, getting trump out of office? As I see it thru my eyes. Only one of the three will happen. Two out of three won't happen.


Wait, Pence contracted the Covid-19 virus already?!? OMG! He's infected? That's terrible! How did that happen so fast?


Wouldn't Pence be
wearing a mask if he
were infective/pestilential?


Great cover on the New Yorker:
trump, wearing mask (over eyes) (duh)
and bellowering (about God only knows).


Looks like even The Stranger is not immune to troll infestations.


Warren can not really endorse anyone, if she endorses Biden, she loses all her woke cred and can't claim to appropriately hate whites, men, or wealthy people.

If she endorses Bernie, she risks upsetting her overlords at the DNC.

She wants to kick the can until it does not matter anymore, which should not be too long. She is a politician above all else, and is not going to risk losing power.


Watch Warren's interview with Rachel Maddow last night. No way will she endorse Bernie after the absolutely horrific online abuse his followers did to her campaign. She brought it up to Bernie and the conversation was "very short".


Ah, you can always count on teddy to present Dems in the worst light possible regardless of the story he’s spinning. At least he’s more consistent than Bernie “Obama isn’t the establishment” Sanders that way.


Empty bus lines this morning.

UW is moving in person classes and seminars to remote viewing.

It's like a ghost town out there.


All you armchair quarterbacks are all high on your supply, Trump is in the White house, none of you or any of the profesional pundits have any fuVking clue who's electable. What a bunch of morons.


@43: If Elizabeth Warren is some odd synecdoche for the entire DNC for you, that is a personal thing, and it has no bearing on reality.

I am sure you are very sad and very mad that not even her home state wanted her to be president, and she quit, but crying about it is not going to make your life more bearable.


Tweeting snake emojis at people is not abuse. It may not be advisable for anyone seeking to build a coalition but let’s not get carried away.

Bernie’s campaign is toast and biden is sure to alienate some of warren’s base in the next few months so would be foolish of her to endorse either of them. This thing is done either way.


If you can't get away from people in "space", get away in time. I asked my employer to let me work swing shift until this thing settles. They said yes. Shocker. Government job. Work at night. Spread people out in TIME. Shop at night.


"What a bunch of morons," types the moron who just typed the word "fuVking."

Good times.


@26 That is a semi-good point. It does not matter whether the Dems carry California by 20 or 40 points. Problem is that if it is close, a whole bunch of Sanders fanatics staying home and sulking (or voting for whatever flake the Greens put up) could do us in. Florida, a swing state. Very likely the Nader 'protest vote' delivered the presidency to Bush the Lesser in 2000.


@47: You didn't watch the interview. Elizabeth said it wasn't just about somebody saying mean things (e.g. snake emojis).


@23 I believe that it's definitely sexism. Her policies are very similar to Sanders', and more complete and well thought-out. Yet Sanders is the one who got the 'progressives' votes. I never could figure out why, until I saw someone I previously respected and follow on Twitter retweeted the most vile and misogynistic thread of comments re how Warren was a traitorous BITCH for not dropping out before Super Tuesday AND telling all her supporters to vote for Sanders! It's apparently all.Warren's.fault. that Sanders lost to Biden. Honestly I thought I was reading posts from Trump's white supremacists crowd and not people who are supposed to be liberals.

If Trump wins again it will be because of the Bernie Bros, déjà vu of 2016.


Tim Kainebuchar


Embrace a progressive or we lose again. The party must be united. Don't blame people for showing up when you alienate and demonize their candidates and refuse to compromisem. You assholes talking about how a vote for Bernie is a vote for Trump are isolating yourself from half the electorate who will outlive your pitiful hypocrticial dumbasses. Bernie/Klobuchar makes way more sense. Biden/Warren is the other winning ticket.


Sanders' climate plan is leagues better than Biden's, and I prefer that because we can't afford to not take serious climate action right away, but I'm starting to believe he won't get enough minorities' and women's support to beat Trump. Too much baggage, and he didn't try anywhere near hard enough to reign in his supporters' abuse of people. And that yelling! A lot of people get bad flashbacks when an old white guy screams at them!

Sigh! I hope Biden will pick someone with decent climate and heathcare policies as running mate. Or it might be hard get people to go out and vote, especially in those states where the GOP has been so successful at closing voting venues, and killing early-voting days. Many people can't afford to take the day off and stand in line for 8 hours to cast their votes.


And so yeah, I'll wear the bad guy Bernie Bro hat and dare to hurt your fragile sentiments because you are clearly too stupid to respond to reason as you shoot yourselves in the foot with your smug collision course into the iceberg.


Sexism, for sure.
Progressives are horrible people.
Just the worse...



"Yet Sanders is the one who got the 'progressives' votes. I never could figure out why, until I saw someone I previously respected and follow on Twitter retweeted the most vile and misogynistic thread of comments re how Warren was a traitorous BITCH for not dropping out before Super Tuesday AND telling all her supporters to vote for Sanders!"


Or, perhaps, we Might consider they were NOT SANDERS SUPPRORTERS in the First fucking Place but hired to Impersonate Sanders supporters.

Not plausible?
Yeah right.

I know dozens of Sanders supporters and NONE I've met would attempt to sabotage his campaign, like the example you used, above, a guy who's been working for US, We the People for fucking decades.

It's a very Effective unscrupulous technique
and not only foolhardy for Sanders supporters
but why sabotage The Movement to let off steam?

It defies common sense.