You would think that for one, finally after all of the shit Trump has spewed out of his pie hole, that they would SHUT HIM THE FUCK UP, BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY. I mean really. What is it going to take? Someone should dip a golf ball in COVID-19 and shove it down his throat. Unfuckingbelievable.




Lol, Orange Clown is a five year old.

Stick a fork in Trump, he's done.



trump is the essence of America: Stupid, shallow, fake rich, and lazy.


we've turned lazy, tired pearl clutching at every dumb thing trump says into a cottage industry. Yay capitalism.


Pence wasn't listening. He turned up yesterday and said we should be proud of our state and local leaders' response to the coronavirus. That will probably cost him his place on the ticket.



Nobody's clutching any pearls. We're just enjoying a little comic relief in a stressful time by making fun of a stupid person. Lighten up.


Iā€™m with @2. What a useless bullshitter. Fuck him forever and ever.


@10 it was funny for the first year or two ish, but four years later this is just click bait.


No, no, no -- you're listening to trumpfy's Words -- don't make that silly mistake -- it's his soothing Tone America needs to Hear. Let him lull us all into a nice little Slumber... . . . . . . while he and his buds strip-mine America and her Citizenry for fun and Profits.

Who's up for some friendly Fascism?


@11, you're probably too young to remember Dixy Lee Ray. I remember when she used the Donaldson decision as an excuse to empty out the state's mental health institutions. What a hoot!


Yeah, a garter snake. Only a threat if you are a newly emerged frog.

@3 - You, Doug, are brilliant.



So you think that the leader of the free world referring to the Governor of the state a paper reports in using a slanderous perjorative isn't worthy of a blog post, but is instead "click- bait?" That's a hawt-ass take, my good man. Good on you for gettiing it out there.


'slanderous perjorative' (sp)?
them's some pretty big words, son.
careful, you'll strain your brain....


Trump calls it as he sees it.Thats why we love him.Inslee is scum. He tried to raise the tax on gas $1 per gallon.He did not get it .but he did get some.He also made this state a sanctuary state.Thats illegal people!


@21 - Your post didn't do you or Trump any favors, in fact it confirms why they call people like you Stupid Party. But hey, have fun being a minority, I sincerely doubt your candidate's gonna win even with the democrats record of screwing up sure things.


I think the're both smarter then Biden.The moron can't remember who his wife is,what town or state he's in,asking why everyone else in the debate remembers things and he can't. The new DCP (democratic communist party) has been bitching for 4 years on how dumb Trump is, so they want to do one better by electing a total dumb ass into office, The mans 5 seconds from full blown dementia, but that's OK, the're use to it.Just keep lock stepping sheep to the beat of your commy leaders.

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