Healthcare for all is socialism. But cutting taxes for healthcare corporations to inflate the cost of care isn't?


Well, people can just keep the private health insurance they love! Imagine if you didnt have to pay premiums either! Or deductibles! Just a small tax increase you could afford!

Bbbbbb bb b b b bbut, people LOVE their corporate insurance! I love those super bowl commercials and aetna and regence and Farmers and the charming Geico gecko, and Flo, and oh! All these brands that my payments for like oh, say, how would you like me drug you and stick this long skinny tube up your rectum for $5,000? Yes, please, help yourself! Oh I just love my insurance company! Keep cutting their taxes so they can charge me more! They have a moral obligation to make money, after all! John Locke says so.


But wait! You can save you money in your company's HSA, TAX FREE! A savings account whose dividends your corporate overlords invest in stock options!! Woo wee, what a fucking deal! I love this shit!!


Why should corporations pay taxes? Not like they use any services. Smells like freedom.


Hey guys get this. We make people pay us money each month, but instead of calling it a TAX, we call it a premium! That makes it good! Taxes BAD.


Dare to think any other way and you're a socialist, even a communist! Obey the thought police or die up to your ears in debt in obscurity.


Dammit Democrats.

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