The Stock Market Crash That Didn't Happen in the Fall of 2019 Is Happening Now



Name that tune:
trump Slump
trump's Great Recession
The trump Depression*

*and who doesn't already have that?


Corrections and crashes are standard fare over the history of the stock market. The volatility of the market over the past year and the sheer fact of 11+ years of expansion pointed to this. Nothing to see here, just the market being the market.


I don't really care what it is called but I'll happily forfeit 8% of my 401K if it means we can finally be rid of Trump and the MAGA maggots crawl back under their rocks for a good long while.


'Nothing to see here, just the market being the market."
capitalism don't GIVE a FUCK

Sorry, fools! Ya
Shouldda seen it comin'.


Oh, this is adorable!

Little Charlie has found the business section of an old September issue of The New York Times, cut it up with his safety scissors, and stuck some of the words onto a sheet of colorful construction paper. Cute!

Here, let me wipe your face Charlie, you've got paste on your chin.

Now, can you draw a picture of an aeroplane next to the words? We know how you love aeroplanes!


(Ahem). One might choose to credit today's drop in the share markets to the oil pricing spat between Saudi Arabia and Russia.


Charles -
I hope you shorted Boeing stock.
You could have made a bundle.


There's ups and downs, but there's 10.5% compounding in the long term over the long history of the thing. Some of us took a little gamble selling some up there near the top, buying again today 18% better off. If it falls through the floor whatever; more shares are shares then I'll put my confidence in that long-term record instead of a know-nothing profit of doom who's blindly firing crossbow bolts and then pounding his chest when one of them eventually grazes a target.


@1 and @4 and pat L: Okay. So was I wise NOT to invest in stocks?


Nothing to see here. Pandemics happen all the time.


@5: The answer to that question is based on how much risk you're willing to accommodate. Nobody can decide that except yourself. That's the wise disposition.

If you're willing to lose money, even significant amounts, knowing that the stock can rebound to even greater heights in the future -- is a pretty sweet spot to be in. Despite its dips, including this one, the stock market is always on an upward trajectory.


11 refers to 9


Oh darn Capitalism failed! Now we have to use the barter system! Medicare for all just to wait 6 months for a hip replacement and for Dick Cheney to steal another younger persons heart? No thanks! I prefer highly skilled and highly paid doctors.