Slog PM: Seattle Gets Its Own Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing Site, Matt Gaetz Under Quarantine, Amazon's Grocery Technology Is Spreading



Damn! Didja all's Hear?
Fake "prez" is callin' for

wait for it

!!! SOCIALISM !!!!

We're all gonna Die?
Well, eventually......

But the Rich are
NOT Gonna


Yes, I love the euphemism 'market volitility'
when the Dow goes from 29,500 to 23,850 in just over 3 weeks.
Don't we'll be seeing over 25,000 anytime soon.



And 1


Fuck you Amazon.


Having returned from vacation with my boyfriend in Vancouver, BC yesterday, I can confirm the excellent taste in desired residences of Harry and Meghan Windsor. The Canadian portion of Cascadia is unbelievably beautiful.

As for the Democrats, say it ain’t Joe. If that idiot wins the nom, we’re stuck with Trump for four more years. Unless the coronavirus bumps off all of Trump’s supporters before November, there is no way Biden can motivate enough people to show up on Election Day. Of course, Dan will blame the loss on Kshama Sawant and Jill Stein- even when the math doesn’t add up, and there aren’t enough Green Party votes to equal the margin of loss, he’ll attack the Left because, well, why not, he claimed Saddam Hussein was in bed with Al Quaeda too. Must be a baby boomer thing- aka, Alzheimer’s.

Rather than dreaming up a bunch of cute acronyms for an impeachment that didn’t lead to removal, why don’t you get off your lazy ass and door knock for someone who actually can get people to show up at the polls? It beats insulting the electorate for not settling for a wannabe-GOP conservademocrat.


@1 kristofarian: I like your appropriate new avatar of Florida State Representative, Matt Gaetz.
The previous one of Trumpty Dumpty aptly displayed as a troll is my favorite. Keep on rocking the house.


The Bernie Bro I work with said Sanders is losing because certain young people don't know how to vote. If that's true, Sanders is truly fucked.


@9: One of Sanders' biggest issues in the primaries is that his biggest bloc of supporters do not actually bother to vote.


Chase, don't try and talk about the stock market, okay? A black swan can cause a market crash, a black swan isn't a market crash.


Wandering Star dear, what if the Democrats want Biden? Or what if all the Sanders supporters don't bother to vote? That seems to be what has been bedeviling him up to this point.


@7: Yes, British Colombia is incredibly beautiful despite the blemishes of that ungrateful couple unworthy of anyone's respect.


Technically, the labs can process twice as many COVID-19 tests as they are processing right now, but your doctor has to prescribe it.



12: Yeah, got to keep that false hope that moderate Democrats can actually solve problems going for another four to eight years, provided Biden can hold a thought for thirty seconds. With all the moderates they could have run they decided to essentially go with HRC again.

And yeah, the youth suck. But it's worth noting that a low-youth turnout isn't going to do Biden any favors against Trump.


13: Yeah, you strike me as the kind of guy who actually cares about and follows the royal fam to the extent of getting angry at a couple for not playing the game.