Slog AM: Washington's Primary Is Today, Cruise Ship Season Is Coming, No Fans Allowed at Spanish Soccer Matches



If a Medicare for All bill came out of a Democrat-controlled Congress and Joe Biden was president, he would sign it. The chain of events, whatever they might be, leading up to that eventuality would make it inevitable.


Remember, a vote for Sanders is a vote for Trump.


As of 8:30 AM PDT stocks are mostly in the red. Not much has changed since yesterday so I'm not sure why there would be a recovery. China is reportedly returning to normal though.


Note that if the Senate had done what they were supposed to do - remove Trump from office - the Dow would not have gone down some 5 thousand points.
Pence is at least capable to make a coherent statement to the press - something that Trump is utterly incapable to do.


@6 I'm much nicer than Ted Cruz and more intelligent too. I'm not really worried, Biden is polling 20 points above Sanders nationally. I predict that after today, Sanders is done regardless of how long he hangs on.


@ 3,

That’s because Prezinazi AntiChrist’s stimulus statement was yet another lie spread by the corporate media:

White House in chaos as staffers argue over COVID-19 response and blame Mike Pence’s leadership: report

“The chaos has also extended to Trump’s economic team with CNBC reporting, “some officials were stunned by Trump’s claim Monday that he would hold a press conference Tuesday to announce an economic plan,” and one official tells the network that Trump’s declaration “was news to everyone on the inside.”


5 Quite true, not only did the GOP commit severe crimes with their coverups, they are also now the CAUSE of ALL the ongoing damage that results from trump. They bought him, they want him, he is theirs.


@3, try flushing your browser.


@11 It's the little victories that must be found.


"St. Patrick's Day parades canceled in all of Ireland"

Also note that all pub brawls are now limited to no more than 10 people at a time.


If you've taken a micro-biology course you would never get on a cruise ship. Not to mention they run off the backs of what is essentially slave labor and dump literal shit into pristine environments.


Do you link to the wrong video? In this one h doesn't say he would veto M4A, he says he would veto some hypothetical bill that delays healthcare. Very different - all this statement does I say "hey moderate....I won't sign something that you would find imprudent. Got for me." If he actually gets a bill, of course he will sign.


Vote for Sanders.

Health Canada has warned all people over 60 not to travel on cruise ships, and to avoid golf courses and Trump resorts and hotels.

At least some people have a functioning government.


Oh and you can still get drunk in Fremont on St Patrick's Day.

Just don't vomit, cause there's a viral epidemic, and wash your hands for 20 seconds after you vomit, with soap and water.


@16 Yeah, that was not a great answer (because it can be taken out of context, and already has) but if you read his platform, it is at worst a watered down version of "Medicare for all who want it", since it expands the public option ( Of course those are all broad strokes, and that is the way legislation works. The devil is in the details, and it is up to Congress to work out the details. We could all be covered by Medicare, but if it has extremely high copays, or doesn't pay for lots of service, then it is like having a Social Security system with minimal payouts (something Republicans have sought for years).

Regardless, there is no way Biden will veto something that improves the health care system.


But only 10 beers per person, in accordance with CDC guidelines.


A vote for Sanders is not a vote for Trump. He could beat Trump as easily as Biden, according to the poll averages. It's more accurate to equate a vote for Bernie as a vote for Mitch McConnell. So hold you noses and do what's best for the country.


@19 - indeed - such an absurd hypothetical to extrapolate from



Seriously! I listened to that bizarre press conference that the office conducted last Saturday (10 days ago) morning once the severity of the outbreak was coming into focus. Trump gave a statement and it was just rambling, semi-coherent idiocy. The first thing he mentioned was the "tremendous" number of gloves that they'd procured. Why-in-fucking-fuck-all does every single thing that the man utters need to be caked in pointless, self-aggrandizing superlatives? It's so utterly transparently childish and desperate, infuriatingly so.

So then after issuing his statement and half-assedly answering some questions, he handed it over to Pence who began HIS briefing by extending some seemingly genuine sounding condolences to the family of the woman up there who'd died. He also issued a statement and fielded some questions and wound up sounding like Abraham fucking Lincoln by comparison.

Mike Pence: the mostly dignified moron to manage a public health crisis you can believe in.


@21. At this point it is just duckspeaking trolling for a reaction. We have bigger fish to fry than not-so-in-the-closet Republican Swifty.


Garb Garbler FTW


@23 -- I wouldn't give Pence too much credit. The first thing he did at the press conference was praise his boss, saying he had done things no one else had. He is a kiss ass, and adopts the worst characteristics of his boss, with a little religious extremism thrown in. Yes, he can speak in complete sentences as well as paragraphs, but he is still an irresponsible asshole. The Republican Party is no longer the party of Gerald Ford, let alone Dwight Eisenhower.


It’s good to recall that during eight eight years of the Obama administration there were at least three on going epidemics that could have become pandemic and didn’t. That Obama immediately allowed the relevant scientific and medical authorities to guide policies, despite the insane fear mongering and panic sewn by the Republicans. That there was no market crash. There was no serious fatality rate.

And the messaging coming from that Administration was consistent and calming.

Even though Trump at that time, along with Fox News, screamed for borders to be closed and international medical teams to be expelled and defunded.

While a great deal of the good fortune in those epidemics were a result of the inherent biology of the involved virus, it’s worthwhile to recall what steady leadership looks like when you have the opposite.

Leaders matter. This president should be removed from office on based on this performance alone.


@26 it’s not a party at all. It’s a cult.


Yeah Seattle should definitely be thinking about that $4 MILLION per cruise ship docking. /s
Did no one read the article above about the projected numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths?

FFS what is wrong with human beings? We've got nut jobs hoarding face masks and toilet paper (neither of which will prevent you from getting COVID-10 on one end of the spectrum and assholes lamenting about cruise ships and all of the money they bring in to the local economy. And we've got a resident in the WH who is so bat shit insane he believes this entire world pandemic is ABOUT HIM AND ABOUT PEOPLE OUT TO GET HIM. I SERIOUSLY CANNOT TAKE ONE MORE SECOND OF THE STUPID.


@23 Pence’s religious beliefs literally forbid him from accepting that this virus can exist. If it wasn’t on the Ark it could not have evolved into existence. In fact, given his take on AIDS, he must view this as a plague sent by his angry interventionist god. I think reporters should ask him about that. What have the victims done wrong in the eyes of his god that they be so cursed? Because that is what he believes plagues are.

The irony of course is front line treatments will come from anti-virals developed to treat AIDS.


@29 well. Think about how this nation reacted to a few terrorists. We had no problem convincing millions of Americans to spend Trillions to blow up unemployed Arab teenagers for a decade and a half. When there is almost no chance the average American will be attacked by an Iraqi or an Afghani.

But here we have three threats we KNOW, we have PROOF, will effect the lives of every American in some way: Healthcare, Pandemics and the Climate Crisis.

And 35% of Americans and over half our leadership refuse to fund and implement strategies to deal with things we KNOW are coming.

Look at all the tome and effort the trolls here spend dismissing these issues and fear mongering over supposed Terrorism or kneeling at football games or any number of stupid bullshit.

They get exactly what they deserve.


@30 Probably not. Antivirals to treat HIV (and Herpes) work on viral enzymes that replicate DNA. Coronaviruses replicate only RNA, so a different set of antivirals are needed. The drugs used for the flu may be a better bet.



FFS what is wrong with human beings?

Annoying rhetorical questions.


@31 The problem is THEY don't get exactly what they deserve and the rest of us who are not stupid have to suffer immensely, even die, because of it. As someone who lived in NYC on 9/11, I don't find the comparison to be equivalent.

This country is racist AF and so it's no stretch to get Americans to believe that the boogeyman lives in a foreign country and going to war is what needs to be done (never mind it's war against people who had nothing to do with the terrorism). It is something quite different when this country is facing something like COVID-19.


@35 “ This country is racist AF and so it's no stretch to get Americans to believe that the boogeyman lives in a foreign country”

That was exactly my point. It takes nothing to drum up an imaginary boogeyman as long as the right cognitive prejudices are massaged. But actual proven threats are politicized by the right into just another online argument.


@32 Hey. You’re right. I confused Remdesivir with Ritonavir. Coronavirus. Not a retrovirus.


@35/@36 - get a room


Btw remdesivir was used for SARS-1 and not very effectively for Ebola.


Yeah, I certainly didn't mean to offer any sort of praise to Pence, faint or otherwise. Guess he's pulling that ol' bar trick where you find the ugliest guy/girl in the room to stand next by, so as to look decent by comparison.


The resident insane hysterics criticizing others for fearing fake "boogeymen" is a special treat for today.


Looks like Xina and ProfessorHistory continue to melt down. Xina I understand, but Professor, time to man-up before you start scaring the womenfolk and children.


@the Duke's Ghost -- that's FOX's job.
And they're Damn Good at it.


No one here seems scared to me. Grossly misinformed in many cases, but not scared. I'm not scared. I know I will not get COVID-19 because, being disabled, I can stay in my home, not interacting with anyone, until the situation is under control. Even if I had to leave my home, I am fully informed on how to actually prevent myself from becoming infected. I feel fine.

Cancel Everything
Social distancing is the only way to stop the coronavirus. We must start immediately.


@44 -- Wait -- I haven't been to Costco yet!


@29 Not only that, he's using the epidemic to push his self-serving agenda of white supremacy and welfare for the rich - lying about how fast he is building the wall to keep out the 'China virus', and pushing for even more tax cuts for corporations. The man is absolutely devoid of any humanity.


@39 I didn't know about trying remdesivir for ebola; thanks!



Don't bother. They already stopped giving out samples.


@Ll -- I try one outta 50 samples
I gotta stock up on some Staples.


The answer to the Florida Man bicycling around his neighborhood is this: An Artist Used 99 Phones to Fake a Google Maps Traffic Jam



Hackin' the Snoopers.
Cool. Are we on their
spy-in-the-sky infra-red
cameras yet? What about
the ones that see thru clothing?

Will there be subscriptions?

Like Google always says:
'Always good to keep a
neighborly Eye on
the neighbors.'


So you’re telling a city of awkward introverts who spend all day behind a computer not to leave their homes?

I mean, do you think that’ll work?