What to Expect When You're Expecting Coronavirus



Why the photo of someone wearing a mask? People should absolutely NOT be walking around wearing masks. Who should have a mask on? Someone who is sick (to prevent others from getting sick and they sure as shit should not be walking around outside) or a health care professional working with patient(s) that are sick.


um and what's up with "if you own a child"?


@3: I guess it's logical to expect that the folks who hoard toilet paper have always been full of crap.


Not if you are eating 3 day old sushi!


Feels like the 90s, actually.

But with less social distancing.

Where's the music, though?



(Don't) Touch Me, I'm Sick.


@7 thanks for that, I enjoyed it.


Happy to oblige, Xina. Will's comment took me back. I miss Seattle in the 90s.


Malaria killed about 445,000 people in 2016 out of 216,000,000 cases. The fatality rate for malaria is therefore something like 0.002%. Getting this is literally around 1,000 times worse than getting malaria


@9 I just miss the '90s, period.


82% to 14% in Ol' Miss for Joe.

Damn, those black folks sure don't like Sanders.


@12 Wanting Bernie to be president is another form of white privilege. I say that as a Caucasian and as someone who wants neither Sanders nor Biden (nor Trump) for POTUS. But people are voting and that is what matters, I suppose.


Nature abhors an overabundant supply of potential hosts. From the perspective of the coronavirus, it's just stumbled across a forest filled with plump chanterelles. Soup's on.


Xina is white? I absolutely, without question assumed xina was black. Hmm. White lady from Portland. Must do some recalibrations ...


Deep sympathy for small business owners at this time. Most folks have no idea how stressful managing a business typically is. Many small business owners are not rich, and many feel quite loyal to their employees and customers. Not an easy time for them. Show a little love and patronize your favorite small brick-and-mortar businesses, provided it is reasonably safe to do so. Some of the area's best restaurants, cafes, and bookstores are literally fighting to stay in business. All best wishes to them.




@15, I am not from, nor do I live in Portland. K Thanks, Bye.


@15. You have a disturbing obsesion with xina, feebs. Like pathological. It even creeps me out.


Bullies gotta Bully.


Ms Na @2 - It's of a piece with making "the poor choice to be born before 1960" or the virus being able to do what Twitter cannot, just Ms Herzog's manner.

At least most of the assembled company live in safe states, and accordingly don't have to vote for any of those still running.


Fucking WOW. I am so glad I never had children and fought my ass off, literally to stay childless (fuck off all you stupid "PC" idiots insisting on our being "child free"; It's exactly the same thing).

Everybody --stay healthy and safe. May common sense prevail. When in doubt, for fuck's sake, WASH YOUR HANDS.


@18 Not Portland? That made a kind of sense out of the not Black! Did you go to Evergreen at least?

I really did think to you were Black from having read your comments for years, pictured Jasmyne K wearing 25 more years well but highly disaffected.


@7 I have a video for that from their KEXP Summer Concert at the Mural on my phone.

Good catch!


I have a huge pile of weed and because of this, for the first time in my life its sent my anxiety through the roof!



Ms Grizelda - You may have different priorities, but child-free implies considerably more effort and attention than the usual none/hardly any. I take your point; either type of couple can annoy, but they do so for different reasons.


"What to Expect
When You're Expecting

TOTY, baby.


I have moved from lovely Seattle to Tucson, Arizona. I have, of course, friends and family still in Seattle and have been very worried/anxious as this is playing out. I am a public education advocate and testified at the Tucson Unified School district board meeting last night (it was in favor of a resolution to send education home to parents about safe gun storage) but I told the board and superintendent about Seattle and to get ready. I am happy to say they really seem organized and have a team in place. Interestingly, all their elementary classrooms - not just kindergarten - have a sink so all kids can wash their hands.

I am hoping for the shadow of this virus to lift from beautiful Seattle soon. And I am praying for our entire country.


@15..Of course Xina is white. Only the most privileged class in this country; a leftie, spoiled, entitled, American white woman who's biggest problem is whining about "manspreading", and how sexist air conditioning is. I, for one, am not surprised.


@30 -- I see you're borrowing some of my earlier Work:

"I, for one, am not surprised." --@TheeHeell*

It looks good on you. Quite fetching, actually.
And then, and this breaks my heart, we come to this:

"... whining about "manspreading", and... "

Oops, there ya go again -- you left the comma the fuck out of those funny little "quotation marks." It goes on the Inside. Now, I'll let y'alls get away with it, this one time, 'cause we go Back -- Way back, but, even so, and I'm only gonna say this once: don't do it again.

But it's Great to see you stepping up your Game.
Well done, Sir!

*Nothing gets by You!


@30 -- You seem to have some Talent
Dude you GOTTA read Cormac McCarthy

No Country for Old Men (dark, like the movie, it almost reads like screenplay) and, maybe, The Road (even darker but the sparse writing meshes perfectly with the post-Apocalyptical landscape.