Slog PM: The Pandemic Primary Edition



Bernie's disappearing faster than bread in a Venezuelan bread shop.


Really, the only question is how long it takes Sanders to drop out.


Rich, the $100K Alex Jones had to pay were just sanctions for pretrial discovery violations in the defamation case. He still has some heavy losing to do in the case itself.


Given that Joe is going to sail through to victory, I chose not to blemish my Republican purity any more than necessary and wrote in Bill Weld.


CNN calls Michigan for Biden. Bye, bye, Bernie, goodbye.


Yeah, who needs all that
damn Socialism/M4A anyway?
Other than US, of course.

Hello, Status Quo Joe
How Do, Corona-Bug?
Adios, el Safety Net.

Well Played,
Mega Corps.
You Win!

Yet again.


82% to 14% in Ol' Miss for Joe.

Damn, those black folks sure don't like Sanders.


Watch as "Healthcare" Ins. stocks rise.
They all know who's Boss.
Not US.


So long, Communism.


And How DO, Fascism!

Gonna getchyur Wish, Swifty.


Looking forward to the restoration of democracy and good government under Biden.


@11, If Biden is going to be elected, good government better include expanding Social Security, none of that cat food commission shite of working with republicans to cut Social Security and other social programs as is his forte.


Good job, Austin PD!


looks like a curb stomping to me.


"Yang endorsing Biden live on CNN, but it's hard to see how his supporters and the #YangGang overlap."

Of course the overlap is the overwhelming need to crush Trump and retake the Senate in November. Tomorrow, Senator Sanders needs to reassess his campaign.


@12 Couldn't agree more.


Shaun Scott on KIRO fm right now


@17 Wondering where he'll get his free shit now?


"Looking forward to the restoration of democracy and good government under Biden."

Or what the Bernie Bros referent to as "fascism". You know, like Hitler.


Once President Biden is inaugurated, I'm looking forward to the arrest, conviction, and incarceration of Donald Trump.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.


Senator Sanders is flying home to Vermont.

@20 No.


@21 The indictments by New York State are already drawn up. No Federal pardon can stop them.


There won’t be calls for Bernie to drop out tonight. That’ll wait until after he loses Florida on March 17. Weird how Cuban-Americans don’t want to vote for a Fidel Castro apologist. Who could have seen that coming? Ah well, maybe the youth vote will magically materialize after all.


@23 That's true. But charges aren't filed, much less proven beyond a reasonable doubt. And a President Biden would make the phone call and say, "Please don't do this. Use your discretion as it should be used. Let it go."


@25 Maybe. But Andrew Cuomo isn't really the forgiving type.


I was pretty sure biden was going to be nominated on name recognition alone as soon as he entered the race, but it was hard to not be hopeful after the first few states. There are just too many old people who have nothing else to do but vote and too many young people who have no time (I hope, otherwise we're screwed forever) in voting. Right now I'm mostly just interested in seeing how voter turnout shapes up. No matter what you gotta look on the bright side. As someone who works in research I can take comfort knowing biden is unlikely to propose cuts to research funding. He was tasked with cancer research as Obama's VP after all. I don't see him cutting funds for the CDC either, which as we can see is important for all of us. He may even do less to inflate our immense national debt than trump, god willing.


Well what the Fuck
but if Biden's the Guy
we know who we gotta
Push. And in the Middle
of a Fucking PANDEMIC*
no less.

*Obviously, Nothng to get too panicky about. yet.

Heck, Fake 'prez' was out Golfing at his pad in Mal a Rageo, in Florida (to-date costs for his little golf outtings, so far? Circa [as of 7/19] THREE HUNDRED FORTY MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS) (W H O A ) (Florida man? Top that!) just last week, so you KNOW he's got the whole thing under Total Control. Hell, he even put Mike Pence* on it, for God's Sake.

*HE surely doesn't want any
kinda Armageddon I shouldn't think...

*hmmm. Will Iran be trumpfy's
'October Suprise'?
Stay the fuck tuned...


@20 I'm looking forward to biden being nominated since maybe it will finally shut you up. Your trolls are weak and your blind confidence isn't amusing.


@30 Maybe. Maybe not.


Really quite full of herself, isn't she? Kind of sickening.


@28 Same reason that Ford pardoned Nixon.


Or, if Donald has a total meltdown, one option is for Trump to resign and Pence to immediately pardon him per prior agreement. It would even have Barr's nod.

or more likely

Joan Crawford will make another movie.


Looks like My Man Bernie's
gonna hafta pull a rabbit
outta his hat. Damn.

"Lol I forgot Idaho and North Dakota."
Meh, don't worry. They're pretty teeny.

Lotta people are asking, is Switfy's
Infallibility is her best asset?

Stay tuned.

Oh, and Billy Boy Barr's
already got his Reservation
on the USS Supreme Court.

We just gotta see he doesn't make it that far.
In the meantime, don't busta Gasket, Joe.

But if ya do, My Man Bernie's got us covered.


It's disappointing, but Bernie has done enough.


Wowzer. Tonite the nyt (finally) decides to drop the knee-jerk anti-Sanders campaign and publish this:

"We’ve Been Looking in the Wrong Places
to Understand Sanders’s Socialism

He shares the conviction of Gilded Age socialists that values, not economic laws, determine the contours of American society.

Mr. Sanders does not disguise his socialism. But the question is: What do Americans mean when they talk about socialism?

Pete Buttigieg equated socialism with a 'rigid ideology,' but Mr. Sanders fits into a strain of American socialism that has largely eschewed ideology, made few references to Karl Marx, and been more likely to talk about fairness and values than about economic theory."

Way to go nyt and



@34 doesn't help for state crimes, @25 was talking about Biden whispering in someone's ear, someone who would be less inclined to listen to an un-indited co-conspirator.
@33, What? What fanatics were going to start a civil war for Nixon? Or, do you mean that getting him to accept a pardon was a tacit confession, 'cause why would an innocent person need a pardon?
But it would not be interpreted to mean that a pardon was needed, if would simply be a confirmation that Trump's presidency was perfect, and proof that Biden wants the fake news and witch hunts to end, because he knows that Trump is a better man that he.
So why would Biden want to do that?

A man, a gun, no plan, Pizzagate...

Even if "only" half are a basket of deplorables that is still a heck of a lot of people
Still, in these troubled times one might find some comfort in the Bible: Matthew 19:24


@38 -- fuck you, here it is


@30, @20 is a Bellevue tech lady and mildly on the spectrum. She thinks she's the smartest person in the room because she's relatively successful, which makes her an insufferable bore. She's also essentially a Republican, but she's vocally claimed Democrat for a long time, and her ego can't handle switching to the party that actually better fits her true beliefs.. If she was a dude and constantly spouted so hard about " I'm right I'm right it's just like I said," people would be like what a fuckin' douchebag. But since she's a tech fem people have to say oh loogit her leanin' in. But yeah they all think she's a fuckin' douchebag.


So basically Biden is doing really well everywhere, with the exceptions of the following demographics: young people and Latinos. This makes Julian Castro the obvious choice as his Vice President. Castro is a progressive that is arguably the second most qualified candidate to run this year (after Biden). He has executive experience, having been mayor of the seventh biggest city in the country (not a large town, like Pete Buttigieg). He also has federal experience, as Secretary of HUD. He would unite the party, and shore up Biden's biggest weakness. He is clearly the best choice, and I hope both Sanders and Warren are telling him that.


I can't believe the piece of shit dems are pushing through another company man. Mudede is right. You'll be voting for a fascist or a republican in November. I'll be choosing none of the above. Fuck the democratic party.


@43 i know right? My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggets and I literally screamed at her and hit the plate of chicken nuggets out of her hand. She started yelling and swearing at me and I slammed the door on her. I'm so distressed right now I don't know what to do. I didn't mean to do that to my mom but I'm literally in shock from the results tonight. I feel like I'm going to explode. Why the fucking fuck is he losing? This can't be happening. I'm having a fucking breakdown. I don't want to believe the world is so corrupt. I want a future to believe in. I want Bernie to be president and fix this broken country. I cannot fucking deal with this right now. It wasn't supposed to be like this, I thought he was polling well in New York???? This is so fucked.


@44 tendies is so 2015, kekboi


@41 -- ah -- she's got the Cognitive Dissonances.*
No wonder she's so damn Disgruntled.
Poor gal. Probably not Her fault.

*yeah, that's Nasty One I hear.
And seemingly so Bright, too.
Sad. And now, there won't be
any Socialism for her if she
gets hit by a Bellevue
school bus and laid

Will we find her Destitute,
squatting somewhere in
Seattle, soon, do you think?
Alongside the road holding
a Biden for Prez mug, for
spare change? To think,
she coulda had it ALL.

C'est la vie, say the old folks
it goes to show ya never
can tell....


@43: Who cares what the democratic party is or whether it should be this or that? Or Republican for that matter. Isn't the objective to remove Trump? If so, you vote for Biden in November.

If you don't think that is the objective, then by default you are for Trump.



@43 Biden's definitely not who I want to be president, but the people voting are voting for Biden. Who exactly are you referring to as pushing Biden through? The voters are voting for Biden. If Sanders had people voting for him, he would have won the primaries. For whatever reason, they do not want Sanders. I personally don't want any of them (Bernie or Biden or Trump). I am so over all of the white men in this country who think they are the only ones who deserve to have anything. They have fucked this country up beyond belief. It's probably irreparable at this point, even if Bernie became president. Congress is just as fucked up and corrupt and broken. SCOTUS Is basically a partisan hack job now. We have nothing.

As for me, I don't get to vote until May.


Don't bite too hard on the creep's acting debut, Garbby.
Here's one straight from the horse's mouth:

"‘a soft target’ and ‘less competent’ - and yet he [Biden] curb-stomped your candidate [Bernie].
--inertia creep on March 9, 2020 at 1:51 PM"

So much Grace, from the 'winner.'
Kinda like ol' Switfy, above.
Like Bros, they are, almost
Huh. Who wouldda thunk it?


If Sanders wins Washington, it'll be because of Seattle voters. That'll be further evidence
Seattle is a never-neverland out of touch with the rest of the US.


"For whatever reason, they do not want Sanders." --xina

Well, one (seemingly) good reason is the wholly-corporate-owned mass media, and their Machiavellian manipulations. See @38, eg.

Corporate Interests are DETERMINED not to give up any of their Status Quo -- especially with so many many milions so easily suaded. And since Money now equals (it does NOT) Free Speech, they've bought our Government, right out from under us. Totally Legally too.

These people do NOT Fuck Around.
So (for) now we got Biden.


All this shit show over two old white guys because the overwhelming majority of citizens in this deeply divided country are too chickenshit to ever elect a well qualified WOMAN for President of the United States. What is the big deal---fear of flaccidity?




@52 kristofarian: Big KKKorporate is more than willing to cut all public safety nets, cut taxes for those who don't need any more money, gut Obamacare when it appears to be (gasp!) WORKING, warmly welcome pandemics (i.e., coronavirus, MAGAvirus) to kill off the general population of Joe & Jane Average Citizen, dumb everyone down and fatten us up (BigMacs are now supposed to qualify as nutritious food, when actually anything from McDonald's qualifies as toxic industrial waste), and destroy the world---all to own and grossly mismanage everything in sight.
Yep--that's it--too many limp RepubliKKKan dicks run amok.
Wouldn't it be a hoot if there was suddenly a scarcity of Viagra?
And everyone's already going nuts over toilet paper!

Stay tuned, kiddies, 2020 is gonna be one helluva a shit show we won't soon forget.


Until November, I'll be wondering how many Bernie Bros will vote Trump and how many oxymoronic "smart Republicans" will vote Biden/Not Trump?


@57: For the WIN.


Money buys neither character nor class.


@46 Bellevue tech bro spectrumy lady's gonna by just fine (MARK MY WORDS I CALLED IT!)

Retires with hefty nest egg, somewhere warm with low taxes, fades meaninglessly into the rest of the blandly self-righteous.


Also you Berners go ahead and no-fair! stub your toes at the dirt for a while. Fix wasn't in, turns out Bernie wasn't as popular as Hill was repulsive. The people decided. I agree it sucks but that's how elections work. Take a week to have a sad, but do the world, our country and yourselves a solid. Get on the Joe train and push the moron pig with a shit comb-over out of office!


The single most fascinating takeaway of the Democratic primary is that Bernie's popularity in 2016 turns out to be driven more by Clinton hatred than Bernie love.


... and the Bernie Bashers are still here.
Gracious winners?
You tell me.


Stocks DOWN 800 points this a.m. on COVID-19 fears of an inept managing of the coming Pandemic.

Didn't Biden's likely nomination calm Wall Street's fears?

No. It did not.


@Cali's gonna Burn: Yep. Switfy's gonna be Alright.

87,000,000 un- and under-insured
can now sleep easily.
Good for her.


great comeback, yomamma


@44: You need to apologize to your mother.


@52 -- Total bullshit. Look, Sanders was the front runner a couple weeks ago, because he won a handful of tiny states. Even though he could not get a majority, and managed to peak at 40% -- in a caucus, no less -- Sanders was treated as the new king. He got all the great press, saying how he was likely to be the new nominee. In contrast, Biden was considered a goner. Poor showings in the first three states meant that he had to fight hard to stay relevant. Pete Steyer spent millions of his own fortune in South Carolina, in an attempt to win votes. Bloomberg did the same (but wasn't on the ballot in South Carolina). Buttigieg and Klobuchar each made their case for being a centrist alternative, and again, the press was far more favorable to them. Sanders had a lot more money than Biden, and had a much better organization ... but then South Carolina voted.

It turns out, lots of people in South Carolina like Joe Biden. Lots. He won 48% of the vote, despite being outspent by other candidates. That was the biggest percentage up to that point, and much higher than any other primary. Candidates dropped out, clearing a path for Biden. Some even endorsed Biden, well before he was the front runner. Biden did well in Super Tuesday, Bloomberg dropped out (and again endorsed Biden).

It isn't that people love Biden, it is that they don't like Sanders. Usually when a candidate becomes the front runner, people coalesce behind him. There may be a challenger, but they usually nip at their heels, the way that Hillary Clinton did with Obama, and Sanders did with Hillary. But the main front runner remains the front runner -- and picks up support from other people. That didn't happen with Sanders because a majority of people don't support him. Once the field shrunk, and there was a reasonable alternative, Sanders was toast.

Consider Michigan. Four years ago, Sanders won that race. Last night, Biden won. The votes four years ago weren't for Sanders, they were against Hillary Clinton. All it took was someone mediocre -- someone not as hated as Hillary Clinton -- to beat Sanders. It was Biden, but it could have been anyone. If any of the governors ran head to head against Sanders, they would have crushed him. Klobuchar would have crushed him. Even the gay little mayor of the little city could have beat him. Sanders popularity is just not widespread. He does well in a crowded field, but once it comes time to pick a consensus candidate, they choose just about anyone else.


Beto luck next time


As Mike Barnicle often describes on Morning Joe, voters vote how they "feel" about a candidate, how they envision him in the role, whether they'd like to have a beer with him/her. It's totally unscientific and anecdotal, but Bernie never was able to cultivate those feelings, as @69 describes.


@44. It's a meme. Man a lot of stuff goes over your head.



Feebs was right about one thing, I have issues directing my responses to the right post lol


@69 This is an excellent and accurate analysis. Kudos.


@Ross. My point @52 was that we have a wholly-corporate-owned Mass Media with a Compleat Lifestyle© they must sell US 24/7. Plus FOX; plus 1,500 Sinclair Ministries/teevee stations spreading far right-wing propaganda.

Regardless of your defense of Biden, and hatred/disgust (?) for Sanders, my point stands: We the People do NOT have a massive Propaganda Machine like the so-called right has.

Care to address that?


bullshit, you have twitter, reddit, and facebook, all stupendous propaganda machines


From The Economist, London: "Nowhere to go. In Michigan, Joe Biden deals a lethal blow to Bernie Sanders. Working-class whites rang the death knell for the Vermont senator’s campaign."


working class whites AND BLACK VOTERS.


Propaganda is used to elevate and promote ideas that otherwise wouldn't be accepted by the public. So now you feel that's the missing ingredient?

Oh dear kristo.


@63 -- Nobody is bashing Bernie. They are bashing the absurd notion that he didn't get a fair shake. I've got nothing against the guy. I would be thrilled if he was president. But I don't think he is a very strong candidate, and he had everything going for him until South Carolina. A bit of bad luck, maybe, but you could also argue that he had good luck up until that point. Two out of the first three races were in caucuses, where low turnout benefits him. The third was in his backyard. He ran a good campaign up to that point, but couldn't close the deal. It isn't a giant conspiracy -- he just isn't that popular.

@64 -- Wait, what??? Aren't you the one saying that Biden's success lead to an uptick in stocks, which is somehow proof that corporate America favors him? If so, then shouldn't the stocks be going up, with Biden as the nominee?

Don't try to read too much in the stock market's gyrations. Very little of it is based on the Democratic primaries. We were long overdue for a recession, and the president has done little to prepare us for it. The biggest weakness in the economy (by far) was the disparity of income. Not employment, not even income, but wealth. Lots of people are one bad event away from a disaster, even though we have billionaires in this country. Yet the president doubled down on it, with taxes not only favoring the rich, but the rich (real estate) speculators. So not only has he done nothing for the working class, but most small business owners (dentists, barbers, restaurant owners, brewpub owners, independent doctors and nurse practitioners) got nothing. This has left the economy very vulnerable to a recession. Despite what appears to be a full recovery, there is no underlying strength to it -- no cushion to absorb even a tiny blow.

Meanwhile, we are long overdue for a recession. There have been signs of weakness in the manufacturing sector from before the virus. We had inverted yield curve about six months ago (a very bad indicator for the economy). Consumer sentiment was propping up the economy, and now that is going to collapse. Investors -- who are mostly interested in the short term -- are right to dump the stocks. Four years ago -- when it was clear that we were on the right path, and were digging ourselves out of a recession -- the Dow Jones was sitting at about 18,000. Why -- as we are headed into a recession -- shouldn't we be there again? Because rich people have more money? Because of large company buy backs (companies buying up their own stock) instead of making long term investments? It wouldn't surprise me if the Dow Jones falls well below 20,000, nor would it be the end of the world if it did. It certainly doesn't reflect on Biden's ability to fix the mess he inherited, anymore than it reflected on his boss (Obama) fixing the bigger mess he inherited.


@creep -- [You Lefties got] "...facebook, all stupendous propaganda machines"

fb, who lets trump-backed, fraudulently-edited videos of Biden STAY UP BECAUSE . . . well, it's fb. Yeah, that ougthta 'balance' things out.



No, rainy, propaganda's not the 'Missing
Ingredient.' It's the spoon that stirs the pot.

WHEREtf is OUR -- We, the People's-- Propaganda Machine?

We have a teeny handful of pro-Progressive media.
Democracy Now! -- non-corporate fucking NEWS and
the Tom Hartmann Program (on the Web!) are a couple in
the vast far right wing Wasteland that is "our" Mass Media/
Propaganda Machine. If it's Corporate Rule you desire, well,
they're all Firmly on your side. Not me.


@75 -- Again, I don't hate Sanders. I've got nothing against Sanders -- in fact, I really like the guy. I just think he is a weak candidate, and he lost because of that. I voted for Warren, and of course the sexist nature of the press hurt her, but it is nothing compared to the sexist nature of the electorate. Oh, and she ran a really shitty campaign! Same with Bernie. He should have gone all in on South Carolina. He had a chance to bury Biden, but he didn't. I'm not the only one to think that, there were folks at fivethirtyeight saying he should spend a lot more effort trying to compete in South Carolina -- he didn't, and he lost.

"Regardless of your defense of Biden, and hatred/disgust (?) for Sanders, my point stands: We the People do NOT have a massive Propaganda Machine like the so-called right has.

Care to address that?"

Uh, yeah, it sucks. But propping up MSNBC won't do a lot of good. Smart leftists aren't into propaganda; they think TV news is second rate, and don't waste their time listening to talking heads. They read. Or they watch international TV news from sources like the BBC and Al Jerreza. Mainstream newspapers might have bat shit crazy editorial staffs (hello Seattle Times) but they have well respected news divisions, and rarely let one influence the other. You can also read sources like The Guardian for free on the internet. It isn't that hard to stay informed as a leftist, in this, the information age. Fuck, I've often told people to just read Wikipedia. For example, the Great Recession wasn't caused by poor people buying up houses they shouldn't buy, it was caused by large banks buying up risky, unregulated financial instruments that lacked collateral (because they weren't regulated). That is all on Wikipedia.

But the lack of a left wing propaganda machine (and the existence of a right win one) has nothing to do with Biden running away with this race. Do you think that folks in South Carolina were watching Fox News before they voted for Biden? My guess is most of the voters weren't swayed at all by whatever "the press" was saying, especially since much of it was favoring Sanders. Holy shit, dude -- in South Carolina NPR was asking questions like "You say Biden is going to win, but what if Biden gets only a handful of votes more than Sanders -- does that count as a win?". That is a brutal question -- one that a Sanders fan would love. You start spreading doubt about Biden while Sanders has all the momentum and Steyer is doing well in the polls. The point is, if the press was extremely favorable to Sanders.

But he still lost! People in South Carolina like Biden. Argue all you want about it being unjustified, but they like him. He has spent a lot of time in South Carolina, reaching out to them. You could run front page articles about how Biden has screwed over black people, and people would call it all bullshit. Or they would say he did what he had to do -- he made sacrifices, because the alternative was worse. Either way, without a very strong push by Sanders, Biden was bound to win South Carolina (and even with one, Sanders probably would have lost).


@81 and the dozens of your other unnecessary posts.

Sorry for your loss. Grieve and move on.


"But the lack of a left wing propaganda machine (and the existence of a right win[g] one) has nothing to do with Biden running away with this race." --@Ross

Well, as long as you're Certain.
But I do NOT think so.

@sorry penis: thanks!
And I AM 'moving on.'
This is what it Looks like
from here.

btw -- see my Avatar?
Good. Whenever you see it
feel Free to just skip on by. K?


"Again, I don't hate Sanders." @Ross

Whotf said you did?

"People in South Carolina like Biden. Argue all you want about it being unjustified... "

I'm not. I'm asking wheretf OUR fucking Propaganda Machine is.

"But propping up MSNBC won't do a lot of good."

Probably not. 'SPECIALLY since


@ 85. Sorry Penis, SMH, not the best mantra, but hey if it works for you. Go get'em tiger.

You shouldn't tell fibs. You haven't moved on a bit. I'm guessing it will be more of the same from you into the foreseable future.

Serious question, what is up with the odd placement of CAPS usage? Have you not seen the markets? Are you pretending that the primaries aren't real? This schtick that you are bandwagoning has ceased to be effective. Just because you lean blue doesn't hide all the orange you are spewing.



Come again?


@85 -- You are ignoring what went down in South Carolina, while blaming Sanders' loss on a biased press. That is ridiculous.

You offer no examples, no evidence. In contrast, one of the key tipping points for the South Carolina race was Clyburn's endorsement. Exit polls showed that about 47% of Democratic voters said Clyburn’s final week endorsement was a factor in their vote. Hell, that is just about as many votes as Biden got!

That was on top of Biden's base, which was widespread, due to his time there as Vice President. If anything, the mainstream, corporate press favored Sanders, anointing him as the front runner, and casting doubt as to whether Biden stood a chance. Why vote for Biden, if he is going to come in third (behind Steyer and Sanders) -- you might as well go with Sanders. Except folks in South Carolina like Biden! They've liked Biden for a long time.

Yes, a well funded left wing news organization might turn the tables, but it is quite possible it wouldn't. It is quite possible people would simply ignore it. In other words, people could talk shit about Biden -- and you can bet your ass people were Sanders people were talking shit about him -- but it wouldn't have mattered. Not once Clyburn endorsed him.


"You offer no examples, no evidence."

I gave you FOX and Sinclair and you tell me Propaganda don't Work. I beg to differ with you: it worked out quite well for Herr Goebbls et al. Well, initially; and then, as ALL far right wing Reactionaries do, they OVER-reached. We all know where that went.

"Yes, a well funded left wing news organization might turn the tables, but it is quite possible it wouldn't."

I'm not talking about Left Wing News -- no 'Daily fucking Communist.'

"If anything, the mainstream, corporate press favored Sanders... "
And you can Prove that?

You may willfully choose to ignore the INFLUENCE Owners of the "news" have over what we're allowed to see, and hear, [and think] but when you do, you do it at OUR Peril.

A couple comments on the article "What Bernie Sanders Gets Right About the Media" -- 'The senator’s sweeping critique of coverage has more merit than we in the media like to admit.'

First comment:

"This article is a small but most welcome step in the right direction, and the comments here are brilliantly on target.

I consider the intense anti-Bernie bias of the corporate mainstream media to be breathtakingly anti-democratic, and a outright betrayal of the concept of journalistic integrity.

The 90% is tired of essentially being told what to think by the 10%. The smarter, younger 90 percenters realize Bernie’s “revolution” is their only path to survival, and that the MSM is against them, so they are turning to the independent news sources that are in sync with their thoughts.

This trend will continue to gain traction.It is truly amusing to see the MSM punditocracy get everything so wrong... again.

Except it is not at all funny when this country cannot survive a repeat of 2016. That is why this article is important."  --K.C., New York City

Second comment:

"As a Millennial Times subscriber, I often feel this paper’s opinion section does not write with my generation in mind.

It feels as if most opinion narratives come from the safe and careful worldview of affluent Baby Boomers and Gen X— and not the people like me who graduated into recession and believes a return to the status quo is a threat to our economic well being and survival.

This was the first article I can say that has at least tried to look at why we as a generation are so distrustful of the opinion narrative of the 1% and WHO is filling that void.

I hope the Times learns from this and diversifies its editorial board and considers perhaps inviting one of these new media figures to pen a regular op-Ed." --MK, Los Angeles, CA

Tons more at:


"This schtick that you are bandwagoning has ceased to be effective." --@penissomething

Hmmm... I'm dreadfully sorry it fails to enlighten and inform -- and may I say, delight you -- you, kind sir, are my Major Demographic.

Can you tell me how I might 'punch it up a bit,' as the Youth say? My bandwagonning may be off a little -- I blame trumpfy. But who wouldn't?! Duh?

(Do I need more 'LOL'?)?
Thanks, dick!


Ok, let me give it a Whirl:
(& thanks for this question, Peter)!

"Serious question, what is up with the odd placement of CAPS usage? Have you not seen the markets?"

A. Why, Rod, isn't it Obvious?
I'm a Capitalist.


The Vice President now leads in WA.


@93 -- Brand New Ballgame.

With a Debate that might set the course to the White House -- I do hope they're both on top of their Games, treat each other with Respect, and may the best man win.

Damn. it Hurt to say that last part.


AOC 2024!


@92 et al.

Joined just to F with you. Mission accomplished.

Thanks for the free rent.


@sourpenis -- You came back!
Good for you. Yeah, we missed you, too

(still Projecting, I see. Don't ever change!)