Jess Stein

"We Live As Well"
Fuck it mask off.
Fuck it, mask off. Err, actually, maybe mask on? Jasmyne Keimig
I know this sticker is perhaps alluding to a secret, political group of people who live among us and are ready to take over at any moment, but with all this coronavirus news, I can't help but think of it as being sickness related!

"A Drawn On Face"
My grade school picture.
My grade school picture. JK
Me trying to pretend to have it together after seeing all of the coronavirus updates.

"Skull with Growing Flowers"
Spotted on 12th Ave.
Spotted on 12th Avenue. Jk
It's pretty! And sorta macabre!

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"Inslee: Our Moment"
Remember when Jay Inslee ran for president 1000 years ago?
Remember when Jay Inslee ran for president 1,000 years ago? JK
This one is an oldie, spotted in Volunteer Park. The aesthetics of Governor Jay Inslee's campaign were late 1990s, early 2000s internet, but somehow made boring. And though his presidential run petered out some time ago and "Our Moment" is in reference to climate change, this COVID-19 crisis gives the sticker a new context. Spooky!

BONUS: Los Angeles Edition

"Big Dog Energy"
Small dogs are the worst! Yeah, I said it!
Small dogs are the worst! Yeah, I said it! JK
I was in Los Angeles for vacation this last week. Spotted this right before watching a dog throw up onto the floor of the vegan burger place I was at. How LA.

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