Tom Douglas Shuts Down a Dozen Restaurants for the Next Few Months



What does lawsuit have to do with this? The lawsuit was to remedy wage theft. Those employees are placed in an awful spot when their employers steal from them. It makes it hard to weather this type of storm. It is unfortunate that TD is closing down and the impact that will have on the workers is devastating. I am sure he will be impacted, but probably not to the same extent. Regardless, there is no justification for wage theft. They also must comply with the law. When they don't, they hurt there employees and make them vulnerable. Its a false choice to say restaurants can't pay workers in compliance with the law or we will shutdown. Most business do comply with the law, and if you don't they should be held accountable.

Other places are finding ways to stay open.


No great loss. I prefer to spend my money in restaurants that don't steal wages from their employees. I'd stopped going to TD restaurants anyway.

Besides TD, I'm sorry to hear that other legit restaurants are suffering. I haven't been going out much lately myself. Maybe I should pick a fave and go out this weekend.


@1 If you don’t think this is just the first domino to fall, you’re fooling yourself.


@2 Your response is disgusting. "No great loss"? Almost 1000 people just lost their jobs. You must truly be a sociopath to have no empathy for those people.