Bezos created a housing market nobody can afford. And you think a few rush job shanties are gonna fix that?

Once this virus is over, it’ll be right back to the same old shit.


Since King County has acknowledged that over half the homeless are heroin addicts*, question is, can they bring their shit with them?

*See King County lawsuit against Purdue Pharma


"Bezos created a housing market nobody can afford."



Or just the of 50%+ of hobos in King County who chose to spend all their "income" shooting smack and for some bizarre reason can't find steady work and a sweet studio in Ballard?


"Daniel Malone, the executive director of the Downton Emergency Services Center, a busy shelter in Pioneer Square, said the COVID-19 crisis shows how the region should have already been providing housing to the homeless."

Way to state the obvious. But neither Mr. Malone nor anyone else who really cares about housing the homeless apparently have any effective say for making it happen by all appearances.

The rest? My impression is that they are hoping some magical unicorn will wink (and maybe pass out some bus tickets) and then the problem will just disappear.


what a sourpuss
'scar society'?
come on, it's not like we are slaughtering a million innocent babies a year or anything....


Meanwhile Comrade Trump forced the Fed to bail out the banks.

Which lasted for 14 minutes before the markets dived again.

Because of his inaction.

No funding for tests.
No funding for medicare for all.

Just socialism for the ultra-rich.

Who fly on private ghost jets from the EU in violation of the Trump ban.

It's only a ban if you're not a millionaire.


@7 It fucking rules that if you ask the GOP how to fix the education system, the health care system or anything poor people use the standard answer is "You cant throw money at the problem, let the market decide" yet when a bank or stock broker might have to cut back on his coke habit the answer is a tsunami of cash to fix that problem.
I love it, America is finally great, if you have 4+ vintage Italian sports cars.


It really, really isn't like that. Unless you're too stoooopid to know the difference between a zygote, a fœtus, and a baby.

Facts matter. Your opinion isn't worth the asshole it popped out of.


A plot for an unwritten horror film.

The year is 1991. The Soviet Union collapses. For a time, it seems like unlimited economic expansion has come to the US, requiring many more workers to fill the ever increasing job roles. Mothers are encouraged to spawn babies.

The year is 2008. The economy experiences its first major setback. Unlimited growth is revealed to be a delusion. There is now a surplus of workers, many more than there are jobs. Instead of adding to economic growth, they are seen as a drain on social services. To offload that surplus, guns and opiates are dumped onto the streets in the areas populated by the least politically desirable people. A mass wave of premature death follows, while deportations are stepped up, all in an effort to reduce the number of humans on benefits.

A populist is elected from among the Wall Street elite. The economy is deliberately overheated in an effort to maintain his popularity amongst voters, who now have more jobs than workers can fill. Although the market is vastly overpriced in multiple sectors, a market correction is delayed by action at the Fed and though cutbacks to public benefits.
The chickens come home to roost. All those cutbacks vets the country incapable of federal government action to combat a pandemic, despite months of warning and data coming in from China. The mass die-off takes off.

Of course, it’s just fiction.


@8 You seem to forget that when you go under, that's your money.

When a bank goes under? Well, that's my money.


"To offload that surplus, guns and opiates are dumped onto the streets in the areas populated by the least politically desirable people. A mass wave of premature death "

Gun murders per capita are far lower now than in 1981 despite more guns. Don't you read?

Otherwise, "Don't do drugs".


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