Try and to support local businesses, by buying a gift card if nothing else, remember that most restaurants have to go service, Olmste(a)d on Broadway has started curbside service, and if you do go out over tip your server, they are struggling too


@1, I was about to say much the same. One of my missions during my WFH stay-cation, along with staying healthy, is going to be patronizing local businesses. Well, that's always been my habit already, but now I have the flexibility to do it more often. And the imperative too.


Small businesses especially restaurants are dying BECAUSE of a blanket minimum wage law that requires megacorporations to pay the same $15 min wage that Dick's Burgers and every other restaurant must pay... sounds great until you realize some businesses can deal with that while others can't because it is a dramatically higher percentage of their profits than bigger businesses or ones that aren't low margin like restaurants. So the $15 wage we passed dramatically increasing wages overnight instead of slowly over time during a boom time is now a bust time. The result? Businesses disappear and jobs gone. Does that help low wage earners?
"Small businesses on average pay $9k a month in rent" largely due to insane property taxes that are wasted because we don't care about results we are about "more revenue" and aside from commercial everyone is hating on "slumlords" while at the same time passing legislation like "you don't get to choose who rents your apartment, 1st come, 1st serve..." that not only does NOTHING to prevent discrimination but dramatically increases rents hurting minorities 10x more than anything "slumlords" are doing while at the same time forcing mom & pop landlords to sell to evil out of state slumlords.
Thank you fake Socialism.


If your favorite Seattle restaurant is a Tom Douglas joint then maybe you should close permanently. Word around the campfire is that Tom Douglas is already mentally done with Seattle (after his big lawsuit settlement, which was bigger than what was reported in the local news) and will not be renewing most of his leases anyway. So now he has a convenient excuse to cover up his shortcomings by just perpetrating that the coronavirus took him out.

We'll make it through this crisis. Hopefully that Seattle restaurants will be better on the other side and that we'll maybe try celebrating chef-driven, single-location restaurants over mediocre local chain restauranteurs that no one wants to criticize simply because they "employ a lot of people."


@1 Merchant Seaman: Agreed and seconded. So well said.

Christopher, Happy Birthday! What a wonderfully heartfelt surprise that the Palace Kitchen's owners, staff and servers stayed open for your special night out.


It's like San Francisco during the early AIDS panic. I clearly remember it, all those years ago, the paradigm shift. Everyone walking around in shock, eyeing each other cautiously, a sense of free-fall, the entire fragile structure of "normal" life crumbling away ... Good luck to all the Seattle young people for whom it truly is "the end of the world as we know it". We will all, God willing, be here in six months but nothing will ever be the same.

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